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Chapter Seventy-Nine: River Runs Dry

Jon arrived home after six and swung himself into a chair and rubbed his face. The writing was going good. Nom it was going great and they were making good progress. Devon hadn’t come home but he sat back and sank into the chair for a minute relaxed knowing that she was safe. He was glad she’d left the apartment and gone to spend time out of town. She was slowly returning to the women he knew she was.

He rummaged for his phone as it started to ring. “Hey, was just thinking about you.” He softly said as he closed his eyes.

“Clean thoughts I hope.” Devon teased.

“You know that’s never possible. Where are you?”


His brow arched. “Still? It’s getting dark out there. Want me to send a car to come and collect you?”

“I was thinking you could come to me.”

Jon sat up straighter. “Yeah? And stay out there tonight?”

“You read my mind.”

He nodded. He could do that. “Want me to pack you a bag?”

“Yup. That would be great.”

“Why the interest?”

“I just thought it would be a change of pace. We’re invited to the Springsteen’s for drinks after dinner.”

He chuckled. “Of course we are. Ok, I’ll pack a back and get a driver out there.” He checked his watch. “Screw it. I’ll drive out there. Where do I meet you?”
“Red. The wine bar on Broad?”

“In about an hour?”

“Yeah about that or half after, I know where you are. I'll call you as I get closer.” Jon chuckled as he hung up. Every bone in his body ached after today’s session and now he had to drive an hour to Redbank. But hell, she sounded happier than he’d heard her in a long time so he hardened up.

The simple task of driving was one he’d avoided on most occasions but he was surprised how much he enjoyed the trip down to Redbank. He’d found some Elvis and Sinatra music, only after subjecting himself to a very bad boy band courtesy of his daughters CD in the car.


Jon parked the car and headed into the bar, had spent some time in this particular wine bar so he chuckled at the fact Devon chose it. He spied her over in a corner booth and signalled to waiter who instantly recognized him and nodded.

“Hello delicious.” He said as he squeezed in beside her and gave her a kiss.

The soft lines on her face deepened as she cupped his jaw and stroked it with her thumb. “Hello yourself. Good drive?”

He snorted. “Yeah it was in the end. You know I just don’t hop in a car and drive for an hour for anyone right?”

She lifted her brow and her lips curved. “Oh I know. I’m not just anyone though.”

He grinned. Her old sparkle was there, the one he’d seen in the salon when he’d first met her. That subtle attractive confidence that he so loved about her. “Any good?” He asked as she fingered the wine glass.

“It’s a New Zealand wine so of course it is.”

The waiter came and stood beside them. “Good evening Mr Bon Jovi, it’s great to see you again.”

Jon smiled easily as looked around. “Yeah it’s good to be back down here. Listen, we’ll have a bottle of this.” He said gesturing towards Devon’s glass. Tea light candles in red glass jars flickered at each table and smooth jazz played in the background.

“A bottle?” She asked curiously. “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

He leaned in but only their noses bumped. “And if I am?”

Her gaze flicked to his lips and back. “You can’t. We have to be up early tomorrow.”

He raised his brow. “We do? Why?”

She picked up her wine and sipped it with a smug smile. “Because we just do.”

“Ok, what’s going on? And where is Patti?” He asked looking around the bar.

“At home. We’re heading there for a late supper and then we’re staying at your place the night.”

He laughed. “Oh we are, are we? You’re up to something and I want to know what it is.” He tucked a curl of blond hair behind her ear.

“You just don’t like not knowing what’s going on. That’s your problem.”

The wine arrived and he pulled out a couple of bills for the waiter. Once his glass was poured he leaned back in the booth amused at the playful smirk still on Devon’s lips. “No I don’t like it but I have a tendency to get things out of you, remember?”

She shook her head. “Uh uh, not this. Not until tomorrow.”

“Ok. Where is my girlfriend and what have you done with her?” He joked but this was the old Devon back. Something had happened but he had no idea what but whatever it was she was pretty pleased with herself. He was ok with that as he sure as hell was enjoying seeing her back to her old self.

“Let’s just say she had an epiphany.” Devon teased as he knocked back his first glass.

He cocked a grin. “That you should marry me and have my children and spend the rest of your days worshipping the ground I walk on?”

She burst out laughing. “Oh yeah because that’s what you need. More people that worship you and children? Really?”

It came up before and he’d remained committed to being open to the idea if she wanted them. It was only fair. “Well do you want children?”

“Do you? You have four of them already and you’re not exactly-” She paused and bit on her lip.

“If you were about to call me old, I will spank you.”

Her eyes widened. “I didn’t mean it to sound-” She laughed again. “Crap.”

He dusted his hands. “Yup, you’ll be getting a good old fashioned spanking.”

“Maybe I want one.”

He rubbed his forehead. “Good grief. We’re going to kill each other later aren’t we?” He smiled knowingly and didn’t wait for her to answer as he signalled the waiter over. “Come on then. Drink up I’ll get the rest and another bottle to take to Bruce’s or I won’t be able to drive there.”

“Shouldn’t you have thought of that before you ordered the whole bar?”

“Shut up.” He said stealing a glance sideward at her. “Get in my car woman.” She slid out and walked towards the exit and he watched her and shook his head. “Gonna kill me before any baby does.” He muttered as he signed the check and collected his wine before following her out.


“You guys need to call a taxi?” Patti asked. Devon glanced over her shoulder at Jon who was cut and she nodded. She sure as hell wouldn’t be driving them either.

“That is a great idea.”

Jon stumbled to the foyer with Bruce’s arm wrapped around him. “Hey, thanks man.”

“Oh lord.” Devon said as Jon’s glassed over gaze and goofy grin hovered over her face.

They’d had a late supper, a few laughs around the fire pit at the Springsteen’s and a lot of drinks. This wasn’t unusual in the very short time that she’d known them. Bruce hardly drank but boy they bounced off each other when Jon got trashed.

Her head was fuzzy and she’d had past her limit two hours ago. She’d managed to keep it a secret that they were meeting the realtor at the space in the morning where she was planning on opening her salon school. It needed a lot of work but she was confident they could do it. Jon had spent all night trying to guess and he had been wrong every time but it was fun making him sweat.

“Thank you Patti for a lovely night. We’ll see you tomorrow too right?”

“Right, I’ll swing by at eight am, meet you at yours.”

“Where are we going?” Jon asked. “I’m not going somewhere where I don’t know where I’m going!” He slurred and stumbled down the steps to the driveway.

“You’re going home that’s where you’re going.” Devon said as she followed him.

He pointed at her and narrowed his eyes. “Hey, that’s not what I meant and you know it.” He pointed at Patti and then Bruce. “These women are up to something Springsteen. I don’t trust them.”

Bruce laughed and patted Devon’s shoulder. “Of course. They’re evil and that’s why we love them Jonny B and write songs about them.”
“Preach it brother.” Jon muttered in agreement.

The taxi rounded into the driveway. “They are evil.” Jon said as he pushed himself into the back seat of the taxi.

“Bye guys.” Devon hiccupped and laughed. “I’ll see you in the morning.” She said in a loud whisper.

“I can hear you Devon. I’m not blind.”

Everyone laughed as she slid in beside Jon for the short journey down the road.

“We could have walked.” Jon said indignantly.

“Oh yea and walk into a ditch or the Navesink.”

She paid the driver and winced as she stood up and the world rushed with her. Yup she’d had one too many wines too but they were home. “I hope you have the key.” She commented as they walked up the driveway together but Jon stopped in the driveway.

“You’re not pregnant are you?”

“What? No! God, stop thinking about it! It’ll be here tomorrow and you’ll see.” She giggled as he swept her up off her feet and started to carry her.

“You are right though. I’m an old bastard but I would cope with a new baby.”

She shook her head as his drunken ramblings continued until she realized they weren’t going to the door. He was walking onto the grassy knoll of lawn that led down to the river. “Jon. Where are we going?”

Even in the darkness his smile gleamed. “Remember how I told you I’d get it out of you? And you immediately figured it was sex?”

She frowned and then screamed. “Put me down! Don’t you fucking dare Jon Bon Jovi!” She tried to struggle but his grip around was like cement as he started to jog to the water’s edge with her.

“Tell me then princess or you’re going in.”

She struggled and giggled at how ridiculous this was but he had her tight. “Jon! These shoes are suede.”
He flicked them off her feet so they made a thud on the grass. “Problem solved.”

“If I’m going in, you’re coming with me.” She warned. “Phone and all.” She knew he wouldn’t do it, his life was in that phone.

He kicked off his shoes and waded in ankle deep. “You underestimate me. They’ve been already discarded.”

“Oh my god!” She squealed.

“Tell me.” He said. “Five ... four... three...”

He laughed deliciously as she realized she was going in. It wasn’t summer and that water was going to be fucking cold. She kicked her legs desperately but the sensation of falling soon took over and ice-cold water blasted against her face. She stood and breathed a sigh of relief as her feet could touch the sandy bottom of the riverbed.

“Oh you’re so going to die.” She spluttered as her rugby tackled him under the water. They played until the splashes subsided and he looped her in close in his arms.

“I always win.” He whispered as he kissed her. Her anger melted away as she reached up and kissed him back. His tongue slid across her bottom lip and into her mouth and she groaned as he tasted her moment by moment.

Her nipples drilled through the sopping wet cotton of her dress. They were hard as bullets but when his hand glided over one she moaned. The heat of their mouths ate away the cold on their skin as he walked her slowly back up the bank and pushed her gently down into the grass.

The weight of his body pressed into hers as he ran his hand up her leg and draped it over his hip. His buckle dug into her belly as she slid her hand down under his jeans and over his ass. She struggled with the buttons of his shirt as the fabric was sucked to his skin. He grunted and tugged it so it ripped enough for her hand to slide in against his chest.

She thumbed his nipple and he panted against her mouth as his fingers slid between lace and straight into her sweet heat.

“Oh, god!” She cried as the chill of the water suddenly eased away.

“I fucking love you.” His words were quick but made her heart race and the friction between them intensify.

She heard a rip, god was that her dress? And then his mouth was hot on her breast. Her nails dug into his head as he sucked hard to make a popping sound, igniting every sense in her body. The taste of wine mingled with passion as she un-popped his jeans while he devoured her neck.

Desperation overtook sensibility as she held him as he entered her. It wasn’t pretty but they were lying on the riverbank for the love of god. She needed him as quickly as he needed her.

Skin slapped against skin as he thrusted hard. His heart beat hammered as against her hand as she held it against his chest. “Jonny. Baby.” She panted her words swallowed by his unrelenting kiss. Her head tipped back and she arched up as the moment drew near.

“Faster.” She pleaded. “Oh god, faster!”

Affirmations shouted into the night as they came and he rolled her and she slammed on top of him. His fingertips teased her nipples as she rode his cock. She was coming again and his fingers dug into his hips as she screamed.

“Oh god!”

They came one more time before they collapsed in a pile. She rolled off him and onto her back, her chest hungry for breath. “Oh shit.” She stuttered as she lay there the only other sound was Jon gasping for breath beside her.

“Fuck. That was hot.”

She chuckled and rolled onto her side facing him. “If I hadn’t just had my head blown off I’d be asking you what the hell was in the river that I need to wash off me.” She clasped her chest and closed her eyes for a second.

He pulled her in and kissed her gently. “Best not to ask.”

She braced against his chest as his arms wrapped around her. “Oh Jesus...” She mumbled feeling her body slip into contented bliss. She smiled against his warm skin and pressed a kiss in between his chest before she rested her cheek against it.

The sunshine burned bright against her skin as she blinked and then squeezed her eyes shut further as the birds chirped loudly. The headache that was jack-hammering in her head was the first casualty of too much wine. Jon’s snore was loud and it tickled through her hair. She cracked open one eye as she realized they weren’t lying in a bed. “Oh shit.” She giggled burying herself further into Jon’s chest.

“Jon.” She whispered but he didn’t stop snoring.

“Jon.” She hissed again until he grunted.


“We’re still outside.” They would be lucky not to end up with the flu at this rate as the cool morning breeze was fresh on her skin.

He groaned. “My fucking back hurts.”

“Well my eyes hurt and so will any early morning river cruisers if you don’t move.” A voice came from above them.

Devon shot up and gasped covering the front of her as Bruce and Patti stood on the bank clad in leather jackets and sunglasses. Patti laughed hysterically and tossed Devon a woollen blanket.

Her face flushed red. “Oh my god.”

Jon chuckled and shook his head. “Son of a bitch.”

Bruce tossed him a blanket. “Shit boy. How much you gonna pay me not to tell Sambora this one?”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

Devon shrouded herself with the blanket and hid her face in her hands. She wanted to die and begged the ground to swallow her whole. This was the most embarrassing moment of her life, hands down. And it had to be Bruce and Patti of all people. Oh god.

“I don’t even want to know why you ended up in the river. That shit is dirty, you know that right?”

Patti jabbed Bruce in the side. “Leave them alone. It’s love. It’s cute.”

Devon looked up and Jon rubbed his head and laughed. “We’re cute.”

“I don’t feel cute I feel dirty.” She said.

“Well I have no comment there.” Bruce said with a deep chuckle.

“Bruce!” Patti scolded. “We’ll leave you two to go and have a shower. We thought we’d grab breakfast but I can put some coffee on while you clean up a little.”

“Sounds good.” Jon said as he stepped up and then helped Devon up. “Come on you.” He hooked his arm around her as he held the blanket in place with his other.

“I’m dying here.” She whispered.

Jon laughed. “It’s your fault.


“You could have avoided being soaked if you’d told me what was up and we would have shagged inside.”

“Oh please. You were the one that jumped on me once we were wet.”

“Whatever you say dear.” Jon said smugly and picked a twig out of her hair.

“You’re so going down for this. Hell I might even tell Richie.”

Jon broke into a confident stroll. “No you won’t. You’ll be too embarrassed. See Petal. I win again.”

She rolled her eyes and just laughed as they made their way to the main house.


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