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Chapter Thirty-Two: Meet the Parents


This was not how you wanted to meet your boyfriend’s family and make a good or lasting impression. She loved that she could be herself around Jon and the see-saw of sexual tension between them kept things fun against their busy lives. She hadn't felt this way in over anything in years, he excited her and scared her all at the same time. She straightened her dress and her heels clicked on the cobblstones as she followed Jon to the entrance of the restaurant. Wearing the red shoes had been an evil idea of hers since he always teased her mercilessly but it had backfired once again, she was more wound up than a spinning top.

They were uptown and now standing in front of a simple but elegant black door. "This is it?"

Jon chuckled and took her hand. "Doesn't look like much does it? But it’s all part of the exclusiveness and the mystery of what's behind the door."

"Why? What is behind the door?" Was it Willy Wonka's chocolate factory? The building had no windows facing the street, just cold grey stone walls. 

"Understated luxury. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that this is my mother's favourite place in New York."

The door was held open by a man that was dressed in a neatly pressed black suit and bow-tie. "Good evening." 

They climbed some polished wooden steps up to a landing where another suited man met them and held open a French door. The view was breath-taking. Polished gold gleamed and crystal-drop chandeliers twinkled above her as she stepped into the restaurant. "Welcome to Charlies." Jon whispered as he took her coat handed them off to the attendant. 

"Charlie's? Really? It's called something that simple when it's this breath-taking."  Each table was set with a pristine white table cloth, fine silverware and immaculate glassware. White pillar candles with a subtle sprig of rosemary were the centrepieces on each table. 

"I feel like Cinderella." She hadn't meant to say that out loud but she eased when he smiled.

"You have the shoes." Jon winked and squeezed her hand as they made their way across the room. 

"There's my boy!" 

"Dad, hey!" They hugged and she stood back as an older man with silver hair that looked like Jon, but shorter and a little more stout. He smiled broadly and that she knew was Jon's father immediately as his charismatic smile flashed at her over Jon's shoulder.

"And you must be Devon. Wow. You are a cutie." He smiled warmly as he took her hand and popped a kiss on her cheek.

"Devon this is my one and only father John, Dad this is Devon." 

"It's lovely to meet you John."

"Likewise, my son was lying when he said you were gorgeous. You're a wee stunner."

She blushed and smiled. "That's very kind."

"Where's Mom?" 

"Over there talking with some of the ladies, you know how she is."

Jon laughed. "That I do, and my loveable brothers?"

"Matt's on his way but he's coming alone and Tony can't make it, he's doing some filming that's got a deadline for tonight. C'mon lets get a drink."

She already loved the way Jon was around his father, they were like two old souls so easy around each other just like family should be. She rubbed the pang in her chest and ignored the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she followed them to the bar. They embraced just the way her father used to embrace her and they smiled at each other like old friends. 

She'd done it again, she wasn't aware she'd slipped into Devon-land as John Snr was grinning at her like a Cheshire cat. "Gosh, sorry where are my manners?"

He scooped his arm around her shoulders and led her up to the bar. "I said, now what can I get the lady to drink? You really are a sweet thing."

God. How hard was it not to warm to him instantly? She wasn't used to that as she'd played with her shields for so long so she didn't trust the easy feeling but on the other-hand it was like the feeling when she was with Jon, so clearly it ran in the family. "Just a white wine will be lovely."

He chuckled and winked at Jon. "How can you not love that accent?"

Jon ordered the three of them wine and then waved as another man--she guessed was his brother walked in. He was taller, broader and had dark hair. He had the same walk and million dollar smile as Jon did, okay maybe half a million.

"Matty." Jon and Matt slapped a handshake and embraced in a pat-down hug. 

"They get on now, but you should have seen them when they were kids. Matty used to lock Jon in the basement until he cried."

Devon snorted as she took a sip of wine. "You're joking?" She could never imagine Jon being bullied even if it was his siblings. 

"Nope. Cry-baby. And he was the oldest." John Snr whispered as he wiggled his eyebrows and took a sip of his beer.

"Devon, this is my brother Matt." Jon hooked an arm around his neck. "Matt, meet Devon."

"Hi Devon, so how much is he paying you?"

Jon jabbed his elbow into his side. "Hey."

Devon took Matt's hand and shook it and grinned. "Enough so I don't lock him in any basements." 

Jon's eyes went wide and he pointed accusingly at his father. "You've known her two minutes c'mon Pop, two minutes!"

Matt clapped his hands together and laughed. "I like you already Devon."

Whew. Her shoulders eased as she took another sip of wine, so far so good. If she was this terrified about his family, what the hell was tommorow going to be like with the media? Matt greeted his father the way Jon had and she felt oddly at home.

"So how's the writing coming baby brother? Do I need to clear my schedule for a tour in the next year?" Matt asked Jon as he took the beer from his father.

Jon shrugged. "Hard to tell." He looked away and Devon knew instantly his mind had gone to the problems he'd mentioned with David. "But that is the plan, all going well."

Matt pointed to Jon. "Workaholic."

Jon laughed. "You're telling the wrong person. Devon is a very successful businesswoman and devotes a lot of her time to her clinic." God? Is that how he saw her? Someone married to her work? Hell, she was getting sensitive about something that was half-true and meant as a compliment. She needed to settle down so she tipped the wine glass back.

"Yes, guilty as charged."

"My wife says it’s quite the place." John Snr chimed in.

"And my wife wants to come and visit you." Matt added.

She half-smiled. "Well thank you, that's very kind. I do my best and I have incredible staff."

The waiter walked over and announced their table was ready so John Snr and Matt started to drift to the main dining area. Jon wrapped his arm around her waist and pressed his lips to the side of her head. "Relax, they're just my family."

He tugged her in, out of view and lifted her chin and met her gaze. "You're doing great." She closed her eyes as his lips buzzed over hers and his warmth centred her again. 

She rested her cheek on his shoulder as his hand drifted down to the small of her back. "They're great Jon."

"You're only saying that because you can gang up with them against me."

She giggled and closed her eyes for a second. She used to do that with her Dad all the time.

"You ok?"

She shoved her memories away and stood back and forced the smile. "Perfect."

His gaze drifted down her and his smile grew wider as it reached her shoes. "Damn you for wearing those here woman."

The butterflies in her stomach eased as she trailed her fingertip down the middle of his tie. "And you think I'm easy."

He lifted her hand to his lips and grinned. "I don't think it, I know it." He kissed it and then led her into the dining area where his family were seated. 

The men all stood as she came to table as Jon slid out her chair. "Mom, you remember Devon."

Carol was dressed in a turquoise dress with a white shrug, jewels glittered around her neck and diamond drops hung from her ears. "Of course I do. I was just telling Joan and Stefania how we were going to book into her salon for the spa day she's organizing, that is still coming along right dear?" 

She flattened the linen napkin in her lap and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Yes, most definitely. I'm already to launch them and have just approved the final copy that marketing produced but I wanted to ask you something first." 

Carol raised one of her manicured eyebrows. "Oh?" She motioned for the waiter to pour the wine.

"I was wondering if you'd do me the honour of being the first and if you enjoy it with the ladies also, you write a testimonial I can use for future copy."

"Like an endorsement honey?"

"Well, I guess yes but as an informal one."

Carol lifted the glass to her lips to taste the wine, mulled over it for a few seconds and then nodded to the waiter giving him approval to continue. She was seated opposite Devon so she clasped her hands together neatly on the edge of the table and pursed her lips. "I will, of course if I'm satisfied." 

Devon picked up her wine and grinned confidently. "You will be." 

The smile twitched at the corners of Carol's lips and she picked up the menu. 

Jon winked at her and mouthed. 'Nice one.'

The small confidence boost settled her and she managed to listen as the family caught up with each other until the appetizers came. Carol had ordered for the table and she suspected that was how it went when Carol was in town, she didn't mind as woman had exceptional and grandiose taste. The best thing was mostly the dinner wasn't a probing of her and her intentions with their son, and in fact it was far from it. The questions John Snr asked about her home country and her life in New York were very genuine. 

"So I hear you're going along with Jon tomorrow night." John Snr commented the waiter cleared away the first course and Jon and Matt talked amongst themselves.

"Yes, I am. I have to admit that I am new to all of that kind of scene." She didn't want to let her guard down but she found John's father was so easy to talk to and she found herself wanting to more. It had been something she'd missed, simple family interaction. She'd heard all her staff talk about their families and especially around the holidays it was always harder to hear what people had planned and of course then when they got back to work she always got the play by play of the events. She did love hearing about it all and it filled the void, mostly. 

"So I was thinking, Devon and I could go into business." John Snr teased as he took her hand and his thumb brushed over the top of her hand. 

"I'm a brilliant hairdresser."


"How do you think Jon had fabulous hair back in the eighties.”?

"Nooooo. Really? I'd never have known!"

Jon leaned back in his chair and shook his head as his dad spun her stories of how he used to take care of his son's most famous locks. 

"I had no idea, that's brilliant.

Her purse buzzed so she discreetly checked her phone while the drinks were topped up.

I can't stop thinking about those shoes. I want to do bad things to you.

Her eyes lowered and she shifted in her seat. Out of the corner of her eye she could feel a set of eyes on her. Her tongue rolled into her cheek and she tapped quickly a response.

You'll have to wait, we're at dinner. 

Before she could slide her phone back into her purse it buzzed again. He must have had it under the table out of sight.

Dessert? I know a nice deserted courtyard.

She didn't look up and instead she replied trying to hide the smile.

I'd prefer the Tiramisu.


Is that code for something?

She stifled a laugh and then realized John Snr was sitting back in his chair grinning at her. Crap.

Carol stood up and picked up her purse. "We're going to the ladies to powder our noses. If you'll excuse us." She nodded to Devon.

Uh, we? She grabbed her purse, stood and Jon grinned at her.  Busted.

"Uh, yes excuse me." Because apparently she was going too. She followed Carol along the back of the restaurant and her phone buzzed her hand again. 

You're in trouble ;)

She was going to kill him later, she swore to god. How mature did she look now? Holy crap.

They walked into the powder room which was bigger than her living room and Carol lifted her lipstick out of her bag. Her eyes dropped to Devon's shoes and then she looked back at the mirror. 

Christ could she read the texts? She reached for her compact and touched up her cheeks in the warmly lit mirror. 

Carol snapped her lipstick closed and spritzed on some perfume. "I like you Devon. You seem genuinely nervous."

"Well, um this is all new to me." She really didn't know what to say or take from that, her boyfriends mother liked her though-that had to be good enough.

"I didn't say it was a bad thing." She clipped close her clutch. "Jon's dated some really entitled women. I don't happen to like entitled women."

If she'd been drinking she probably would have choked on it but instead she smiled because Carol Bongiovi wasn't at all entitled, noooo. And then again she was relieved she wasn't going to mention the texting incident as that would have been embarrassing. "Well I certainly don't take anything for granted if that's what you mean - god not that I am saying Jon does because he doesn't." She stumbled, breathed and quickly composed herself.

"He can be a brat. But I think you're good for him." Then something happened she didn't expect at all. Carol smiled. "But don't tell anyone I told you that." And then she dabbed a tissue on her neck and then walked out.

Devon stood there and closed her mouth. Carol Bongiovi may have been a shrewd woman but she was knew her people. It was comforting on one level to know she'd read Devon as genuine but unsettling on the other as she had a feeling given an inch, Carol would figure out she was hiding something, something big.

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Chapter Thirty-One: Lady in Red

"C'mon, I don't know what the big deal is. You've met my mother and you won her over." Jon lay back in her bed with his arm draped up over his head.

"Don't do that!" She held up her hand and then pulled on a pair of PJ Pants and a Cammy.

He laughed. "Don't do what?"

"Lie there looking all innocent and delicious when you just dropped a bomb on me."

They'd had a lovely night after Jon had bought over Chinese and retired to bed early where they'd watched an old moive and made love. This morning was different however, the real reason he was staying at her place had come out. His parents were in town so he had sought refuge at her place and they were all going out to dinner tonight, including her.

"I don't look delicious. Come here, seriously it's not a big deal." He shifted and sat up in the bed, his hair sticking on end. He looked too adorable and sleepy to be mad him but Christ, she had just told him about moving everything so fast.

She stood with her hands on her hips and blew the hair out of her face. "It is! It's your parents and your brothers! You're mother isn't exactly the easy-pleaser is she?"

"No, she's not but hell Devon. You won her over with your business, she'll love you and Dad, and well he's a big softy you won't have to worry about him. I promise."

She wasn't angry, she was nervous. She wanted to meet his family and it was a big deal for her since she'd been without her own for sometime. And Jon, well he had a great big supportive family. It was a very big deal. She sat on the edge of the bed and her gaze followed him as he leaned in closer for a kiss. "I noticed you didn't tell me this until after the sex."

His eyes crinkled as his hand cupped the back of her neck and his breath hit her cheek. "Are you accusing me of something?" His fingers curled around the ends of her hair and she closed her eyes and he hovered barely inches from her mouth.

"Yes, that you're sneaky."

"Yes, yes I am." His lips found hers and they shared a slow-burn kiss that melted down to the tips of her toes.

She shuddered as his lips scraped up her jaw and under her ear in the sensitive spot that he knew drove her mad.

"I don't know why you put your pyjamas back on." His hand slid up under her top and along her belly until the fingertips teased the band of her pants.

"Keep talking." She mused as she waited for him to make his move, she knew him well enough by now to know that it was only a matter of time.

His finger tips brushed against the soft-underside of her breast. "You think you're so smart don't you?"

She bit her lip but the smile escaped her lips. "I might do."

She gasped as he scraped the top of her nipple then withdrew from her. "Time for a shower. Work doesn't wait for any man." He popped off the bed and padded into her small en suite.

She laughed. "What? You don't like that you're predictable now?"

He cranked on the shower and popped his head around the door frame. "You know I'm not. I don't need sex. I was going to satisfy you before you went to work." He shrugged. "But if you don't want that then that's fine by me."

And with that door slammed.

It opened and her pink sponge was hurtled across the room. "The position of back scrubber is still vacant though."

"Jesus Christ. Men." She rolled her eyes as she folded her arms. She should teach him a lesson and not jump into bed with him each time he clicked his fingers. Though, it was damn hard not to but this time she wasn’t going to.

She grabbed her robe and padded into the kitchen turning on the coffee pot. God her kitchen counter was a mess, littered with empty wine bottles and empty Chinese cartons. Her order and cleanliness seemed to go out the window when Jon the hurricane was around. She swept the cartons into the trash and cleaned down the counter tops. 

The day was grey and dull with mists of rain drifting through downtown Manhattan. Even in the rain it always looked so full of life and promise. Thankfully Tuesday's were the slower days in the weeks so she could catch up on some paper work and spend some time out on the floor just floating.  She liked to float and talk to the clients her stylists were working

Jon walked into the living area with just a pair of jeans with the top button open. She grinned into her coffee cup as her eyes disappeared down the visible thin trail to the subtle hair that she knew lurked below those jeans. 

He wiggled his eyes brows and walked to her windows that looked out onto Mercer. They were no where as near extravagant as the floor to ceiling in his penthouse but she still liked it. He pulled his hands above his head and stretched until all the muscles in his back flexed. She had no shame now admitting she knew the curves of those entire muscles well, and with her mouth.

"What are you grinning about?"

She poured him a cup and joined him by the window, handing it to him.

"Nothing. Just admiring."

He didn't meet her gaze but the smile twitched on the corner of his lips.

"Well you could have up close and personal with a sponge, but you didn't."

They both stood there looking out at the world in a comfortable silence sipping their coffee. 

"It's called punishment for throwing a family dinner on me at the last minute." 

He chuckled and took a sip from his cup. "You know what I like about Manhattan?" He asked as the faint honk of horns and bustling traffic floated in.

"What's that?"

"The Anonymity of it all. I can get lost in the city and just be one of the crowd." He shrugged. "Sure, I get the paps every so often but there are people far more interesting and scandalous here than me."

She wrapped her arm around her waist and sighed. "I can understand that."


She paused for a minute. "The people. The streets are always bustling with people from all different walks of life. You never feel alone here. And they always have somewhere to go and somewhere to be. I imagine where people are going and that it's on some great big adventure somewhere.”

"Where would you be going Devon?" 

She didn't look at him, instead focused on the tiny drops of rain that started to hit the window. 

"Anywhere I wanted."

Although she was away on her own adventure now, she wasn't completely free. That's what she wanted. She wanted to be on her adventure but free from what haunt her in the past.

He chuckled.  "Well that's easy. Especially when you have me."

She laughed as he puffed out his chest. "Well that is true. You are definitely an adventure." And that was all true too. Jon had been just the kind of adventure she didn’t even know she’d be longing for.

He sipped his coffee and leaned back against her couch. "A good one I hope?."

“The best.” She shook her head and grinned. "So, what's the plan for tonight?"

"I’ll pick you up about seven and we’ll meet them there. The restaurant is on the other side of town, it’s one of Mother's favourites."

"Sounds good. Snazzy dress?"

"Snazzy? If that means sexy and showing off your gorgeous self, then yes. Snazzy." His attempt at her accent was laughable.

"It's a date then." Her lips curled as she thought of exactly what she was going to wear. He was in trouble, big trouble.


Jon slipped his phone back into his jacket pocket and stepped out of the car onto the kerb in front of Devon's. He was running late and he hated fucking running late but the kids called and he couldn't exactly blow them off. They wanted to see Grandma and Pop while they were here so he was going to have to figure out when they could do that. One thing that he liked about Devon was it didn't feel like she was another thing to juggle and slot in. He took on a huge life and workload knowingly and he wouldn't change any of it but she was definitely the easy part of it all surprisingly.

He took a step and stopped. Holy fucking hell. His heart banged against his ribs as his gaze trailed from her feet up. She was standing on her step in a simple black knee-length sleeveless dress with a coat slung over her arm. A red thin belt cinched around her waist and her legs poured out of the dress into strappy red heels. Fuck me.

"Oh you're good." He said. Her hair was swept around to one side and she had subtle smokey grey around her eyes that made the blue in her eyes pop.

"What?" Her long lashes blinked innocently like a devil woman and her lips were as red as her shoes. She was going to have him in a puddle by the end of the night, he just knew it.

He circled his arms around her and drew her in and pressed a kiss to her lips. "You are evil." He whispered against her ear. Her candy-cane scent swirled around him and he suddenly felt like he was home. He held her hand as she walked down her steps and she walked in front of him to get into the car so he could appreciate the back-view of her curves.

"Dayum. And I didn't even bring the right car."

“The right car?”

He grinned. “The one with the privacy screen.”

She laughed as she got into the car as the driver held the door open. "You’ll be lucky, this all didn't happen in five minutes mister."

He climbed in after her and draped her slender calf over his knee. He leaned forward and kissed it. "I will make every minute of that time worth your while later."

Now he had to watch her and her hot shoes in front of his entire family which was just fucking great. He reached over and took her hand and rested it on the top of her leg. "Ready for the Dragon's Den?"

She clutched her tummy and nodded. "I think so and that's no way to talk about your mother." She teased.

"No she's not a dragon, she's more like one of those black panthers. Sneaky and then she pounces."

"Gee, that's really encouraging.”

"Did you bring some of your business cards?"

"What? Why? I usually care a few in my purse."

"Because where we're going a lot of Mother's friends frequent. If she likes you, she'll ask you for them."

"And if she doesn't?"

"Don't frown and if you can get through this, Wednesday night will be a breeze."

She tensed beside him. "You still nervous about that?" He squeezed her hand and eased back as they rounded into heavy downtown traffic

"I’ll be fine." 

He knew she was lying, it was a big deal for people not used to the type of exposure that he was so he had to remember that but the way he looked at it for her was that it would get her name out there for her salon. That couldn't ever be a bad thing for anyone with a business and he didn't mind doing it for her. She'd obviously worked hard at what she did and was passionate about it so if he could give her a little helping hand. Then so be it.

"My mother is over-protective of me."

"And your millions."

"And my millions but who I date is none of her business and Christ she likes what you do. She wouldn't have suggested this otherwise."

"And your brothers?"

"Nothing to worry about, I promise. I can still kick there asses, even if they are bigger than me." He hadn't seen Matt and Desiree in a few weeks and the same with Tony, so it would be good to touch base with his brothers.

Jon's phone buzzed against his hip. "Crap this will be Mom now." He reached for the phone and grinned when he saw the name. "Hi Mom."

"Angel, we're running a little late too. The traffic is dreadful and your father thought an afternoon nap was a good idea. We'll be at least twenty minutes away so can you get the table and order the wine?"

"Yes Mom, no problem." He chuckled as he could hear his father protesting his innocence in the background. "See you soon." He disconnected the call and slid it back into his pocket.

"We're not running later after-all. Which means...” He inched closer to her and brushed his fingertips around her jaw. "We've got some time." His gaze flicked to her lips and back to her eyes. 

Her hands pressed against his chest as he leaned in. "Did you forget something?"

"Nope." His lips hovered on hers, barely touching as his knuckle brushed against her breast until he felt her nipple pop.

"Jon." She hissed as their teeth clicked as they took a bump. 

"You think you can play games with me little girl?" His voice was barely a whisper as his lips slid over her jaw and to the sensitive spot below her ear. His plan to drive her wild was backfiring on himself as his cock hardened but he continued.

"What are you gonna do? Fuck me in plain sight of the driver?" Her voice quivered but her eyes flickered dark and his hand slid down her silky leg. He was going to deserve a fucking medal if he could walk straight when he got out of the car. 

"No, I'm going to do something much worse. If I have to suffer through this dinner with you in those shoes," His finger curled around a loose strand of her sunny hair. "You will be suffering with me every step of the way." His hand slid up her inner thigh until he could feel the silk of her panties against his finger tips. She groaned as he slid traced one down the centre of her. 

"Oh god." She panted in a volume just loud enough for him to hear.

"I'm going to make you come. Again. And Again.” Her breath was warm on his cheek and her scent intoxicating. He was going to have to stop before he really couldn’t.

She closed her eyes and dropped her head back. He kissed up the centre of her throat before the car came to a complete stop and the driver coughed politely.

"But it looks like we'll have to wait. Thank you Javier."

Her eyes popped open and he smirked as he moved away from her and stepped out of the car. He adjusted his pants so no one would notice the tell tale sign of what he really wanted to do in the car and held his hand out for her. She took it and stepped out and he tugged her in close. His mouth hovered over the shell of her ear.

"So, the moral of the story is baby, if you play with fire you’re gonna get burned.”

Her fingers traced around the lapel of his jacket. "True." Her eyelashes fluttered and her glossed lips curled into a subtle smirk. "But I don't have to sit through dinner with lead in my pants. Unlike some." She kissed him sweetly on the lips and he jumped as she cupped him gently. The intoxicating scent of Devon and the promise of sex dangled in front of him.

He growled and cupped her wrist. "Oh, you'll keep baby." She walked in front of him and he watched her long legs in the shoes he longed to be wrapped around his waist walk away. He quickly tipped the driver before catching up with her. This was going to be a long night.

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Chapter Thirty: Today Was A Fairytale

"Are you sure I can't tempt you to come back home with me? I'd make it worth your while." He tugged her in tight by the waist and let the Soho breeze whistle past them as he cornered her against her door. They'd arrived back in the city and he was moments away of dropping her off. It was a strange feeling letting her go after the weekend. Jon usually cherished his own space and Devon was one of the first women that didn't seem to overcrowd his space. At least not yet.

"It'll do us good to have a night apart. I have paper work I need reviewing and you'll have emails to do." She curled her fingers around the lapels of his coat, pressed her cheek into his chest and sighed. "And I need sleep."

He laughed and captured her lips in a quick kiss. "I do too, I suppose."

"You'll miss me huh?" She asked cocking her eyebrow and matching it with a broad smile that deepened her cute dimples.


"How about dinner tomorrow night, say after work?" She fluttered her eyelashes and he knew that was a dinner with dessert invite.

"Sure. Oh, on Wednesday night I need to attend a benefit for an old friend, will you come as my date?"

Her eyes fell flat for a minute and the smile disappeared but then slowly returned. "Is it one of those flashy-to do type affairs?"

"Yeah, you'll need a killer dress." He groaned as the thought of her in heels and svelte dress was enough to follow her inside up to her bedroom. "And shoes. Oh hey!" He kept his grip around her and teased her lips with his. "You didn't wear the red shoes you promised you brought."

She tipped her head and her laughter sparkled into the street. "I wasn't exactly dressed most of the time, was I? It wasn't an appropriate time for shoes.”

“It’s always an appropriate time for shoes. You know I love those things. Maybe you have a matching sexy red dress?" He asked hopefully.

"I'll see what I can suss out." She smiled coyly and swung back in his arms.

His brow furrowed. "Suss-what?" Some of her kiwi-isms were puzzling but he'd only noticed them more after she had started to relax around him.

"You know, investigate, sort out..."

"Oh yeah. That’s really obvious.” He snorted. “Kiwis. Who would have them?”

"Hey! I resent that."

"It’s ok you’re cute. You’re allowed. And it's official, you're coming to my fancy to-do bash  and tommorow we can have dinner and you can stay at my place. Next weekend the kids will be back and I can introduce you to them and we can test out some hair styles for Steph."

She pressed her hands against his chest and took a small step back. "One thing at a time Jon, we only just got back and you're stringing me up for countless dates all week."

He frowned and tried to reason if he was coming on strong. "Sorry, I was just planning in my head. I'm always thinking ahead. Natural instinct."

She teased the ends of his scarf. "It's ok. Your life gets so, well full. You have to and I get that. I have a lot of business commitments on this week too but we'll fit things in. I promise."

His grin eased as he drew her back in. "Good. I get stroppy when I don't get attention."

She snorted. "I'd never have guessed." She smoothed her hands up to his shoulders and stood on her tip toes and kissed him. "I had a wonderful time Jon. Truly."

He cupped her chin and kissed her back, this time angling the kiss so it went deeper. "I did too Miss Devon. Very much." His fingers laced into her hair and his tongue delved into her mouth before he pulled away giving her just a hint of the heat they'd had all weekend. "I'll call you later. When I'm tucked up in bed - alone."

She stuck out her bottom lip. "Aw, poor baby. Now go, I want to freshen myself and take the world’s longest shower.”

"You saying I'm dirty?"

She picked up her purse and her bag and unlocked the door and half-stepped inside. "That's exactly what I'm saying. Goodbye."

She winked and closed the door behind her not before he got a good view of her lean body and tight ass. Satisfied that he'd riled her up, he let the town car drop him back at home. He was in the elevator when his phone beeped. He sighed pinched the bridge of his nose.

So much for peace.

It’d had started already. He'd told most people he'd be back by lunchtime on Sunday so he had expected people to be in contact all afternoon. It always happened. He thumbed over the message and opened it, snorting when he realized exactly what it was. It was a picture of a familiar bare foot in one red shoe.

Just a teaser for the week. You know, because I can. Dev xx

He grinned wickedly as he opened his front door and tapped furiously back.

You're killing me.

His phone beeped within seconds and he groaned at her next response.

Do you think they look better like that, or wrapped around your waist? xx

"That little minx." He dropped his bag and began to tap back. He had a right mind to march back down there and teach her a lesson for teasing the holy hell out of him but any thoughts of any erections faded fast.

"Hello Angel."

He looked up to see his mother and father standing in his kitchen. "Mom, Dad! What are you doing here?" He slid his phone into the back pocket of his jeans for safe keeping.

"Can't we come and drop by on our son?"

He raked his hand through his hair. "No, of course not. Good to see you both." He went to give them both a quick hug. His parents had a key to his place but they usually contacted him before coming out.

"Hey Dad."

"Hey son, you're looking well." His Dad bear-hugged him.

"George said you'd been away for the weekend but were expected back today so we thought we'd wait." His mother explained and her jewellery tinkled as they hugged.

"I was out on a boat for a couple of nights."

"With the salon girl?" Carol asked. Yep, that was his mother. Straight to the point.

"Yes Mom, with Devon."

"Good for you son, it's good to see you happy." John Snr said. "Wine?" He asked as he pulled a bottle from his fridge.

"Sure. Thanks."

"So is it serious between you and this Devon then?" Carol asked. His mother also had a habit of liking to know what he was doing. He'd successfully been able to keep the casual ladies away from her view as they’d never crossed paths.  But now was different but he didn't care because he was serious about Devon.

"Yes, I am seeing her on a regular basis. I thought you liked her."

"I do like her, she runs a fabulous business but this is different. Just as long as she's not trying to screw you for money."

"Carol, stop being so judgemental." John Snr warned.

But Jon interjected. "Hardly. She's doing fine on her own, you know that Mom. She's different."

"Well she's not American." Carol pointed out the obvious.

"That's not what I meant. She’s really different.” Devon humbled him if he was completely truthful and reminded him that what he had was special and not normal to everyone else. And there was nothing wrong with that every once and awhile to keep him honest.

Carol paused and he knew the look well. It was the decision between another snarky comment and backing down. "Well we're here for a few days so I want the family to go out for dinner so you may as well invite her. I want to get to know her better if she's that important to you."

Jon winced. Devon would just love him now he could see it. "Sure mom. Just not Wednesday we have the Bradford benefit."

"Tuesday it is then. And tomorrow I'll go back and see her and book in this girl’s weekend I want to get arranged for the society. I've got a lunch and I want to discuss some fundraising ideas with you before we go back to the hotel."

"You know you guys are welcome to stay with me."

"We wouldn't want to get in the way." John Snr said as he handed Jon his wine and they both walked back into the living room.

"You wouldn't, we're both going to be busy and I can always stay at her place."

His Dad raised his eyebrows.


"That serious huh?" He asked out of his mother's earshot.

Jon shrugged. "Yea. I love being with her. She's just got this energy about her and she's so real and keeps me grounded.”

"So, not a plastic Barbie?"

Jon snorted into his wine. "No, I meant real as in down to earth. And no, for the record she's not that at all. All nice and natural and curvy."

"Has she been married too?"

"No, she's had a serious relationship but that's it as far as I know. She's a little younger, mid-thirties."

"Oh I see." John Snr waggled his eyebrows.

"What? She's not that young, Jesus Pop."

"Nothing wrong with a younger model. Maybe I'm jealous." He teased his son as he elbowed her.

"Stop that now. It's not that young."

"But she's hot though right?"

Jon laughed and lifted his glass to his lips. "Oh yeah." The image of her naked body riding his on the boat would stay with him a long time.

His back pocket buzzed and he reached for the phone.

I'm having a hot bubble bath. Wish you were here. Dv x

He groaned and typed back, leaving out that his parents were here.

I really hate you. Fm my sore balls. Jx

He smirked and slid it back into his pocket. Life was good. Very good.


She woke in the morning and stretched with a smile on her face. She'd relaxed for a few hours and then cracked into some work before giving up last late night. Jon had called and begged her to stay at her place tonight since his parents were in town. It would be weird having him in her space but she wanted him to come. He was bringing dinner in around seven but before then she knew she had a big day ahead of her in the salon. They'd finalized the numbers and she knew what she needed to put the spa packages together and she had some marketing to think about.

She'd always been happy with how the salon performed, she always met her overheads and made a tidy profit but Jon was right in that she had so much more potential and now she was ready for it. He inspired her. She groaned as she rolled out of bed and headed into the shower.

By the time she arrived downstairs Jonathon had laid out a bagel and coffee for her on the counter.

"Well good morning princess." He grinned as he straightened his glasses and slid into the stool opposite where he'd laid out her breakfast.

She hopped onto the stool and took a long sip of her coffee and grinned broadly. "Good morning."  She purposely took another sip prolonging what Jonathan wanted.

"Dear god please stop smiling like that. You're going to make me sick."

She giggled and rested down her cup. "That obvious huh?"

"You're positively glowing. I may be jealous. So how was the weekend? I suppose he whisked you away on a private jet somewhere. Bermuda? Spain?"

"Not quite. Try a private yacht." There really was only one way that sounded but she didn't care.

"Good grief, you're serious?"

"Uh-huh. It was bliss." She sighed still remembering the smell of the ocean.

"Details woman!"

"There's not really many. We talked, ate, and spent a lot of time in bed." Her cheeks flushed slightly. The whole weekend really had been like a dream or something you watch in a movie.

"Of course." He wiggled his eyebrows.

"I love him."

Jonathan opened his mouth for she guessed a witty response but closed it again.

"God, you really are serious aren't you? Oh Dev."

She nodded. "Smitten."

He grinned leaning back and folded his arms. "I knew it. I just knew you would."

"I wanted to fight it. I really did. I still don't know where I fit into his world but something made me at least want to try."

"If it wasn't seven-am I'd be getting the champagne out the back chiller! Good for you Devon, your one of the sweetest people I know and I wanted you to let go like this."

"Thanks Jonathan. I didn't think I'd missed it this much but this is something completely different. When he kisses me the world just goes away."

Jonathan beamed. "Ohhh my girl is growing up!"

She traced her fingertip around the rim of the cup and paused.

"Ok...there’s a but isn’t there?” Jonathan led in.

"The weekend was great, no fabulous but he wants me to do his daughter's hair for her prom and on Wednesday night we're supposed to be going out to a public black-tie fundraiser."  Excitement had blinded her fear at the time of accepting his invitation. She reasoned at first that this event would be too much exposure for her but she'd tried to reason herself it would be ok. But she wasn’t having much success.

"Oh first public outing at the new mistress of JBJ. The pap’s are going to love you!"

She cringed. "I didn't think of it like that but you're probably right." Jon was a famous man and she was probably under-estimating the impact that was going to have on her and her life. When she'd left New Zealand, it had been unexpected and if she was honest she knew her parents would have been disappointed in her for doing so. Maybe she was living in denial that she'd never have to go back and face what she left behind. She’d kidded herself that she’d wait a year till things had settled down and then she’d go back, they’d understand if she explained.

A year had turned into five.

And no they wouldn’t understand. Not now.

The disappointment and the consequence of her actions were now irreversible.

Public exposure with a rock star wasn't exactly in the plan but it had been so long it had to be safe. In some ways it was like she'd won the lottery finding Jon, but a lottery of life rather than money. He'd opened her back up to the world and while that was scary, deep down it was exciting. It didn't hurt that his version of the world was somewhat different and brighter than most peoples.

"You're no ordinary lady Miss Devon, I insist you give me an hour in my chair and I'll transform you into something spectacular."

"You don't have to do that Jonathan, I'm sure I can manage something."

"Oh stop. Can't you just admit for a second this is exciting, glamorous, and glitzy and just roll with it. We will also need to get you a new dress! Yes!" He clapped his hands together and she shook her head.

"What am I going to do with you?"

"No, it's what I'm going to do with you. Tomorrow at lunch we go shopping for a dress. I think we need to go uptown for this." Jonathan's taste in clothes was impeccable and it didn't take much to know that from the cleanly pressed Armani or Boss shirts and designer frames he often wore.

"Ok, if it will stop you nagging." She was looking forward to it secretly. There was a world within a city right on her doorstep and she was on the verge of discovering it.

"You will be the belle of the ball. God, I'm so jealous! God knows who you'll meet there. Maybe Clooney. Oohhh or Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas."

She shrugged and smiled into her latte as he rolled his eyes. "Maybe you should be going on the date." She teased.

"Somehow I think he'd be disappointed. I don't put out as easily as you."

"You cheeky shit." She swiped for him but he bounced back.

Jonathan grinned victorious as a courier tapped on the door. "I'll get it. These will be the flowers for the amazing sex you had all weekend."

"Don't be ridiculous."

She popped off the seat while he attended the door and straightened herself up. She headed to the reception and checked her schedule for the day which evidently, was jam-packed.

"Jono? At two have you got time to sit down and go through some of the marketing copy for-" She stopped mid-sentence as Jonathan carried a huge bunch of Red Gerberas in.

"You're kidding me." Her face matched the flowers as he handed them to her and she read the card.

To match the shoes. Jx

"Oh dear god." He was a deliciously naughty man.

"Told you. What did the card say?"

She tucked it into her apron pocket. "Never you mind."

Jonathan winked and cleared away the coffee cups. "See, I knew it."

"Don't you have work to do?" The flowers were amazing and very unexpected. But then again that was becoming the theme of the relationship with Jon. She went from a well-planned cautious life in the real world and well, boring. This fairy-tale that was being dangled in front of her was too good to refuse.

Will you share her secret?