Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chapter Forty-Three: Too Much? Too Soon?

As the car pulled out into the countryside from suburbia New Jersey, she sat back in the seat and sighed. She couldn't quite believe she was on her way to Jon’s for the weekend - Jon’s country house that was. She had needed to work to clear the backlog from yesterday’s press explosion so he had insisted on a car to drive her the hour and a half journey down to Red bank.

The windy roads and tree-lined streets came into view and in all honestly again she could have been in rural New Zealand as the country homesteads sprawled out in front of her, each on its own generous block of land. Vibrant green trees and thriving farmlands whizzed by and she couldn’t help but feel nervous. It had been just over three weeks since she had started dating Jon. They had settled into a routine which she knew would be temporary as she was the one with the stable job and stable stationary life. Goodness knows how that could ever work while he was touring with a record. It was thinking ahead but she couldn’t help wonder how that would even play in the mix of things with them.

Her belly was a ball of nerves and she knew over the weekend she would be meeting his kids and it scared her shit-less. She grappled with the fact that they were used to their mother dating someone different so why would this be any different? She wasn’t used to kids nor did she consider herself good at being around them. God. Age wasn’t a big thing between her and Jon but she was a lot younger than him. Maybe they’d see an issue with that?

Relax-it’s just a day. The kids would meet her and it would be just the two of them for the weekend. She could do that. She could do that. She shook her hands and blew her breath out as the car rolled up to high iron that gates that opened once the driver identified himself.

Wow. It wasn’t what she expected. It was grand on any scale but with the polished Sandstone-coloured brick it wasn’t at all pretentious. Understated elegance yes but not pretentious. It reminded her a little of a modern Von-Trapp home from The Sound of Music. She giggled. It shouldn’t but it did. Leafy trees arched down over the driveway against a backdrop of manicured lawns. Smaller buildings were dotted around the property with potted trees lining the main homestead.

She stepped out of the car with her overnight bag and the clean country air hit her. It was cool and laced with a fresh grassy scent that reminded her of home. The crickets chirped against the clear sunny day that could have rivaled any postcard.

The door swung open and Jon strolled out in jeans and a tight red-v neck. “You made it!” He grinned broadly as his arms engulfed her and his mouth fused to hers. The kiss was quick and left the lingering taste of hot coffee on her lips.

“Thanks Callum.” Jon slipped the driver some cash and patted his arm.

“You’re welcome sir. If you need me again please just call.”

“So…” She rolled back on her feet and smiled. “You live in New York City when you have this gorgeous estate? Are you crazy?”

He shrugged. “I know and as I said it’s been really empty since the family moved out. But I can’t bear to give it up either. New York has kept me busy.”

“Well it’s amazing. I want the grand tour.”

He took her bag and led her inside to the foyer which was breath taking. High cream crisp walls with modern steel fittings greeted her. One way led through double doors into a family room which had a distinct Victorian flair with its blue furniture and gold wall length curtains. The room was also scattered with framed pictures of his family over the table tops and across the walls.

“Oh wow.” She picked up the closest frame which had a picture of Jon, Dorothea and the kids. “Beautiful picture.”

Jon leaned over her shoulder and she could hear the smile in his voice. “Yeah, those were happier times. That was taken at the Hamptons. We had another house down there which was much smaller but Dorothea has that now for her holidays.”

“Three houses huh? How very rock-star.”

“Shut up brat.” He nudged her and then wrapped his arm around her middle from behind and kissed the side of her head. “Is it weird I still have those pictures out?”

She smiled. “No, not at all. This is your family and Dorothea is always a part of that. I get that.”

“That’s how I feel about it too so I’m glad you understand. I didn’t want you to feel awkward. This is my children’s family home now and mine. That’s it. What I had with her as far as romantic love is gone."

She turned in his embrace and reached up on her tips toes to kiss him. “I don’t feel like that at all. It might be a bit strange at first but it’s nothing we can’t work on.” The past was the past and she of all people knew that. She didn’t see that anything needed to be weird and awkward now. Like her, Jon wanted to make new memories. His was just in a more familiar place and she was the one who had to try and fit in with his crazy life.

He grinned. “Let me show you around.”

They only made it as far as the giant kitchen. Christ, she could have fit her whole apartment in here with room to spare. The country style kitchen had miles of cupboards with gold fittings. Polished and well preserved wood lined the walls and a counter top ran around almost three walls with an island also in the middle.

“Wine? We need something to drink.”

Devon squealed when two hands lifted her up onto the edge of the island-counter.

He pointed at her from the fridge. “Don’t tell my kids. I never let them sit up there.” He opened the large fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine and a bowl of strawberries.

She swung her legs back. “I get the silver service?”

“Well I’m buttering you up if I’m honest.”

He handed her a glass of wine and held a strawberry out for her to bite into it. She did and then licked her lips. “What on earth for?”

“Well the kids were meant to be coming tomorrow - right?”

“Yes, the day I’m terrified of.” She joked.

He winced. “Well. They’re actually coming soon. Like in an hour and staying over.”

Her eyes widened. “What? Crap! Is that such a great idea?” She had no issues meeting his kids as much as she was terrified of the idea but having them stay with them in the house was something else completely. For them not for her.

“I know it’s a shock and I didn’t want to throw you in the deep end so soon like this. I can get you back into the city if you want. I’d understand.”

As tempting as that was, she shook her head. “I don’t want to go home but won’t it be weird for them, me staying here?”

He set down his glass and wrapped his arms around her so his face was barely inches from hers and rested his forehead against hers. “I spoke to Dorothea about it when she called me to ask if it was ok. She didn’t have a problem with it especially when I told her how I felt about you. And god, the women knows me well enough to know when I’m not lying. So if you’re ok with it...” He trailed off.

She sighed and her pulse quickened. “I am OK with it. I just hope they truly are as I don’t want to upset any of them. It’s a big deal for them. Have you had other women here with them?”

“Nope, you’re the first. Hopefully the last.” He slid his arms down hers and took her hands. “You won’t. Dorothea has been with her Bruce for some time now. My daughter asks me every-time when she sees me if I’ve got a girlfriend so at least this will be one less thing for her to ask me. They know about you already so it’ll be fine. They will love you.”

She eased the frown on her face and nodded. “Ok. We’ll see how it goes. So an hour?”

“That’s right so that is why we need to make the most of it.” He cupped her ass and slid her closed to him and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“What? Here?” She giggled as his lips kissed up her jawline to her ear.

“Why not? We don’t have much time so I need to make the most of you. God, you smell amazing.” His low voice against her ear sent bumps shooting down her arms.

“Keep talking.” She murmured.

He chuckled. “You know how I feel about you. A minute away from you is too long these days.”

“God.” She sighed happily. “I hate that you’re a lyrical genius sometimes. You must have really been able to pick up the ladies in your day.”

He didn’t respond. Instead he slid his hand up her leg and up her thigh. His fingertips skated against the edge of her panties and her breath caught in her throat. His mouth found hers and they shared a long burning kiss that curled her toes. Her eyes closed as she groaned as the feather-light touch of his fingertips danced around her thigh.

“If you can accept my family life and I know you will, would you give some thought to living with me?”

She opened her eyes and pushed him gently back from her. “What?”

“I know it’s crazy, Christ.” He raked his hand through his hair. “We’ve only known each other weeks but I wasted years with the wrong person and I’m not getting any younger.”

“I--god-shit--I mean.” She was speechless. She had been with this man barely weeks and he was asking her something major that she wasn’t sure she was ready for. She could see them together in the future but the future wasn’t yet? Was it? Everything about their relationship so far had been against the rules and time didn’t seem to matter. She highly doubted Jon ever made any quick decisions about any of his previous relationships.

“I know, it’s a lot. Just think about it. I’m not pressuring you but if you want to move in sooner than later I’m offering it to you.”

She stroked his hair and smiled. “It’s a lovely offer Jon and god- I should be out right saying no. We both should but I don’t know why I don’t want to.”

He cupped her wrist and bought it to his lips. “Being back at this house made me realize I’m sick of being alone Devon.”

The vulnerability in his eyes was enough to melt her heart and she believed him and Jon didn’t do vulnerability, at least she had never seen it. The problem was she was exactly the same, she didn’t want to be alone either and the last five years of her life had been just that. She had Jonathan and her family at the salon but that wasn’t what she had been missing. She’d been missing love.

What Jared and her had wasn’t love but it meant being not alone and she realized in hindsight that’s one of the reasons she never left him. Who wants to be alone when you can have someone to adore you? Well, is supposed to adore you. Jared never adored her.

Jon adored her.

“I know. Me too.” It was barely a whisper as her throat was choked by the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

He smiled warmly. “Just think it over. We really could make it work.” He squeezed her hands. “I want to make it work.”

She nodded. “I will. I promise.” Her fingers tangled in the hair at the nape of his neck as she dragged him in for the kiss. His teeth scraped over her lips and chin as she tilted her head back. She closed her eyes and let herself sink into the security of him. By the time he slipped into her she was already one with him as they both rose and she held him tight as she crashed back down with him.

As she laid her head on his shoulder, they both recomposed themselves and knew it was soon going to be time to face the real music. The children. She had Jon’s reassurance but it was still hard not to be nervous. She knew that if it didn’t go smoothly she couldn’t bear being someone the kids didn’t like or resented for any reason.

Time would tell and all too soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chapter Forty-Two: Breathe You In

There had been many famous stand-offs in history, The O.K Corral, the Alamo and General Custer’s last stand. But those had all taken place in lands far away from the plush Persian carpets and silk curtains of this New York Penthouse. And instead of a backdrop of vast landscapes of burnt deserts they had a canvas of glittering lights.

The prize was something much different than too but the enemy was just as devious and determined. He thought he could outwit her-outplay her like a common game of survivor but she wouldn’t be blind-sided by him this time. Oh no, she would not.

Jon leaned over the side of his table with two hands grasping the thick slicked wooden edge of the table. “Are we going to stand here like horny idiots all night?”

She shrugged and licked her lips. “I’m not going anywhere, are you?”

His eyes narrowed. “I see what you’re doing. You want me to say “you win” and we’ll move on.”

“I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to show me I’ve won by coming over here.”

An amused smile played on his lips and his eyes were a deep blue, wine and fun had relaxed him out and she knew what usually came next. They had sex and then snuggled while he drifted off to sleep a contented man. It tickled her that she already knew him so well in such a short space of time. But they seemed to just fit.

“How about we meet in the middle?” He rested his chin on his hand, propped up by his elbow. It wouldn’t look at all ridiculous if he wasn’t stark naked.

She cocked an eyebrow and pressed her lips together. “I’m listening.”

“Well to quote one. I’m going to show you.”

Devon gasped as Jon climbed up on the edge of the table and crawled into the centre of it, ducking to miss forest green steel low- lightshades that swung gently around him. “Oh god, you’re not serious!” She laughed as he stopped dead centre in the middle.

“What? Can’t climb up? A little high for the short-ass?”

“Hey! Watch who you are calling the short-ass!” She eyed it up and then frowned. “Fine.” She climbed up clumsily onto the edge and on all fours gingerly met him in the middle of the table. She didn’t need any pool-table burns on her knees and hands thank you very much. The light glinted off the silver cross that swung from his chest and his eyes zoned in on hers. Their noses bumped as they met but didn’t inch any closer indicating neither of them wanting to surrender their power just yet.

She was stripped down to just silk and lace and he was completely naked. Her heartbeat quickened as their lips barely brushed together. The crinkles on his face deepened as he smiled.

“What?” She asked amused shifting her palms on the felt surface of the table.

“This, us-you.” His breath was warm on her face and the sincere look in his eyes didn’t deter her. He was trying to suck her in.

“What? That we’re bat shit crazy? Yeah, really awesome.”

He snickered and then paused. “I love you.”

“Now who is playing dirty?”

“What? What did I do?” He asked still dangling within her grasp. She could smell the mix of wine and his spicy scent.

“Pull out the I-love-yous in the last minute of battle.” She teased. “How is a girl ever supposed to resist that with those serious love-eyes?”

He laughed and sat back carefully upright back onto his feet so he was still on his knees. “C’mere.”

She didn’t resist this time and slid into his lap with her legs around his hips while he tucked her up into him. She rubbed his jaw as her breasts pressed into his chest and the tip of his cock bumped against the silk of panties. “For the record, I might just love you too.” She dragged her thumb across the bottom of his lip seductively.

Their lips met and the kiss melted onto her lips, slow and silky. She slanted her mouth and he coaxed her lips apart with his tongue. Carnal pleasure nipped at the edge of her skin as she he drew her in even closer. She tipped her head back as his teeth scraped down over her chin and done the line of her throat. His clever fingers unhooked her bra and he nosed the cup off as he tilted her back giving him access to her breast.

He curled his tongue around her nipple and she gasped as he sucked down hard. The sparks of shot through and teased her of things to come. She dug her nails in, one in his hair and the other on his shoulder surrounded by freckles as he devoured her.

She changed her angle as he kissed across her ribs and then over to the other breast. Her legs clamped around him as his tongue teased her tip. She thought her chest might explode as every drop of pleasure built inside her. Jon pulled her back up and their mouths slammed together. Hot and hungry they kissed, her hands grabbed his hair. He groaned as she deliberately wiggled on his hard cock, his arousal only heightened her need.

Devon cupped each side of his face as she kissed him. His pulse beat against her lips and his breath was hot on her skin. He still tasted like the pinot they drank with their dinner but it was laced with the dark sin, delicious as chocolate.

Devon curled her fingers around his shaft. He growled and tugged on her lip and she scraped her nails down the delicate skin. She laughed huskily and as the friction of her nipples brushed over his downy chest hair.

The carnal look in his eyes thrilled her and it was like teasing to see how far she could push him before he attacked. Dangerous but sexy all the same. She quivered as his finger hooked around the lining of her panties and brushed against the water-soft skin of her clit. She was wet for him and his eyes closed as he teased her swollen lips.

“Whoever cums first... Loses.” He whispered and she almost came undone. It was all a competition to him but that was Jon, he had to have the best and be the best. At everything. Delicious pleasure curled her toes in tight as he found her sweet spot that could unravel her.

“You’re on.” She shifted her thumb onto his sac and massaged as she pressed her cheek against his.

“Oh god.” He spluttered as his breathing turned shallow.

His fingers were lethal as she couldn’t help but grind against them to heighten the sensation. She fought for the control of pace but it was slipping away from her. She pumped quicker and he quivered below her and his cum shot over her hand. She grinned victoriously as she kissed him but didn’t have a minute more as the orgasm punched through her.

The game balls clicked around her as he laid her down flat on the table and his cock thrust into her without a second’s grace. He lifted her leg and propped it on his shoulder cupping her ankle with his hand as he started the rhythm.

“Oh Jon...Jon.” Her fingers scratched his chest as he pounded her, her head dizzy from the onslaught. Sweat streaked down his cheeks and dripped on her skin as he grunted and pushed them both to the edge. He was showing her no mercy and Devon knew as far as he was concerned it was what she deserved.

He dropped her leg and hovered over her. She quivered under him as he sank deep inside of her. He pushed back the sweaty strands of hair from her face and pressed a kiss on her lips. She tugged him down and wrapped her legs around his waist as they laid flat.

Tears streamed from her cheeks, sweat and emotion as he stroked slowly inside her. “I do love you. God! I love you.” Her lips kissed his. So much was still so new but in a weird way it felt as old as time. The connection they had was strong and undeniable. Each hour, each day she became more entangled in this man and she knew it would get harder to ever come free from that and god, and she didn’t want to. Ever.

“I want to breathe you in.” And she did. He was like a new skin and it was getting harder to tell where she ended and he began. This wasn’t meant to happen like this, she wasn’t mean to fall so hard for him.

He didn’t reply. His eyes closed and he murmured against her lips as he rolled his hips.

She relaxed around him and arched back. “Mmmm.” His mouth was wet and warm on her throat. Their bodies melded together as she shook under him and he milked every last drop of the orgasm out of her. Slow and sensually her fingers traced his face and he kept going. She forgot where she was and it didn’t matter. They could have been on the floor in the middle of a mall and it wouldn’t have mattered. She only had eyes for him.

The last breath of his orgasm came and she held him tight, curling her body as another one rolled through her like firecrackers on her skin. Exhausted and sated she held him against her as he slumped on her shoulder, their breathing steadied and the sweat cooled.

She licked her lips that craved moisture and her throat was hoarse. “If I have rug burn on ass or back, you’re rubbing the ointment on it.”

He snorted softly against her skin. “And I suppose you have just the alignment for that, beauty queen?”

She smiled smugly. “Of course I do.” The moment between them was just seconds but it was sweet.

He lifted his head and their gazes locked. He locked about as rough as she must have looked. He slid his hand up on her heart as it drummed against his palm.
“I’m hungry.”

She rolled her eyes. “Why am I not surprised?”

“Hey, I worked hard.”

“What do you suggest?”

He rubbed his thumb gently against her chin. “I have chocolate brownies with raspberry sauce. You could feed me one.” He wiggled his eyebrows and one of his speciality devilish grins.

“Maybe.” Her fingertips drifted over his shoulders. “Shower, then dessert.” She pressed her fingers against his lips before he could speak.

“No-the shower isn’t dessert.” She quickly finished.

“Damn you do know me well. Shower and then dessert.”

They shared one last kiss before he carefully peeled her off the table and carried her to the bedroom. Later that night she lay awake on his chest in the dark as he slept. His arm was wrapped around her shoulders tight and she felt so safe. Dessert had been wonderful and they’d ended up talking mainly about their business ideas and then had one last round of sex before sleep.

She was sated and she loved. For Devon the most important thing had always been keeping herself safe and protected from the past but each moment, each day with Jon she was so free. She knew ultimately the true freedom from the shackles from her past lay in her own hands and she knew what she had to do. She just had to figure out how as the more she was with this man, she knew she couldn't’ ever face losing him.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chapter Forty-One: Too Many Balls on the Table

“You know if you stare at it longer enough it will ring.”

Devon teased Jon across the table as he stared at his phone. She picked up the napkin from her lap and rested it on the table. They’d planned to go out for dinner but the day had run away on her and Jon’s business calls had taken longer than he’d thought they would. So instead they were sitting on the deck of the penthouse having just polished off Italian takeout and a bottle of red wine.

Jon had been somewhat absent and not his usual punchy self. Her feet ached and were like swollen pin-cushions from bustling around the salon all day and avoiding the paparazzi. Eventually the congregation outside her door had simmered down to a few stragglers so she’d easily been able to escape unnoticed to get to Jon’s place that night.

“Huh? Sorry Dev. I’m distracted.”

She picked up her wine and lent back in the chair and gazed out to the late sunset that stretched out like a blanket over the cluster of high rises. “Tell me something I don’t know. What’s going on? You’ve barely said a word tonight and we both know that’s just not you.”

His brow lifted. “Hey! Yeah, ok. I’ve just got a few things on my mind with the band and the next album.”

“Is this to do with David?”

He shrugged. “A little. We took a break after Lost Highway and I always indicated that we’d get back to writing about now or a little bit after and have an album out by the spring. David’s pretty busy with his Broadway thing and we’ve got some different opinions of the type of music we should be making.”

She already knew Jon took the weight of the world on his shoulders when it came to Bon Jovi but it was because he was a control freak, worse than she ever was. She couldn’t imagine he was an easy man to work for or please for that matter.

“And?” She prompted as he paused but the lines on his face said much more.

“I worry about how relevant we still are. Everyone wants to hear the hits which is great but my biggest fear is that we’ll end up a nostalgia band.”

“I get that. You want to be current and you want to be known for the work you still do, not did.”

“Right. And I don’t discount Prayer or It’s my Life or any of them. They’re money makers and I’d never been here without them. I play them every show as that’s what they come for but I just hope that we can still make relevant music.”

“Well, what do you want to write about this time?”

“The world. The way we treat each other and the inequality that there is for the average working man.”

“That’s all relevant. Nothing wrong with that.”

He bit on his thumb and nodded. “No there’s not. ”

She sighed and half-laughed. “But...”

“I have to be careful. I don’t care about the critics but I don’t want it coming off hokey either, here’s this rich guy singing songs about the working class and how the world used to be.”

“You don’t. You only have to look as far as all your community projects to know that isn’t true.”

He waved her off and reached for his wine. “It’ll be fine. We always hit a few rough edges when we go back into band mode from a break. It’ll be fine. I’m just over-thinking.”

“You’re hopeless. You can talk to me you know, if you want to. I can listen.”

“I know I just don’t want to be a grumpy old man which is what I sound like.” He chuckled and covered his chin with his hand and rubbed it.

“Well let’s do something fun then.”

His eyebrow lifted and his grin broadened.

“Not that-well yet. C’mon we’ll play a game. I noticed the big billiard table you have in your games room.”

“Game of pool huh? We could do that. I’m a better bar tender than I am pool player though.”

“I’m not great either, soooo....” She thoughtfully grinned. “You show me some tips and then we’ll make it interesting.”

He popped his knuckles. “Ok, deal. I’ll bring up the wine.”

She walked up to the second level where the games room was. It had a classic English look with dark wood panelling that framed the walls to shoulder height. A small ridge sat along the top that spanned around the whole room making it an excellent place to stash your drink while you played. A Dart board, pool table and custom made mahogany bar filled the room nicely. Pictures of Frank Sinatra, Elvis and other musicians lined the tops of the walls.

“Nice man-cave.” She commented as he came up into the room.

“It’s not bad. The one in the house in Jersey is my pride and joy though.”

“I bet it is. When am I getting the grand tour?” At first it had been overwhelming that Jon had so much real estate but then again it was all part of him and she was interested to see what his house and style was.

“Soon. I’ve barely lived there in the last few months but with recording coming on soon, I think I’ll be based there more. You’ll have to come and stay with me on the weekends.”

“I could be tempted.” It would be nice to leave the city - god knows she really hadn’t since she arrived here.

He scratched the back of his neck and paused. “OK, you do know how to hold a stick right?”

She reached for the rack on the wall and plucked a cue. “Yeah, kind of.” She leaned over the table and lazily let the tip of the cue flail in her hands and hid the smile the twitched on the corners of her mouth.

“Oh jeez. You need a bit more control than that.” He leaned over her from behind and flattened her hand so the cue rested nicely in the L between her index and thumb. “There, now draw back and then hit the ball square as you can in the centre for the break.

She did and deliberately wobbled the cue as she smacked the white ball so it ricocheted off the triangle of coloured balls, poorly. “Whoops.”

“And I thought I was bad at this. OK let’s try again. I don’t think I can take your money though, that would be too easy.”

She stifled the laugh; he was in full Dad mode instructing her how to do this with a face as serious as sin. She leaned over the table again as he straightened up the balls. “Who said anything about money? I was thinking more... a ball in a pocket is an item of clothing.”

“Oh, I do like how you think naughty girl.” She shivered as his breath was warm on her neck. “How about we skip the game and just get straight to the good part?”

“No, I want to try and win this fair and square.”

His lips brushed the side of her temples and her skin zinged. “I’m not above that at all but I feel bad that I’m going to be taking candy from a baby here.”

She turned her head and their noses bumped. She licked her lips and her gaze flicked up to his. “How about you worry about your candy and I’ll worry about mine. Sound fair rock-star?”

The electricity snapped between them and the challenge was laid down.

“Fine. No more tutorials. You’ll have to tell me what the felt feels like against your nipples as you drag them across the table to make your next shot when you’re naked.”

“So cocky!”

He kissed her and hard, knocking the wind out beneath her feet before he pulled away.

“Let’s do it.”

She held the side of the table for a minute to get her balance and she knew it was his strategy to make her a pile of goo which the kiss had successfully threatened to do. It was a good thing she had her own strategy lined up and ready for implementation.


Jon topped up their glasses and selected his stick from the rack and chuckled as watched Devon prepare herself. He sucked at pool yes but that was when he played against people that actually could play. This would be a piece of cake and he’d be getting laid really soon.

She was dressed in a simple black knee length dress with small white belt and matching white heeled sandals. It was casual to her but as per usual she looked amazing. She never seemed to spend hours getting ready like some of the women he used to date and they’d still look tacky and over-dressed but she seemed to have such a natural beauty that was impeccably clean and beautiful.

And she had great legs.

“I’ll break.” He leaned over and fired the ball to break down the table. The loud crack sent the balls flying but none managed to make the pocket. “Dammit.”

“I guess you’re up.” He picked up his wine and leaned back with an amused smile. Thank god for Devon. He didn’t know what the fuck was wrong with him these days and why this band stuff was winding him up so much. He was a man of decision and he was always clear about what he was doing but he just was restless and he didn’t like it. Devon was enough to keep the distractions at bay.

The mansion hadn’t been the same since Dot and the kids had moved out, he missed the family always being there whenever he’d been home but now it just seemed so big without them. The kids especially. He’d let Obie and Richie stay there more in the last six months than himself if he was really honest. He loved the place and it was still his home but he just wasn’t happy staying there.

Devon quietly leaned over the table and adjusted her stick. He snickered when her ball bounced down the table missing the other ones completely.


“Oh nothing.” He grinned as he slotted a ball into the pocket. “Lose it.” He pointed the tip of his cue in her general direction.

She narrowed her eyes and undid her belt.

He snorted. “Oh c’mon that’s not clothing. What do you think I am, stupid?

She smirked and kicked off her shoes. “Fine.”

“That dress is next and I’m guessing it’s a one-piece so woo-hoo to me.” He took his next shot and missed.

She took a sip of wine and then chalked her stick. “Silly men with their brains in their pants.”

“Oh? You agreed to this. Don’t blame me Missy. Take responsibility for yourself.”

She leaned over and winked at him and fired a ball. Straight into a pocket. “Lose the shirt lover boy.”

Jon frowned at her and had an uneasy feeling. He pulled off the sweater and let it fall to the ground. “Lucky shot?”

“Nope. Taking responsibility.” She arched over and sank another one and then another. What the hell?

“Shit. You hustled me.” Dammit. The little minx.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Boom. Another one rattled into the pocket.

He let out a long whistle. “Maaaaan.”

“So the moral of the story is...” She lined up her next shot and nailed it. “Never assume. Now get naked pretty boy.”

“Fuck.” He muttered as he undid his belt, kicked off his boots and slid down his jeans.

Her gaze drifted down his body. “I guess the optional underwear thing wasn’t such a great idea today.” She sniggered as he pushed them down his legs.

“Oh shut up.”

She giggled. “I do love when you get pissy because you lose.”

He stepped out of his jeans and growled. “I was played. I didn’t lose. You lied to me.”

“Suck it up princess.” She cleared the table in less than five minutes and he stood there naked, while she was still fully clothed. God damn the woman.

“You had an advantage with a bra and panties. That’s extra clothing.”

Her eyebrow cocked. “Well I didn’t get that far did I? So who’s to say it would have been. Besides, who said I was wearing any?” She ran the tip of her tongue along the bottom of her teeth.


“Oh god. I did under estimate you Devon Scott.”

“See you assumed. Again. I thought you were smarter than that.” She stood opposite him with the pool table in-between them. Her vibrant smile and cockiness was hot, he’d give her that. He wanted nothing right this minute than to spread her out on that green felt and nail her to it.

“Ok then smart-ass. How about this?” He crooked his finger. “You c’mere and we play another game.”

“I think I’ll stay right here thank you very much. If that’s alright by you.”

His cock was half-hard but imagining all her creamy scented skin under that dress wasn’t going to end well for him. He wanted her and she knew it, dammit. He was used to always having the upper hand but she kept it fresh with them in a way most women didn’t get without being bitchy. And every-time he never saw it coming.

“You can make this hard. Or you can make it easy.”

She bit her lip and hid the insane smirk that she was obviously relishing and unzipped her dress. It fell to her feet and vibrant pink silk with a black lace trim was left staring at him. His cock jumped.

“Fuck Devon.”

“I think there is only one thing that’s hard in this room.”

“Come here and fix that then.” He demanded his gaze zeroing on hers.

She leaned over the pool table towards him and her bra strap slid down her shoulder showing off the cup of her breast. “Double whoops.”

He stood still and leaned in towards her. “Come here. I’ll slam you into this table and give you a night of a thousand orgasms.”

“No. You’re stubborn. Come here and take me like a real man and admit defeat.” She closed her eyes and her lips parted and she let out a small groan. Holy shit. He swore a drop of pre-cum just came out of his cock.

“You’re playing with fire.”

“You’ll only be playing with yourself soon if you keep this up.”

“I’m not moving. Come here and show me you want me.”

A drop of sweat dripped down his forehead and his fingers curled around the edge of the table. “I can wait all night.”

“Oh really?” She let the other bra strap slide down her shoulder and hovered down over the table and groaned as her nipples slid across the table. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, the sound shot straight to the tip of his cock. “ wanted to know what this feels like. It feels amazing.”

“You suck.”

“You could be-if you came here. What will it be? Us standing here opposite each other depriving ourselves or you coming over here and admitting defeat. What will it be? I’ll make myself cum if you don’t. You know I will.”

“I could too.” He wound his fingers around his cock and groaned and he pumped it once. “Don’t you want to be a part of this?” He was ten seconds away from giving up and he hated that she knew exactly how to manipulate him. That was usually his job.

It was a sexual standoff with a battle of wits.

It would just be a case of who gave in first.

Will you share her secret?