Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chapter Twenty-One: Sex and War

"I think you should put the pasta away for later."

He stopped mid-step and smirked. When he turned around she was standing arms-crossed against the backdrop of the city. "Oh?" His cock was hard and he'd be lying if he said watching her come on the outdoor table in front of him hadn't stirred the desire to slam her into the nearest wall and punch three more out of her. A blond curl fell in her face and her blue eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Don't oh me." She took a step towards him and drilled her finger into his chest. "You need to follow me to the bedroom in ten minutes. I'm sure you can find something to do to occupy yourself."

He cupped her wrist and her eyes flashed with heat. "And if I don't obey your little bossy command?"

Her glossy lips curved into a smile half-innocent. "I have a challenge for you."

His eyes narrowed and warning bells went off in his head. "Maybe I don't want a challenge?" Who was he kidding? Most of the time he'd never been able to back down. Whether it was filling O2 arena twelve nights in a row in London or beating Jesse at football on his damn game centre he always took the challenge with both hands.

She shrugged and walked away from him back inside. "Ok, well I can always do it without you." She turned and threw a wink over her shoulder that could have blown his load there on the spot.


"Well fuck." She thought she was good enough to take him on huh? Well wasn't she just full of surprises? He ducked his head into the doorway just in time to watch the seductive sway of her hips drift away from him. He quickly collected the plates and wine glasses and took them down to the kitchen. He sealed the pasta and threw everything else in the dishwasher. A sexy red was chosen from his wine rack and he carried it back up the stairs with two wine glasses. The overnight bag she bought over was on the end of the bed and the light on in the en-suite. He carefully sat down the contents and sat on the edge of the bed waiting. It was a novelty waiting for a woman but he was too curious to what exactly she thought she was going to do to him to care otherwise.

It was only a few minutes but felt like eternity when the ensuite door slid opened. Fuck me. She stood with her hands on her hips and struck a seductive pose. She wore in a pale pink baby doll that hovered on her thighs and cupped her breasts making them fuller. The material was wispy and looked light to touch. His fingers curled as her hair spilled in loose waves around her face and shoulders. Her feet were bare but her toes gleamed with the same pink as her baby doll.

She lifted her finger to her lips and grinned. "Lie back on the bed."

Despite his best efforts to take control he let the blood heat in his veins and spiral straight to his cock and did what he was told. She watched her lift two of his ties off the end of the bed that he must have stolen from his closet and let them sliver through her fingers.

"What the fuck are they for?"

The devil danced in her eyes as she grinned. "Control. I know you well enough to know you must have it. So I'm taking it away."

"You're not tying me up." He folded his arms and he nodded determined. No fucking way.

She shrugged and let one of the straps from her nightie slide down her shoulder. She'd become a little minx when he wasn't looking. "I guess you don't want my mouth over your cock after all." Her words shot straight to the tip of his hard cock and he groaned. "Devon. You're not playing nice." Her breast was spilling out of its cup and he was losing his patience. He held his arms out like Jesus on the cross and gritted his teeth. "Fine. Do it." God help him at the mercy of a woman.

She grinned victoriously and kneeled on the bed beside him with the ties. She smelled like oranges with a kick and he watched her as she tied his wrist to the bed head. Carefully she straddled his thigh to reach over to the other side and he clamped his other knee against it and locked her there. Her face was inches away from hers and her breath hot on his cheek.

"You're playing a dangerous game Devon. When this is over there will be no mercy."

Their gaze locked and she licked her lips. "Oh we'll see if you even care about that in about five minutes." She leaned forward so he copped the view straight down her baby doll to her full breasts resting snug inside and tied the other wrist quickly. Once she was done she sat across his cock a knee on either side of his legs. She tipped his head and held his gaze before claiming his lips as hers. It had been too easy but he'd fallen under her spell and he wanted her to give him everything she promised. He closed his eyes and her allure was writhing all around him and clutched every inch of his skin.

Her hands pushed up his top and her fingers clawed their way up through the hair on his belly. He wanted it fast and he wanted it now but he'd given all control over to her and that was killing him. Her clever thumbs rolled over his nipples and he hissed as his balls filled with need. The torture and touching continued as he tipped his head back and she lowered her hot mouth to his chest. He wanted to touch her, feel her breasts in his hands and his cock inside her driving them over the edge.

Kneeling before him she un-popped his jeans. He bucked forward but quickly his wrists burned from the ties she had so cleverly done. She paused and smirked as she pulled his jeans down and he was hard as a rock.

He groaned as she scraped her thumb nail over the tip. "Anticipation is everything."

His fingernails dug into his palms as her hot breath caressed the engorged head of his cock. "Fuck me." He muttered. Adrenaline and pleasure pulsed through his veins as she dipped lower and her mouth barely an inch away from his stiff member. Her hair tickled his thighs like feathers which only heightened the sensation he desperately was seeking. Her tongue flicked out and licked her lips and he wished for death. She'd become the devil.

"You're playing dirty." His teeth clenched as her fingers curled around the base of his erection.

"Did you want me to stop?" She paused and her blue eyes glistened and her devilish grin hit him in the gut.

He tugged at the restraints and the bedhead banged against the wall. He growled. "Suck it." He hissed the command but she didn't move.

"You don't give the orders." The tip of her tongue flicked across his slit teasing and tempting the holy hell out of him. Fire burned in his belly and he was ready to combust from the inside out.

"Devon." There was no backing out now even if he wanted to. What he wanted was her lips so bad around his cock it ached in his loins. Both straps of her baby doll had slipped down and her breasts threatened to spill out of their cups and it rivalled any good porn he'd ever watched on late nights.

He cursed as her warm wet mouth widened and finally her lips sealed over his head. The sensation that roared through him was delicious. The hum from her mouth vibrated down the entire length of his penis and into his soul. His balls tightened when she cupped them with her other hand and her finger nails scraped over his sac. Her tongue was like warm velvet down his shaft as she licked it slowly from top to bottom.

Devon made him feel deliriously alive and he loved it. All his senses were on edge and the patience he'd installed was paying off. He longed to thread his fingers through her hair and fuck her mouth. What choice did he really have at this point? Her fingers slid back and teased the sensitive spot behind his balls. He shuddered and wood dug into his back.

His hips bucked forward and it was the only control he had over the movement as her mouth engulfed him further. "I need more." The rasp in his throat was desperate but he didn't care. She licked away the drop of precum and then a rhythm up and down his length. His biceps strained as he wished the silk ties would shred so he could throw her down and bury himself deep inside her. He took satisfaction that this turned her on as much as it was him. Her nipples peaked under the soft material.

"Please Devon. I want... fuck untie me!" He jolted forward as her teeth gently scraped sensitive skin as she sucked. The movement increased and so did his heartbeat. He was close to coming. She shifted and her wet pussy thick with juice soaked his leg sending him over the edge. His body lurched as he exploded in her mouth. "Sweet fucking mercy!" When he opened his eyes his arms he slumped and stars burst in front of his eyes. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips swollen as she sat up and leaned forward.

Her lips hovered down the vein in his neck. "You are six-ways on Sunday evil little girl." Her tongue swirled at the base as she traced her way back up to the top.

Her gaze flicked up to his. "Oh I'm not done."

"Oh yes you are."

His wrists burned as he ripped the bounds and she squealed when he grabbed her and they tumbled on the bed. She giggled but wriggled away from him and her ankle slipped through his grip as she made a run for the door in a fit of laughter. He pounced off the bed charged with adrenaline and growled as he caught her and pressed her against his closet door.

"Going somewhere?" His mouth ravaged hers as he locked her into position. He hungrily moved to her neck and bit down gently in her clavicle making his claim that he was now in charge. He nosed in between her breasts and growled at the inconvenience of the baby doll so he ripped it down the centre in one swift tug. "There's a new sheriff in town and he's outlawing clothes." His mouth honed in on her nipple and she threaded her fingers through his hair and tugged as his tongue swirled around her stiff tip.

"Oh sweet fuck." She cried out and locked her leg up over his hip. His cock rubbed against her wet centre. Dammit he needed a fucking condom.

As if she read his mind she shook her head and dug her fingers into his shoulders. "Do it." Her voice was soft and coaxing and with her free hand her fingers caressed his already hard cock. She abandoned his cock and wound her arms around his neck. Deliberately her breasts crushed against his chest and he could feel her wet tips pierce into him. He may have been in control but his sanity was threatened as he lifted her legs up around his waist and entered her in one swift movement. His hands wandered down curves and over buttery soft skin and gripped her ass.

Kissing her neck he tasted her skin and felt the beat of her pulse under his tongue. She wound herself tightly around him and their teeth clicked as they kissed and he let his inhibitions run wild. She sighed and trembled in his arms as her lips parted the same lips that had just destroyed his cock. His tongue traced under her upper lip and their gazes held as he kept them in position. He moved one hand and cupped the back of her neck and held her knowing it wouldn't take much to make her orgasm. He withdrew slowly and then slammed into her and her head tipped back. His muscles clenched and she rotated against him as his cock was snug inside her.

Each thrust brought pleasure and an undeniable fire that burned between them. She'd lifted his game. This wasn't just sex it was war.

He buried his thumb under her hood and mimicked the same circular movements he did with his tongue against hers. She gasped and she fisted around him like a glove as she let go. He held tight as violent shudders took her and she screamed into night as she came. He thrust into her again and again and each stroke, each breath built the passion between them. Affirmation after affirmation rolled off his tongue as he spilled deep inside her.

They collapsed on the bed in a heap and he struggled to find an even breath as his skin buzzed with afterglow. He hauled her up against him and she rested her cheek against his chest and their legs tangled. Sleep claimed him quickly and the last thing that burned in his head was her delicious lips wrapped around his shaft.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chapter Twenty: Spaghetti & Orgasms

I feel like I want to pinch myself. I'm about to head over to Jon's for the night and I'm actually excited about it. Who would have thought?
Jonathan gave me stick all damn day long because I was happy, Kelly overbooked three clients and I didn't even care. I should have but I let her deal with the mess and got on with it. I'm in big trouble and I know it.

So many things keep rushing through my head - what am I doing? How far will this actually go? I barely know the man and already I know I'd miss him if I didn't see him again, how pathetic is that? I've decided to live in my bubble just for now. Take things in their stride and deal with anything I need to as it comes up. I'll just be careful as I always am. I've never been more myself with a man than well, in forever. I'd forgotten what that was like as Jared wasn't anything like Jon at all. Jon is smart, funny and he knows what he wants and I guess that happened to be me in this instance. Jared knew what he wanted too, I just didn't know at the time I should have never taken it.

Devon had the second blessed shower of the day as she got ready for her dinner date with Jon. This time she dressed sensibly and she was taking a small overnight bag as it was obvious that the intention of tonight meant she wasn't coming home in a hurry. She smiled as she rolled out her lipstick and applied it. It would be a lie if she said she wasn't just a little excited about tonight. Jon had stirred something inside her, something she'd closed off to the rest of the world for a long time.

The lemon strappy summer-dress had a high waist so the flowy skirt billowed out to her knees. She left her hair loose and used a curling iron to give her hair some body and shadowed her eyes with some natural sparkle. A little mascara on her lashes and a spritz of citrus around her neck and shoulders and she was all set. Under her arm was her business proposal that she'd worked on for the last two and a half hours and in her other hand was her overnight bag, it was presumptuous of course but she wanted to be prepared.

She smiled freely at the man that collected their trash every-day she stepped outside and he wished her a good night. Was it obvious she was off to have a good night? Probably not but she wanted to shout it out to the street that she was having sex tonight.

The foyer was cluttered with people in Jon's apartment building and she smiled as Ralph winked at her. He totally knew what she was up to. God, how many other women has he winked at on their way to Jon's? The elevator doors popped open and she quickly stood back as a dark-haired woman bustled out with her ear attached to her phone.

"Excuse me." She stopped and looked Devon up and down with strong dark eyes before carrying on. "He wouldn't listen and he was being his normal pig-headed self."

The doors closed and she blew out her breath. What would she expect tonight she wondered? She frowned as the door to his apartment was already open. She tapped lightly on the door. "Jon?" There was no reply so she cautiously walked in. There was no music and no candles, not that she really expected him to lay on the romance every time she saw him, that could be saved for the books she read late at night in bed. "Jon?" She saw the bright orange tip of his cigarette through the slider on the balcony so she dropped her bag and pulled it open.

"Hey." She said softly as he paced the small length of his balcony.

He stopped and turned, looked at his watch and then her. "Shit. I didn't know that was the time." He flicked his ash over the railing and took another deep draw.

She hugged herself and swung back on her heels. "You ok?"

He looked away from her out to the city and rubbed his forehead. "Oh yeah. Perfect. My ex-wife just arrived unannounced to let me know she's taking the kids away for a week." He gripped the railing until his knuckles went white.

"I'm sorry-is that bad?" He was pissed off and he wasn’t hiding it from her.

"Of course it's bad. She's dating this guy Bruce and he’s going with them."

"Oh." Snap. "And you don't want the kids to be with him?"

"No I don't. He's Bruce, everyone loves fucking Bruce. He owns a toy-store for fucks sake. How can I compete with that?"

And there it was. She saw the vulnerability briefly flash across his face. She paused as he stood and faced away from her and quickly thought. "Oh I don't know about that. I don't think someone that owns a toy-store could compete with their father, do you?"

He pinched the bridge of his nose and blew out his breath. "No I guess not. I'm being a prat aren't I?"

She snuck up behind him and rested her chin on his shoulder from behind. "A little, yes. But I understand. They're your kids." Her first thought was that he didn't want his wife with someone else. But she dismissed that as he talked.

"I just miss them and family vacations used to be all of us. This is a first with her and him... and I just don't like it. I'm allowed to not like it." He covered her hand at his waist and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Yes you are. But they're your kids Jon. You'll have your own holidays with them. This is just one week out of the rest of their lives with you." She put two and two together and realized it was Dorothea that was leaving downstairs as she was coming in.

"I'm still not happy."

"I know. And that's ok." Her hands slid up to his shoulders and she kneaded them gently.

He groaned and turned around and faced her. "Now I'm a real prick as I didn't even say hello or comment how stunning you look this evening." His finger wound through a curl by her cheek. "I'm no fairy tale Devon. This is my life."

She smiled. "Fairy tales are over-rated anyway." His hands sat on her hips as he stepped forward and their lips met in slow sweet kiss.

He tasted like cigarettes and coffee so she screwed up her nose. "Especially princes that taste like smoke and coffee."

He tipped back his head and laughed. "I'll go brush my teeth. How about you head up to the roof? I have the fire going and dinner will be here soon so I'll meet you up there?"

"Sounds good." She stayed a few moments on the balcony and grinned. She was glad she saw this side of him and in a way it only made her weaker in her resolve to not rush in. He was real with real problems and a past, just like her. The reality was though that she knew if he knew hers he wouldn't be quite so understanding and that was a little scary.

When she reached the roof her breath caught in her throat. Wow. The fire crackled in the fire pit and the wine was chilling on a bucket of ice and two glasses were stacked neatly beside it. Fairy lights were twisted in between the fragrant ivy around the walls and the city was like a sparkling canvas of pretty lights and textures in front of her.

The large stainless steel grill was closed up by the outdoor dining set and she wondered how many rooftop barbeques he would have had up here. It was the perfect backdrop that money could buy.

Jon made her feel alive and made her toes tingle every time he came close. It was as if she wasn't really thirty-five more like seventeen on a first date with the intention to make out at the end of it. It was silly really. The last couple of years had been anything but magical but here she stood on a rooftop penthouse in Soho being wined and dined by one of the rock and roll industries most finest.

She'd been happy with her life, her salon and her little world. Jon was opening her up to something so much more and it was going to be hard not to become addicted to the richness of it all.

"Dinner is here. Right on time." He half-smiled as he strolled across the rooftop and rested the covered tray on the table.

"Do I get a hint?"

"Well I figured since you're from a foreign land we'd have some local cuisine from mine."

"Mac and Cheese?" She teased.

"Ha! You automatically assume American."

His eyebrow cocked as he lifted up the dome. She grinned as spaghetti and meatballs spilled over a large oval plate with two forks and spoons resting beside it. "Ahh Italian. That would explain the fiery temper."

"Hey now."

"There's only one plate... are you not eating? I'm pretty hungry so I'm not sacrificing mine."

He laughed. "We're sharing. Geeze, I go all romantic with the pasta, the setting and you boss me around as usual.”

"Someone has to keep you in line don't they?”

"Because I acted like a spoilt brat before? I guess you're right."

“This is pretty amazing though. The lights are very pretty.”

Jon glanced at them. “Steph put them up on night she had her girlfriends over for a sleep over in the summer. I’ve just never taken them down.”

She smiled. “Don’t.” She winked and leaned over the table and picked up a fork. "This looks incredible."

"Best Italian place in Manhattan and they don't deliver...except for me."

She twisted some angel hair around her fork and lifted it. "Show off." The flavours of oregano and tomato with a hint of garlic popped in her mouth. "God. You're not wrong." She nudged him aside. "You're really not getting any now I hope you realize."

He wrestled the cork off the wine and poured them each a glass. "If you could finish that I'd be impressed, not even my teenage son can finish a full plate of Giuseppe’s pasta and you're half the size of him."

"Hey buster. You certainly didn't have any problems with my size last night throwing me around the bed like a ragdoll."

"Well excuse me for letting passion take over."

The teasing element between them was fun and unexpected. It made sense since they both worked pretty hard so they relaxed around each other at the end of it. She'd never had that with someone though. In her mind she was trying to over-complicate Jon any way she could but in reality he was just a good guy that was driven and appreciated the good things in life. Jon chatted about his kids for a while and she loved the way his eyes sparkled when he did. She talked about her salon and her family there.

Jon took a sip of his wine and stood back. "Bruce is a good guy but he’s a little dorky. I honestly don't know what Dorothea sees in him but she's happy which is cool. I just don't want him near my kids."

We're back to Bruce again huh? She knew it he hadn't let it go the way he'd shut the discussion down so quickly on the balcony. “Do the kids like him?”

Jon snorted. "Yea well Romeo and Jakey love him he brings them toys before they are even on the shelves."

"Part of that will also be to impress them, he wouldn't do that if he didn't love her and if he is going to be in their lives he’s got a big shadow to live in so he's got a tough job."

Jon shrugged. "Yeah. I guess so but he's still a dorky guy."

Devon rolled her eyes. "You men are all the same. Territorial."

Jon forked some pasta and nodded. "Yeah that's amazing. You sound like you speak from experience?"

She'd barely given anything to him about her and she'd walked right into his family issues within a week of knowing him. She paused and ran her finger around the rim of her glass. "My last relationship was back home and it wasn't particularly a good one. I was a little gullible." Gullible was to say the least. When she started seeing Jared the first reason had been that he the exciting go-getter and even though her parents never approved of him she held her resolve to keep her relationship going.

"Oh?" Jon asked carefully but let her continue.

"I was wrong and then was too weak to see it." She gulped her wine back until she finished the glass.

"I couldn't imagine you being weak at all Devon." He stood back and scoffed. "God. I can't believe how much I'm opening up to you and we barely know each other. I don't do that."

"Well I walked into it so you didn't have a choice. But I’m glad I did. It's nice to know you have some kinks in your armour."

He pulled out her chair and she slid into it not before a kiss to the lips. He held her suspended as he cupped her jaw and slid his tongue in her mouth.

Her eyes fluttered open and she caught her breath. "Your kisses however are a different kettle of fish altogether."

Jon smiled and the lines in his face softened. He held out his hand. “Come.”

She raised her eyebrow and obliged. He led her to the outer deck that looked down to the stone wall that guarded them from the city. “Dance with me.”

Her hands slid up around his neck and her body melted into his. Their noses bumped and their lips brushed. Her heart beat steadily as his hands slid down her back and cupped her ass.

“There’s no music.” She whispered as her breath hitched as his gaze locked on hers.

“I don’t need it. I just need you.” She moaned as he kissed her slow and full, her nipples bulleted through the thin cotton of her dress. Her fingertips trailed under his jaw as his tongue moved into her mouth. He was as intoxicating as the wine as she fell under his spell, pasta forgotten.

Her head tipped back as his mouth left hers and kissed down the line of her neck to her breasts. He perched her on the edge of the table and sucked her nipple through the thin material. Her toes curled and he pushed down the tiny straps of her dress. She was wet for him and she made it known as she ground against his leg.

The cups of her dress fell away and her breast spilled free into his hungry mouth. His hand splayed across her back as he held her on an angle. He bit gently and she cried out desperate for friction to build the orgasm that was buried inside her.

“Oh god.” Her nails ate the lacquer on the table and she fought hard to not come undone. His breath was hot against her skin as his gaze flicked up to hers as his mouth left her breast. They were dark and full of intent making her skin tingle.

Jon hovered over her and laid her flat back on the table. His lips barely inches from hers as his hand inched up her thigh. “I want Manhattan to see you come.”

The air on her nipples stung as he slid two fingers inside her and groaned. “Eyes on me.” He pumped her twice and she wanted to die. The pleasure roared through her and she arched back as it took over. His cock was hard against her thigh as he stood and watched over her as she came.

It slammed through her without effort and she cried out. The slump against the table hurt as she caught her breath and his gaze. “Shit.” She panted rolling her head back and closing her eyes.

He removed his fingers and straightened her dress. “We don’t want to let the pasta get too cold.”

Was he kidding? He just blew her head off again and he wanted to eat? She evened her straps and sat up. She’d eat dinner but once that was over, he was dead. It was time to show him exactly what she could do.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chapter Nineteen: Playing with Fire

Devon didn't want to leave him sleeping as he had looked so cute wrapped around the pillow he'd replaced her with as she'd rolled out of bed. She was opening the salon this morning and she had exactly three minutes to get there let alone actually have a shower and get dressed properly. God. She'd been far too busy buried under a pile of sheets softer than butter-cream icing with a man that was just as delicious as said icing.

The night had been unbelievable and she really couldn't quite believe she'd thrown herself at him at the very start of the night. Her neck burned as the elevator popped open in the foyer of his apartment and still dressed in her coat with heels she did the walk of shame past Ralph the doorman. God only knows what he must have thought - not forgetting the state of her hair. She knew exactly how she got this way and it was that man's lethal mouth doing such-god, decadent things. A tingle chased up her spine at the memory as she managed a small smile as Ralph tipped his hat towards her.

The blast of cool air as she walked outside was like a slap in the face. The weather had turned nasty as bunches of dark grey clouds rolled in. She clutched her purse and made her way down to her clinic and took the back entrance up to her apartment. She was dying for a shower as she felt like she'd ran a bloody big marathon and not had time to wash it off but she had no time. She was going to have to sneak out for a shower when Jonathan turned up to relieve her.

Why didn't she set an alarm like normal people did? She scraped her hangers in her closet for a skirt and shirt before hastily throwing them on.

Because you were too busy shagging a rock-star.

She needed to flat iron her hair and she could probably get away with doing that as she opened up the salon. She nabbed an apron, her keys and her work purse and jogged down the stairs.

"Good morning sunshine, running a wee bit late are we?" Jonathan stood at the internal entrance to the shop as he unbuttoned his coat and unthreaded the scarf around his neck.

"Jonathan! What are you doing here so early?"

Her heart beat banged in her chest. She breathed in as any more of that tone and he was going to think something was up.

"Well I was hoping you'd put a bit of colour through my hair while you open up. I'll make the lattes and you get set up."

"Sure, sure I can do that." Dammit. Ok stay calm. Her heels clicked against the polished floors and she froze. Shit. She was still wearing her heels from last night and she never wore racy shoes in her salon. Crap on it all. She glanced at the mirror as they flicked on the lights, her hair was a mess. She may as well have had a sign plastered to her forehead that read, 'a good time enjoyed by all’. Fuck.

"Um..." Jonathan cranked the coffee machine into life as she stood in front of the counter. "Nice hair Dev. Sleep in huh?"

"Alright I had sex! Are you happy now?"

Jonathan snorted and patted the counter. "It wasn't an inquisition honey but now you're gonna have to spill the details. Nice shoes by the way. Is that going to be a new uniform code for all the girls? Because if so, I approve!"

Her cheeks flushed. "I was in such a rush to get here from his place. I forgot about the shoes. I haven't showered and I feel disgusting. I feel so outta control."

Jonathan's eyebrows waggled. "Well you'll be sweaty and..."

She held up her hand. "Don't go there. I know. God Jonathan. This man is making me a mess." She collapsed on a stool defeated.

Jonathan balanced a perfectly formed latte in front of her and then went about making his own. "Oh I need to hear this. Listen, we'll forget about my hair until the end of the day and that way after you tell me the gossip you can go back up and have a long shower and get properly dressed. Your first appointment isn't until nine-thirty."

She sighed and took in the sweet aroma of caramel in her latte. "You are far too good to me Jonathan."

He turned and his green eyes gleamed. "No I just want to hear the story morning glory.”

She picked up the spoon and swirled the foam around in her cup. "I made an idiot out of myself." She chuckled and licked the foam off the tip. "But it paid off. In ways I couldn't imagine possible."

"Oh this is going to be good isn't it?"

"When I went there for lunch yesterday and it was lovely, things got heated and I freaked out and left."

"Aw honey, why did you freak out?"

She covered her eyes and evened out her breathing. "Because I didn't know if I wanted to take that step with him. I'm still so confused but last night I just thought dammit and dolled myself up in only lingerie, heels and just my coat, then I threw myself at him."

"You did huh? Obviously that worked out well since you look like a ravaged sex kitten this morning."

"Oh hush. Well it did but not at first. We kissed and things started to heat up in the foyer of his home until his band mates were there for dinner and came out to see the side show.”

Jonathan burst out laughing and smacked the counter with his hand. "Oh no, Oh man!"

"Thanks for the sympathy Jono."

"And they knew what you were there for...I mean were dressed..."

"Yes yes. They knew perfectly well what I was there for. Richie offered to take my coat and obviously I couldn’t let him so yeah, it was a barrel of laughs." She took a sip of her latte and thanked the coffee gods as it centred her a little more.

"Oh god. Devon. That’s hilarious, poor you. I assume once they all left though it was all on then?" God Bless Jonathan. He was a friend to her in more ways that he ever would know and she was so lucky to have him as her rock.

For the first time she smirked and raised her eyebrow. "Oh yeah. There was sex."

"I could tell even before you said it. You've got the glow."

"Oh god, stop it Jonathan. However, it was delicious and he's a different guy when he's relaxed."

"Do tell."

She shrugged. "He just is, its hard to explain but it’s in a good way." Maybe she was reading into it a little more than she should have but she was a romantic soul deep down so it was hard not to. When she was with Jon intimately they'd had a bond. It was too soon to be talking about that sort of thing and she wasn't expecting it to emulate into anything but the same intensity he'd put into her chasing her was equal to intimacy between them. She definitely wanted more but the warning bells in her head told her to not jump too fast and too deep on this one. She still had to keep her wits about herself and protect what she was.

She smiled into her latte. When would she see him again she wondered. If by magic the doors clicked open behind her and Jon stepped into her clinic. He'd showered, his hair was wet and spiked and he immediately smiled widely as she turned to meet his gaze. "Hey. Hi Jonathan." The long dark grey woollen coat gave him some height over his dark jeans and boots.

"It's the man of the hour." Jonathan teased as he picked up a fresh cup. "Coffee Jon?"

"That'd be great to go. I can't stay long but I just wanted to drop this off."

He held out her phone.

Good one Devon.

"Oh god. Sorry I woke up with minutes to spare to unlock the salon so I had to rush. Thank you as I would have been lost without this." She tucked her iPhone in her pocket and the smell of ocean breeze intoxicated her as her hovered close. He tipped her chin and laid a sweet short kiss on her lips.

"I figured. I bring good news and bad news."

"Oh?" She asked as Jonathan steamed Jon's coffee.

"The good news is that I'm taking you out to dinner tonight." He lowered his voice. “And then you're staying over and we're sleeping in this time since tomorrow is Saturday."

Her heart skipped a beat. The Friday night mecca of New York City nightlife could be overwhelming if not a little dangerous for her so she thought quickly. "Sounds lovely but can we eat in?" Her fingers teased the lapel of his coat. "More time at your place has to be a plus, right?" Her eyelashes fluttered as she crossed her legs revealing one red shoe at the end of her lean leg.

"Oh dear god. Any preference to the food?"

"Maybe something I can eat off you?" She whispered. Jon had released something inside her she hadn't felt in a long time.

"Sweet fuck." He muttered as her fingernail traced over his bottom lip. He was on her turf now so she’d make sure she kept this in her control, just this once.

"Coffee's up. Don't mind me kids." Jonathan said as he slinked away to the reception desk.

"I really have to get to work. What's the bad news?" She asked reluctant to break the moment.

"Bad news? Oh-right. My mother left me a message about those packages. She's going to book some in the next day or so you're going to have to be ready for her with the cost. So bring it all over tonight and we can do that in-between the-eating." He swallowed hard as she licked her lips. "You are full of surprises Devon Scott."

"Good for you that I'm also full of orgasms evidently."

He chuckled. "I knew you'd get cocky once we hit the bed. Bring it on. I'll always slay you no matter what."

She cocked her brow. Whatever they had between them had shifted and started to unlock something inside of her. "We'll see about that." She turned to make sure Jonathan was out of ear-shot. "I haven't even put my mouth on your cock yet." Her hand slid down his chest to his belly.

He cupped her wrist and growled. "If he wasn't here right now, I'd slam you against the wall and drive three orgasms out of you."

God how could she still even be turned on with the amount of sex they had last night? This was insane. "He doesn't usually open on Fridays. Maybe one day you should." They kissed again this time sealing it with the promise of fireworks in the future.

"Don't make me go and face my day." He groaned as he reached past her and picked up his coffee.

"Harden up rock star. Maybe I'll bring my oils around tonight. How's your back?"

He winced. "Not that great after last night but I have another session on Monday with Antonio."

"Good. Take it easy and I'll see you tonight and I'll bring the business proposal."

"Use me for my brains and then my body. Sounds pretty good to me."

"You got it." One last kiss and he headed back out the door.

She finished her latte and popped off the seat to find Jonathan. "I'll head back upstairs I won't be long. Thanks again." She pecked him on the cheek and as she walked away he tapped her arm.


He crossed his arms and nodded. "Maybe you should have taken him up with you."

She laughed and grinned broadly. "Maybe. But I need to work."

“Whatever he's doing to you tell him to keep it up. I've never seen you so happy."

He was right. She could walk on air at this very moment. Some of it was denial that this could actually work out for good but the rest was absolute bliss. Things were happening with work and things were happening with Jon. It was a good day.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter Eighteen: Come On Get Higher

Jon snuck out to the deck for a quick puff of a cigarette before he headed to the kitchen to grab two bottles of water. Devon's bright blue eyes and creamy white skin were waiting for him back in his bed. It had been awhile since he remembered the experience of enjoying a woman staying over at his house. Normally he wanted them to leave when they were done but Jon found himself wanting to make reasons for her to stay longer. She'd fitted in pretty well with his band mates despite their brutal banter with her which she'd held her own. He had to admit seeing her cheeks flush was a complete turn on for him. Devon had innocence about her that he needed.

"Room service." He chuckled as he snuck back in the bedroom but stopped. Devon was lying face down into a pillow and her breathing was steady. "Dev?" He pulled back the covers and slid inside beside her but she didn't stir. "Damn maybe I did break you." He reached over and propped her bottle on her bedside table and opened his own as he lay back against his pillows.

He felt good. Loose and sated. He drank half of his water and realized he wasn't sleepy at all. "Dammit." He’d rather hoped they would re-hydrate and go for the second round before he passed out. He picked up his phone and then thought better of it. Maybe it would do him good to relax. He traded his phone for the remote and the TV slid out from the wall. Surely there was football highlights or something on. His bed mate stirred and he grinned as she popped her head up.

"Hello sleepyhead. Sorry, did the TV wake you?"

She tugged the sheet up around her breasts as she sat up and raked her hand through her hair. There was a thud as she slid her shoes off her feet. "God, sorry I must have drifted off."

He stretched and propped his hands behind his head. "Hardly surprising. Sorry I’m restless."

She reached for her water and he snickered at how intent she was keeping the sheet at the level of her breasts. It wasn't like he hadn't seen them before. Let alone tasted them. His groin stirred again just at the thought.

"Are you always so perky after-" She paused and took another long sip of her water.

"Mind blowing sex?" He asked dazzling her with a smile.

She raised her eyebrow. "We think highly of ourselves don't we?"

"Are you disagreeing with me? Because it didn't sound like it to me." He dragged his knuckle down her bare arm. God, her skin was soft like butter.

A smile played on her lips as she returned the water to the table and lay back next to him. "No I guess I'm not."

When he lifted his arm out across the pillows she snuggled in close and pressed her cheek against the side of his chest. His toes twitched as her nails raked lazily through his chest hair. God love women.

"What were you watching?"

Jon picked up the remote and turned off the TV. "Nothing really, I couldn't sleep." His fingers ran across her shoulder and draped down her back. "Especially with you naked in my bed."

A low whistle came from his lips as her finger lazily drew a circle around his nipple. "Is that so?" Her eyes gleamed and he growled as her nail dragged down his abs and over his belly.

"You've really got to stop doing that." He cupped her wrist before her hand went any further.

She giggled. "You so don't like not being in control do you?"

He narrowed his eyes and swept her under him as he rolled her flat on her back. "You are becoming too smart for your own good." He threaded his fingers through her hair and tipped her head back to meet her gaze.

The pad of her finger traced along his bottom lip. "So what you're really saying is when you don't get your way you throw a tanty?"

He snorted as he nudged his knee in between her thighs and her soft body pressed against his. "A tanty? God your damn accent slays me."

"Tantrum. You know like one of your kids."

"Well..." He trailed off thoughtfully and shifted the sheet lower so the tips of her breasts were revealed. "You're going to love this ‘tanty’.” His mouth crushed hers and his hands slid up the sides of her body lifting her up off the bed. His heart raced as his knee drenched from between her legs.

He cupped her neck and deepened the kiss, his tongue tasting each corner of her mouth. The moan escaped her throat but he swallowed it into his own. She was ready for him but he decided he was going to take the time and taste her first. Besides, that would be too easy for her and he was intent on making his mark.

Her perky breasts were begging for his mouth so he lightly nipped them before covering her nipples whole. She quivered under him and her fingers dug into his shoulders with each flick of his tongue.

"More." Her little gasps filled the room.

His laugh vibrated against her bud and his hand slid between them to her thighs. She was slick and she felt damn good under him. Tight and wet as two fingers slipped inside her. His teeth scraped down and over her shoulder and her body bucked towards him asking for more. His mouth covered her neck as her head tipped back, her skin sweet and slick with her sweat. His thumb flicked fast against her clit and she shook under him.

"Let go." His breath was staggered and his cock was heavy as her juices coated his wrist.

"Yes." She half-whispered the word before she buried her face in his shoulder. He growled as she ground forcefully against his hand as she came.

"Oh good god." She panted as he pushed back strands of hair that had plastered to her cheek. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes popped with colour.

He grinned and his lips hovered over hers. "Hold on tight." Because he was so not done yet.


Hold on tight for what? Imminent self-implosion? Holy crap. This man was seriously evil on a whole new scale. He excited her in all the right ways and he had a streak of possession in him in the bedroom that was totally hot. Fuck. Connecting with Jon on this level was a whole different game. He pushed back on his knees and nudged open her legs. His head lowered down between her legs and he chuckled as the shock registered on her face.


Jon nipped a gentle trail from her inner thigh up to her centre. It was like an electrical current zapping through her as his tongue passed over her sensitive spot. Her skin was already raw and ready to be abused once more. His tongue swirled over the tiny bundle of nerves and she cried out as he gently sucked. There wasn't a time she could recall being so overwhelmed in the most delicious way. The soft scrape of whiskers on her skin peaked the sensation of his hot slick tongue uncoiling her from the inside out.

He'd wanted her to let go and she was desperately hanging by a thread.

Devon arched and moaned as it took her under. No feeling was completely like it, it felt so good and she wanted more. His tongue teased her clit and her nipples hardened as his thumbs rolled over them. Sweet freaking lord. What was worse was that he knew exactly what he was doing. His movements were slow and agonizing enough so that it buzzed right through her but he kept it controlled so she wouldn't peak.

And Oh God, she wanted to peak. Over and Over.

She cried out in protest as his mouth left her and he crawled back up her body slowly. He planted little kisses along the way, taking the time to taste every inch of her skin. His tongue slid inside her navel and his fingers danced along her skin. He stopped at her left breast and paused flicking his tongue around the rosy bud. Her heels dug into the mattress and she didn't know how much more she could take of his relentless teasing.

Finally his mouth found hers and she tasted her own dark flavour on his tongue.

"I love your taste." His voice was raspy and filled with need. His eyes were dark and he wanted her as much as she needed him. "It's sweet like your scent."

"You're killing me. You know that don't you?" Her fingertips trailed down his jaw as they kissed and her body slid against his.

His breath was hot and his breathing uneven. "Is there any other way you'd rather go?"

The tip of his cock grazed against her heat and she whimpered. Words failed her so she shook her head. Beads of sweat ran down his temples and his eyes flashed as she licked a drop of sweat from his cheek. "Please. I'll beg if you make me."

His hand cupped her neck and he held them both still. "I'm holding on but barely. Touch me."

Her hand shifted and she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. God he was so hard. Her thumb rolled over the head and drenched with pre-cum. His eyes closed and his jaw dropped as he braced above her and groaned as her nail scraped down his shaft.

"Condom. Drawer." Using her freehand she reached for one while her other one remained wrapped around his cock.

Jon rolled it down his length and held her gaze and he entered her. They both moaned as he buried himself balls deep inside her. By instinct she wound her legs around his waist to draw him in even deeper. He withdrew after just one stroke and the friction was almost enough to shatter her as he slid back in.

"Oh c'mon on!" She gritted her teeth as sweat poured down her cheeks. Never had she wanted someone to break her so much.

She expected the tease or the dark chuckle that made her drip but no. He plunged inside her again and again so the pressure built deep inside her. Tight like a glove she contracted around his cock and her nails dug into his biceps. Reaching between them his thumb found her clit and he rubbed smashing any last will she had to hold it together. His hissed as her nails dug into his skin and threw her head back. Stars exploded and she heard his own animalistic shout before he released.

They collapsed in a pile and she struggled for breath as his heart beat furiously against her ear. He rolled them so she was splayed across his body and she shuddered as her body evened out. She kissed his chest and dragged her nails up along his shoulder. He grew heavy under her and dragged the sheet up over them.

"Just fuck." Was the last thing she remembered him saying as she murmured into his chest and drifted off sated and spent.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chapter Seventeen: Sweet Surrender

Pizza and wine had flowed freely for the last hour and a half and Richie was right. Jon did have the heat up high so she’d been sweating inside her woollen coat all night. Then again it could be the combination of wine and anticipation that was swimming inside of her. Despite the brutal banter both her and Jon had been subjected to all night they were a bunch of really nice guys. They had an ease around each other which she guessed was from spending the last half of their lives together.

David announced that they should be going as his fiancé would be waiting. "Well kids, thanks for an enjoyable evening."

Richie stood. "Yeah good to catch up. I'm here until Sunday so we'll catch up about writing tomorrow." He patted Jon's shoulder. "I'm sure you'll be nice and unwound then."

Devon cleared away the wine glasses into the kitchen and let the boys say their goodbyes. Balls of butterflies fluttered nervously inside of her she loaded the glasses into the dishwasher but she became aware she wasn't alone.

David was leaning against the fridge with an innocent grin across his face.

"Yes?" She cocked an eyebrow as she pushed in the dish-drawer. "You're coming to give me stick aren't you?"

David frowned. "Give you a stick? Why would I do that? You're not a dog?"

Devon laughed. "God, it means give me a hard time."

"I'm shocked. Who me?" He batted his eyes and then stood upright. "No. I just came to thank you for a nice evening." He held his arms out and she was surprised as he wrapped her in a huge hug.

"Oh, ok." She giggled and hugged him back.

He stepped back with his arms still on her shoulders. "You have protection right?"

"Jesus Christ."

"Sorry, you make it too easy Devon. Just go easy on him, he's old."

"Go-now!" She laughed and drilled a finger into his chest.

"I'm coming to see you about my hair tomorrow."

"I look forward to it. I’ll get my senior stylist to have a look. Kelly is excellent at curls."

"Ok sweetheart be good and I’ll see you tomorrow." He kissed her on the cheek and left her. She waved to the rest of the guys across the room as Jon followed them out into the lobby.

Whew. Crap and now they were alone. She corked the wine bottles and removed the empties along with the pizza boxes into the recycling bin. She hunted for a spray and a cloth and wiped down the counter-tops. Music started to play and she stopped and poked her head around into the living space but it was empty.

"Jon?" She ditched the cleaning accessories and walked back in.

Come a little closer baby
I feel like layin' you down
On a bed of sweet surrender
Where we can work it all out

Taking a deep breath she centred herself. This was silly, it wasn’t like she was a teenager anymore with the way she was acting. But this connection with Jon was intense, more so than that she’d experienced and this was more than just sex. And that’s what scared her.

Stop thinking, stop thinking.

"Good evening."

She turned and raised an eyebrow. Jon stood and beckoned her with his finger. She caught her breath as she realized this was it, she was in his apartment and she wasn't leaving. It was late and no one would be calling in on them now it would be just them. She shivered despite the fact she was more than warm and her pulse tripped over itself.

She wrapped her arms around her herself. "Hello there." She took one step towards him as he picked up a small remote and the lights faded away.

"Show off."

"Oh, I'm not done yet."

His scent was intoxicating as he came close and his arms wrapped around her waist. His expression was unreadable in the light but his gaze was dark and full of lust as it locked on hers. Her hands slid up his arms and rested on his shoulders. Her eyes closed as his lips met hers, hot and searing in their assault. The weight on her shoulders she had been carrying alone started to slip away. She hadn't let go in years and here now with Jon she felt like she could just for the night. Just for the moment.

Come a little closer baby
I feel like lettin' go

Devon opened her eyes and his stare was intensely fixed on her. Her hands cupped his neck and her finger tips skimmed along the bottom of his jaw. He was real and he was here ready to take her places that she'd closed off from the world. She wanted him to touch her like a cleansing rain and wash all her reality away. He had the power to break her but he also had the power to make her strong again.

The pad of her finger traced over his bottom lip under perfect white teeth that shot arrows to her knees every time he smiled at her. They dangled in the moment with cautious touches waiting for the moment to break. Her breath hitched as he tugged her coat open and slowly slid it off her shoulders and to the ground to pool at her feet.

Her heart beat faster in the tantric moment as his gaze lingered over her body.

"Sonofabitch." He muttered as his finger dragged around the curve of her breast and his other hand moved to cup her breast. Her whimper sounded more like a squeak as his lips travelled over her jaw to nip at the sensitive skin behind her ear. One of his legs pushed between her own and her breath hitched as his knee rubbed against her heat.

She could feel the hard bulge through the zipper in his jeans as his free hand smoothed over her ass and pulled her in close. Her knees were wobbly but she held her own. His hands moulded her breasts while she trembled as his mouth devoured her throat. She bit her lip in a struggle not to lose her composure and her will but started to fail miserably. They kissed and it was simple yet satisfying with the promise of something greater to come.

"I'm taking you upstairs."

She nodded. "Good, I'm the only one naked here." Her arm wound up around his neck and he cupped her ass with both of his hands and lifted her. She wound her legs around his waist and her breasts pressed against his chest as he took each step up to his bedroom.

Jon laid her down onto his bed covering her with himself. Nothing else seemed to matter but this moment, the air was still and his heart was beating under her hand as he hovered over her. It was a relief to have a body over her, nothing but his touch and his weight against her. She tugged the ribbed cotton and he brought his arms up and over his head and discarded the thermal. The lamps glowed in the corner of the bedroom and the city lights provided a picture perfect backdrop.

Flooded with need her fingers itched to roam down his chest and through his downy chest hair. His growl vibrated through her as her nails scraped over his belly. She boldly reached up and kissed him, her hands sliding over his muscles as she did. She ignored the fear of being swept away by this man as it was already too late. She would deal with that later as right now she wanted this moment. Wanted this with a need was burning a hole through her inside out.

Her hands fisted into his hair and he tipped her chin. The tip of his tongue traced down the long line of her neck and he made light work of her front clasp with his fingers. He nosed the lace away and his mouth quickly covered her nipple. Her eyes fluttered closed as she drowned in pleasure. Her hand dug into the bed and she gasped as his tongue flicked over her nipple.

"Oh god." His palm slid over her belly and his thumb dipped down below the line of her panties. She shuddered as he drew slow deliberate circles only to be matched with his tongue on her nipple.

Holy fuck.

She cried out over and over as each stroke, each lick drew her closer to the edge. Sweat beaded down her temple as she glanced down her body where she met his gaze. In the darkness over her breast it glinted with lust and a power that she was willing to give to him. She undulated against him as she tipped over the edge and stars shattered before her eyes as she crashed against the bed. Her mouth feathered over hers as she struggled for breath and struggled to hold the threads of herself together.

Jon rolled them so his back hit the bed and she was left sprawled on his chest. She buried her face into his neck inhaling his spicy and musky scent. He gripped her ass and slid her up and down over the rigid length of his cock. The friction in her satin panties against the denim of his jeans drove her crazy.

His head tipped back as she kissed up the arch of his neck and tasted him deeply. The growl from his throat vibrated against her tongue. She wanted to explore him like he was so intent on exploring her. She nipped over his chin and her lips met his as his hands slid up over her back to her shoulders. The feeling of him under her made her feel alive.

Her head hit the pillows as he flipped her again. He popped the fly of his jeans and she helped drag them down over his ass. And what a perfect ass it was. He cupped her shoulders from behind and locked her in the brace. Her heart beat hard against her breastbone as his gaze laid intently on hers. His knee nudged her legs open and he growled as the tip of his cock rubbed against her very wet panties.

God, her body was so tense that she could feel herself on the verge of release all over again and he wasn't even inside her. Her hands cupped each side of his jaw as the kiss radiated from sweet to sizzling.

Breathing heavy she slid her hand down between them and wrapped her fingers around the length of his cock. He hissed but held her tight as she pumped him gently.

"Baby." He murmured as his lips hovered over her ear. "I can't hold on much longer."

She turned his head so their eyes met. "Then don't."

His mouth burned its way down the centre of her as he lifted her and dragged her panties down her legs. Hot breath tickled over her thighs and her toes curled.

"My shoes." She whispered realizing she still had them on.

"Don't care." He wrapped her legs up over his hips and reached for a condom quickly sheathing himself.

Her fingers dug into the bed as he entered her. His mouth fused to hers as he began to fuck her faster. "Oh god." Her blood shot through her like liquid fire and her skin dripped with sweat. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as her breasts bounced against his chest and he moved inside her. Skin slapped against skin and she was raw and her nipples ached. Each sensation that rolled through her was more powerful than the first. She cried out as he pushed her knee up and deepened the angle.

Her head tipped back and his mouth hungrily found her breast. Fire coiled in her belly as she held barely knowing she was going to fall apart.

The second orgasm ripped through her but she was held steady by his weight and she thrummed beneath him. "Oh my god." She panted but he wasn't done. His breathing quickened and his thumb found her clit again. Their bodies were slick with sweat and her thighs dripped with her own cum.

"So wet. Fuck." The cords in his neck clenched and his body tightened. He shouted his release and she shuddered under him as her clit burned and her skin popped with pleasure.

He slumped beside her with their legs still tangled and gasped for breath. "I need water."

"I need a new uterus."

His hand slapped on his chest as he chuckled and rolled over on his side to face her. He pushed back her hair which was plastered down her cheek. "Those shoes are staying on your feet at all times. Fuck me."

She giggled and snuggled in closer to him. Her head was too clouded with pleasure and afterglow to even care what the hell she looked like right now. "Water would be good." Her fingers traced over his lips, her throat was dry and raspy. She was done.

He kissed her and groaned. "I'll get a couple of bottles. Don't go anywhere ok?"

Her eyes relaxed and her weight started to sink into the bed. "I didn't plan on it."

Rolling to the side of bed, he groaned as he got up. "Good. Because I'm not done yet."

Her eyes widened and she wrapped herself into the sheet and grinned into the pillow as her whole body tingled. Holy fucking shit.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter Sixteen: The Lion's Den

Jon chuckled and shot a glance in the direction of the bathroom as the door clicked closed. Well fuck. The vision of flame red see-through lingerie and skin was going to burn in his head for a long time and the end of the night wouldn’t come fucking quickly enough. He was going to wrap that woman around him and sink into her for a few hours. Until then he knew he was at the mercy of his friends and poor Devon would learn the hard way that she was too.

A round of applause erupted as he walked back into the room to the cabinet to fetch Devon a wine glass. "Yeah alright fuckers. Show's over."

"I don't think it really had begun had it?" Richie asked rubbing his hands together and wiggling his eyebrows.


"So this is the new woman Richie mentioned you were seeing huh?" David asked.

Jon poured a wine into the glass and then topped up his own. "Yes, she owns a beauty salon where I got acupuncture."

"And..." Richie prompted.

"Jesus. It's no big deal. I had a facial and a massage."

David's grin grew wide. "Oh I bet you did."

Jon rolled his eyes as Richie and David both high fived while Tico chuckled. "Trust you Lemma."

"Aren't those things for girls anyway?"

"They are uni-sex actually. I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality maybe you're not?" Jon turned as Devon entered the room. She looked every bit gorgeous as she did when she arrived. "Hey baby. Come and sit over here next to me away from these idiots." He sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to him.

She smiled graciously and sat down next to him. He handed her the wine and kissed the side of her head and whispered catching some of that sweet scent again. "Here, this will help."

"Thanks. I'm not interrupting any official band business am I?"

David leaned forward with his wine. "That accent is really something Devon, I gotta ask something if I can without being too rude."

Jon raised his eyebrow and started to interject but he held his hand up in Jon's direction and continued.

"Why him? I mean seriously look at the competition here."

Devon giggled as David gestured to the three of them.

"We're much better looking and funnier."

Jon smiled as she crossed her legs and his cock immediately noted the red stilettos. Christ, she really did come with all the intention to kill him. He knew she had it in her somewhere and while he’ll felt a little guilty for being pushy, he’d got the results he wanted.

He was devouring lace and skin tonight.

Devon took a sip of her wine and turned to Jon. "Are all your friends this forthcoming or just the musicians?"

Richie cleared his throat. "Excuse me-you've met other friends of Jon before us? Ok, now I'm offended."

"Bruce." Jon added. "Who I might add had more manners than you lot."

David shook his head. "Bruce, Smuce. The audition starts right here. We’re the ones that count."

"Excuse me, audition?" Her eyebrows knitted together.

"We come as a package. You get Jon and you get the rest of us." David stated. "So we need to make sure you're worthy."

"Oh good god." Jon muttered as he reached for his cigarettes and gave Tico a nod. "Shall we?"

Tico who had been watching quietly reached for his cigarettes and stood up.

"Oh gee thanks. Leave me here."

Jon kissed the top of her head. "You'll be fine. Just give it back to him and you'll win him over."

"Oh excellent." David shifted seats next to Devon as Jon got up. "I actually did have a question regarding hair if you don't mind."

Jon laughed and left them to join Tico on the balcony. The air was brisk for spring but he shrugged it off and lit his cigarette taking a drag.

"So that's Devon." Tico said glancing back inside and flicked his own lighter into life. "She's cute Jonny. And where did you say she's from?"
"New Zealand."

"Ah that's it and she's different. She's vulnerable."

Jon nodded. "Yeah she is, but she's got a quiet confidence about herself. She's been burnt before or something-she doesn't let go easily but I think she wants to."

"What do you know about her?"

Jon chuckled. "Not a damn lot. Just she's from New Zealand and she came over and started the business. She's easing into talking about herself, I'm just not used to it. The ironic thing is I'm the one that feels vulnerable as she knows more about me than I do her. I’m used to that but it’s unnerving.”

"That's understandable though. Do you trust her?"

Jon flicked his ash over the railing and propped his arms onto it. "I do. I feel at ease with her, she makes me laugh. Like you said she's different and she's got no motive to be with me. She's very successful at her business and has a good mind for it. I really admire that in her, especially at her age."

Tico smiled. "Good Jonny. Sounds like you've got it sorted. You need some company now and then. I do worry about you."

"I know you do Teek and I appreciate it. I hope it's the start of something but we'll see. Dating me is something completely different than I think she's used to."

"Could be just what the doctor ordered though."
"Hell, she's already impressed my mother; she went into the salon and has set up some business with her. And you know that means a lot when it comes to her."

Tico laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "Fucking right you are.” He stamped his butt into pot. “I'm going to make sure they're not killing her in there."

"Thanks Teek." Jon took a minute and stared into the city's lights and half-smiled. Tico wasn't a man of many words but when he did speak they counted. He was bloody lucky to have such good people in his life and he knew it.


"I'm telling you, over-conditioning it will make it weaker. You don't need to condition every day it's an urban myth." She laughed as David had spent the last few minutes quizzing her on her hair knowledge. She had to admit that his smile and laugh was contagious no matter how damn embarrassed she was.

"Feel it, it's soft and that comes from conditioning it every day." He held a curly strand out in her direction.

She touched it and frowned. "It's too soft. It'll become brittle."

"Oh c'mon. It won't. This is my special conditioner that I have used for years."

"What is it?"

"It's a secret."

She snorted. "Jesus Christ you're something else aren't you?"

David put his hand on his chest and laughed. "Oh I'm something. I didn't just come around to my boyfriend's place and attack him in the lobby of his apartment."

Her cheeks flushed but she held her ground. "Well he is my boyfriend isn't he?" Hell, they hadn't ever used those words before and here she was justifying it.

"What you were going to do to him?"

"David. Don't be fucking rude. Hey Devon, did you want me to take your coat?" Richie asked thumbing the coat rack behind him.

She closed her eyes and her heart fell into her stomach. "No, I'm fine."

"Jon has the heat on high, trust me you'll fry."

"No, I'm good." She brought her wine glass to her mouth as Tico came back in from the balcony.

David's eyes narrowed and fell to her shoes and then back to her. "You've got nothing on under it have you?"

She didn't have to answer as she tried to speak but she blushed and they burst into laughter complete with a wolf whistle.

"Boys c'mon be nice to Bella." Tico warned. "Devon why don't you pop out and see Jonny, the pizza just buzzed his phone so I'm going to let them in and we'll have dinner."

She rose and straightened herself. "Thank you Tico." She was never going to live this down-ever.

He held the door open for her out to the deck. "There is a chill on the air so it's a good thing you've got your coat." He winked as she stepped out leaving laughter behind her.

"Hey." Jon said leaning back against the railing and crossing his arms. "Are they playing nice?" He nodded over her shoulder.

"What do you think and you-" She poked his chest. "Left me alone in there. Talk about throwing me to the lion’s den mister." His blue gaze deepened as she rose onto her tip toes and pressed her lips against his.

Their teeth clicked as he laughed and wrapped his arms around her waist drawing her in closer. "That was pretty mean wasn't it?"

She cupped his jaw. "Mean wasn't the word. You're seriously in the dog box."

His eyebrow lifted as he swayed her in his arms. "Oh yeah? I thought you could handle them."

"Richie just offered to take my coat."

Jon rolled his lip under his teeth but it didn’t hide the grin from her.

"See." She playfully hit his arm. "Dog box."

"Hey I'm not the one that decided to come over dressed up looking like that and jump me when I opened the door."

"God when you put it like that I sound even more ridiculous than I acted this morning."

He covered her hand on his jaw. "It wasn't ridiculous. It was sexy. You have no idea. I had to leave the room because sitting next you - with what is under your coat burning in my brain isn't good."

"Well good. I'm glad you're suffering too. That makes me at least feel better."

"What ever could I do to make up for it?" She jolted as his other hand slid sneakily inside her coat and over her belly. His gaze rested on hers and a smirk curved on his lips. "Let's see whatever could I do." Her hand rested on his shoulder and her fingers dug in as the tip of his finger traced along the edge of her panties. Her breath hitched as he dipped down inside and gently ran the pad of his finger over her clit.

"Oh god." Sensation chased the hint of pleasure before he withdrew and licked the tip of his finger. Her knees wobbled and she was fairly sure she was about to shatter into tiny pieces.

"But I can't as my friends are right behind me and I'm not into that." He teased her mouth with his and the hint of her flavour lingered on her lips. "I want you all to myself and all my attention will be on you. I promise you that." She whimpered as he kissed her and the breeze whipped around her ankles as he stepped back.

"C'mon dinner's ready."

That’s not the only thing that’s ready.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Chapter Fifteen: A Leap of Faith

Devon took one last look at her office checking that the draw was locked and turned off the light. The day had been appalling by any standards. The one good thing was that the salon had been busy all afternoon and she barely had time to think about how badly she acted at lunchtime. Or worse yet, remember how the feel of his hot mouth was all over her skin. She'd successfully been able to avoid Jonathan even though his raised eyebrows and questionable looks all day nearly undid the front she had put on. The salon was now closed and she was free to escape up to her apartment but was afraid she wouldn’t be able to escape something else she’d failed to all day.

 Her thoughts.

She dropped her keys and phone in the bowl by the door, sank into one of the armchairs and kicked her shoes off. Her apartment was oddly quiet as even the hum of five o'clock Manhattan traffic had melted away. All she was left with was the roar of thoughts in her head. Had she done the right thing? Or worse, had she blown it completely with Jon? If she had maybe it was for the best. Things had been all new and exciting now but in the longer term how sustainable would it really be to date him?

The little pang in her heart at that thought didn't surprise her. She would miss him a lot.

"This is ridiculous." She sighed and forced herself up and to the kitchen where she pulled a bottle of wine out of the fridge. Time to stop thinking about Jon and get on with it.

She had a business proposal to scope and she had financials to prepare for her new lucrative venture. She poured a glass of wine and set up her laptop on her table that faced out over the city. It was nowhere near impressive as Jon's wall of windows but it was enough for her to have the glimpse of the sparkling skyline. She could do this, all she needed to do was to switch off her brain and get on with work. Maybe even have a bath 
when she was done and get a good night's sleep.

Instead of hot mind blowing sex with Jon.

She took another sip of her wine and opened a spread sheet determined to block out any thoughts of being naked with Jon. What would he even be like in bed? He clearly had experience as there was no way with his lifestyle he couldn't have.  Her belly flip flopped. She could count on one thing about Jon and sex and that was it would be intense, as boy that rooftop was intense. Dammit. There she went again. How was this not thinking about damn Jon and his delicious kisses?

And they were delicious.

Ok stop it now.

She shifted in her seat and shook her shoulders before starting to draft the business proposal document. She was mid-way through the opening over-heads when her email beeped and the little envelope flashed in the corner. She clicked on it and wished she hadn't. Crap, it was from Jon.


I meant what I said about looking over your figures so please feel free to use me as an extra set of eyes. I hope to see you soon. Call me anytime.


She slammed her laptop lid shut and cursed. Dammit Devon. He was being lovely and she was acting like a stupid girl. She had come from a very different background than Jon and maybe not initially but over the course of her life things had changed and she'd wound up in a situation that she should have never have. She knew that now and she'd moved on but she doubted Jon would ever understand? Or would he? He already was completely different that she'd imagined even off what Google said about him. She'd seen the real Jon that was driven, passionate and had a good heart and it killed her she couldn't be as open with him as for the first time with in forever with anyone, she wanted to.

This was absolutely ridiculous. In another attempt to rescue herself from her thoughts she picked up the remote and turned on the stereo as she headed back into the kitchen. She pulled out the freezer draw and chose a frozen pasta meal to nuke as she hadn’t eaten since lunch. Bruce's Born in the USA blasted through her speakers. She laughed, of course it did. She was surprised it wasn't Living on a Prayer with the way this evening was going or better yet a voice over from Jon speaking to her directly. She blew out her breath and leaned on the kitchen counter.  She was losing it.

Would it really be as bad as she was imagining? Then why did she want it so badly?

"Bugger it." She shoved the meal back into the freezer, kicked the draw closed and downed the rest of her glass. She was going. She needed to at least go and see him and apologize for running out like she did. She collected her purse and keys but paused at the door. What if she ended up staying overnight? She'd be utterly unprepared just taking her purse. Better yet she needed to shower. She stripped off her clothes, showered, shaved and slathered on her favourite sweet-pea body butter. She fixed her face applying a light coat of make-up and then ran the straightening iron through her hair.

She pressed her hand on her belly. Man, she was over-thinking like an idiot but at least this way she'd be prepared. Prepared for anything. She packed a small travel kit of cosmetics and travel toothbrush into her purse. She picked out a nice set of black lingerie but frowned when she looked in the mirror. It wasn’t sexy enough. Fortunately for her Jonathan knew his clothes well and had supplied her over the years with very fine French lingerie probably more so in the hope she'd use it with a man.

"Well Jonathan, looks like you'll get your wish." She picked out a racier red set of lingerie and changed into it. She-bang. This was the one. She slid into some strappy red-stilettos and then wrapped her black-knee length woollen coat tightly around herself. This was gutsy. Maybe stupid but definitely gutsy. The adrenaline pumped through her and she didn't know if she was going to throw up or pass out, maybe both.

When Devon was faced with the doors of Jon's apartment complex she stopped. This was insane. She was about to go and throw herself at Jon but she had to give him something  as he'd been the one doing all the pushing and she was resigned to the fact she didn't want to lose him.  She didn't have much more time to think as the doorman pulled the door open for her.

"Ah, Miss Scott. Please come in."

Well it's now or never.

She smiled gratefully and walked through the lobby. "Do you need to call Jo-uh Mr Bon Jovi?"

Ralph shook his head. "No, you're on Mr Bon Jovi’s list to come and go Miss Scott so you're welcome to go on up. It'll just be a nice surprise for him."

Nice surprise indeed.

"Great, thank you." She closed her eyes as the rose up to Jon's floor. Oh god, what in the world was she doing? It was too late now and hell, she knew she wanted this. She knew she wanted him.

She tapped the door gently and waited. Her gut churned and her heart threatened to explode in her chest. It seemed like minutes but it was just a few seconds before the door opened.

"Devon? Wow-hi."

Wow was right. His smile was easy and relaxed. He’d changed into a different pair of jeans and a blue ribbed thermal that showed off the muscles in his upper body. His hair was a little mussed and hellishly hot.
Instinct rain wild as she took a step forward and her hand cupped his jaw. She leaned in, drawn in by that spicy cologne as her mouth reached his. His eyes widened but his hands wound around her waist and pulled her inside. She pushed him against the wall and fought the urge to rip all his clothes off. The kiss broke but she stayed pressed up against him. "Don't say a word, I've just talked myself into being her so just don't say anything and kiss me." He didn't say a word and she let her purse dropped to the floor with a thud.

He cupped her waist and turned them so she was against the wall and his mouth found hers. Her hands threaded through his hair as the back of her head hit the wall. His lips brushed against hers and his tongue ran under her upper lip. Her breath hitched ass hand tugged at her coat-tie and he stood back as he parted the lapels of her coat revealing her skin. Her heart hammered loud in her chest.

"Oh fuck, Devon." He growled as the pad of his thumb traced along the outline of red-scalloped lace. "Oh Jesus, we can't-" His eyes never left her breasts.

She pressed her finger against his mouth and his gaze lifted to hers. "Touch me."

"Christ woman." He lifted her leg up over his hip and his lips hit hers. Her fingertips rested on his freshly shaved jaw as he deepened the kiss.  She moaned as his tongue ran down the side of hers and his fingers bit into her hip.

"You smell amazing." He murmured into her neck and her toes started to tingle. His hand cupped her breast and she shuddered as his thumb scraped along her nipple. "Fuck." He whispered as it hardened completely under his touch.

She panted and her fingers tangled through at the nape of his neck as his mouth dipped lower. "Oh god." He really was going to touch her.

"Hey is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"

Jon shot up and her eyes widened as Richie Sambora stood behind him with his arm cocked in the doorframe and a wide smirk across his mouth.

"Jesus-Richie." Jon quickly pulled Devon's coat back around her and tied up the belt.

Her face and neck flamed as Richie stood there laughing. "Now I wish I'd bought my phone in here. Hey Dave! Teek, check this out!" He bellowed back into the room behind him.

"Oh god." Devon muttered as Jon tried to straighten them both up. This is not happening.

Jon chuckled. "You're an ass Richie. Devon forgive his manners."

David Bryan and Tico Torres appeared in the doorway behind Richie. "Well hello beautiful." David said with a grin and Tico graciously smiled.

"Guys, don't be mean. This is Devon, Devon meet Richie, David, and Tico. You might happen to know them as the rest of my band.”

She bit her lip and managed to clear her throat. "Hi guys, pleasure to meet you." If there was ever a moment that she wished the ground would open up and swallow her...that was now.

"She was dropping off her business proposal and didn't know you were all here." Jon tried to explain.
David raised his brow and looked down at the small purse on the floor. "And where exactly is this business proposal?"

"Ok that's enough. Can I have a minute and then we'll be right in and we'll order dinner."

Richie snorted. "I'll have what you're having."

"Richie, fuck off." Jon laughed.

Devon covered her face in her hands. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry I should have called. I forgot you were expecting company." Stupid Devon.

Jon grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away from her face. His gaze was warm and his smile eased her. 

"Hey. I was so surprised to see you. But very glad to see you."

She half-smiled. "I'm sorry for running out on you. I just got overwhelmed."

"I was worried I scared you off but when you walked in here and wearing--wow. I don't know how the fuck my cock will behave through the rest of the night knowing what's under that coat. Just wow. You have no idea the things I want to do to you right now."

She giggled feeling herself relax. "Well that was the idea. God, I'm so sorry. You're never going to live it down are you?" She asked as she pushed back his hair gently.

He chuckled and kissed her lightly on the lips. "And neither are you, come on let’s go and have dinner and you can meet my friends."

Her eyes popped. "Dinner? Oh no I can't go in there and eat after what just happened in front of them!"

"Devon." His gaze locked on hers as he pressed her against the wall and their foreheads met. "I'm not letting you leave after the teaser I just had or my balls will turn blue. They're good guys and more importantly a little later they’re going home and if they weren’t I’d be fucking kicking them out so we’ll be alone."
She swallowed and nodded. "Ok. I'll stay."

"Good. We're ordering in Pizza."

"Oh god, I'm in my coat. I mean I'll be fine but they'll know..."

Jon snorted. "Honey, they already know. I can get you some of my sweats but you'll probably swim in them.

"I'll be fine. Can I just freshen up first and meet you in there?"

"Sure use this bathroom." He stood back and opened a door and winked. "Don't be long. See you in there."

She closed the bathroom door behind her and clutched her stomach. Oh god, she'd taken a huge leap of faith and look what had happened. She laughed out loud and then smiled. Things were back to being ok with her Jon and that was the main thing. Well that was if she survived dinner. 

Will you share her secret?