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Chapter Forty: Vultures and Flame Red Hair

Devon dashed up the steps to her apartment and changed quickly into something more suitable for the salon. Thank god for back-entrances as she could already see a small crowd of people milling around the door. Dammit. She was just going to have to man up and face this and try and prove to Jon she could handle this part without getting all weird like before. They didn’t know her, they only knew her as the salon owner that was dating Jon Bon Jovi. And as long as it stayed like that, it would be alright.

That’s what she kept telling herself anyway.

She adjusted the short black dress with a thin white belt and pinned her hair back behind her ears. She swept on a neat face of makeup with a hint of smoke around the eyes and applied her lipstick. Right, she could do this. She smoothed herself down and headed downstairs through the internal entrance from her apartment.

People were already crammed into the waiting area by the door and Jonathan had his hands full behind the reception counter. Armed with pads and cameras they circled the outside the door like vultures in the desert. She heart hammered loudly in her chest as she hid behind the partition before she attempted the masses.

Oh, god. Could she really do this? The sassy part of her wanted to go out there and kick butt but man, it was just so...well public. The very thing she’d been trying to avoid but now it was too late. The horse had bolted, the floodgates had burst, the-

God. Shut up Devon and concentrate!

She slapped her hand against her forehead and back into reality. This was her turf, these people were on her property so she had the rights here. She took a deep breath of courage, and wished she could chase it with a deep swig of whiskey and walked out into the fire.

As soon as she was spotted their attention honed on her like flies to honey. Jonathan gave her a small smile when really he was saying good luck.

“Good morning, welcome to Allure. How is that I can help?” She smiled warmly and clasped her hands together. Cameras were raised but she put up her hand. “If anyone takes a picture within this salon I’m going to call the police.”

“You’re Devon Scott?” One of the ladies asked. She wondered if reporters were meant to pose as clients but this one didn’t do a very good job of it with her oversized notebook and digital camera firm in her hand.

“That’s right. I am. How can I help you today?” There was a scurry of people around the reception counter and curled her fingers around the edge of the counter and braced herself.

“So you’re dating Jon Bon Jovi?”

Gawd. So they were going to be that forthcoming huh? “Yes I am, are you here for anything else?” She asked warmly. “My therapists and stylists would be happy to accommodate you.”

“Would you be doing the treatments?”

“Not today. I’m fully booked myself.” Some quick thinking on her feet and she was back in control. She had to be professional and courteous as her salon’s name was at stake here. If it was up to her she would have pushed them out on the street in an instant.

“How convenient.” One of the women snickered.

“How did you meet him? Did he come in here?”

“Would you say your relationship is serious with Jon?”

“I-well I really would like to discuss if anyone needs anything from my salon, I have a very busy morning.”

“I’ll pay you double if you take me through and answer some of my questions.”

“I’ll pay you triple!”

“Look. I’m not answering any questions. I’m sorry but what is my business with Jon Bon Jovi stays with him. If you’re not going to do anything else but badger me for information, you’ll be sorely disappointed so you might as well leave now. I have real clients that need serving.”

“How does Dorothea feel about all this? His ex-wife and the kids? How did they take it all?”

Holy crap they were relentless, she couldn’t lose her cool and Jonathan helplessly tried to herd them back from the counter into the waiting area beside the door.

The problem is she didn’t have any clients until 1pm as she’d switched it up so she could play hanky panky with Jon. Her neck was on fire and she could feel herself sweating underneath the dress.

She clicked through her calendar as the chatting continued. She could call the police but then she’d just make a scene and that’s exactly what she was trying to avoid. She glanced outside where the other photographers who weren’t so keen were congregating.

“I’m here for my appointment with you.”

She looked up at the woman who had a silk scarf wrapped around her head and sunglasses across her face.

“Uh...I don’t-”

She slid down her glasses and familiar green eyes framed by flame red hair stared back at her. Patti. Oh thank god, Patti! She winked and slipped her glasses up.

“Of course. Why don’t you come this way?” Relief swept over her as she ushered Patti over to the side and into one of the back private rooms.

“What are you doing here? But thank you god for being here!” She covered her face and took a deep breath and recomposed herself.

“Seeing if you needed help. I’m down this way to collect some school supplies and thought I’d call in after seeing your picture splashed all over the Internet this morning.”

“Oh god, it’s not is it?”

She unwrapped her hair scarf and the bright red hair tumbled down her shoulders. “Relax, you’ll be old news tomorrow. They’ll find something much more interesting.”

“God, I hope so. I don’t know if I can handle this. It’s all so-in your face.”

She laughed and Devon took her coat as she shrugged out of it and hung it on the rack. “You looked like you were doing pretty well there. Just remain calm, the minute you fluster they think there is a story there.”

“God. How did you get used to this? I mean you’re married to Mr America.”

She chuckled and lay back in the recliner chair. “Got time for a manicure? My nails are just terrible.”

Devon grinned and fetched her apron from behind the door. “Sure.” She prepared a nail soak of warm water and oils and got Patti set up. She sat on the swivel stool and took one of her hands as Patti laid back and she started to file.

“Bruce and I were subject to a lot of speculation, so you’re lucky. His marriage ended at the same time we became public.”

Devon stopped and raised her brow. “Oh. Wow, I had no idea.”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like it did but Bruce’s marriage had been over for awhile just not in the public eye. So you can just imagine what it was like.”

“Scarlet women indeed huh?”

She laughed. “Exactly. So anyway darlin’ how are you? After last night. You were a bit shaky at the dinner.”

Devon rounded the nails evenly and paused. “Well it got worse before it got better. I blew Jon off when we got home and wound myself up all night about it. I acted like an idiot.”

“So what happened?”

“Well I went over there at 5am and apologized and talked to him a little.”

“A little? And five-am huh? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jon up at five am. You’re brave.”

She chuckled remembering the cute dishevelled look of him as he’d opened the door. “Yeah, he wasn’t impressed but we talked and it was good.”

“Well good. Did you tell him whatever was bothering you?”

“Kind of. It was a start anyway.”

“Devon, if you do want to talk to me about anything, you know you can right? You can trust me.”

“I know, thanks I do appreciate it. Jon and I just come from very different pasts. He’s so together and really has it all, I may seem that way but I’m not really. And that’s what I didn’t want him to know. Change hands.”

She swapped around to the other side of Patti and took her hand and soaked the other. She probably really could trust Patti but she was afraid by telling her everything she’d have to face it all and she wasn't ready for that at all.

“Jon isn’t that much different and he hasn't been all together always. Let me tell you. He’s had an interesting past as well and something’s he wouldn’t be proud of.”

“Yeah?” She was sure none of that was like anything she’d done.

“Yeah, just don’t be hard on yourself Devon. As I said you’re good for the man. He hasn’t been as light in months.”

“Well that’s sweet. I don’t know why I doubt myself that I deserve him.”

“Oh please, honey. Of course you do.”

Both women were silent as she swapped her hands over and started to file the other.

“I think I really love him.” She admitted out loud and then stopped realizing Patti was grinning at her.

“I already knew that darlin’. I’ve been married to Bruce a long time but I know that look you’ve got anywhere. So what are you afraid of?”

Devon sighed. “Losing him of course.”

“So what did you do?” Patti asked.

This time Devon didn’t flinch but carried on filing. Patti was like the mother or big sister she’d craved all these years. She was a strong old soul and Devon knew without hesitation she could trust her. Which was rare as she’d spent all these years building up walls and never letting anyone close.

The truth was she had caved with Jon, she’d taken a huge risk and it was paying off. She was just scared that all the things that she’d worked so hard to protect were going to stuff it all up now. She wanted to take the same risk with Patti, she really did. The burden on her shoulders was like a ten tonne rod of steel at times.

She blew out her breath. “Something awful and unforgivable.”

“Nothing is unforgivable Devon. You need to give Jon more credit that he won’t accept you for what you are and where you’ve come from.”

“I know he wouldn’t with this.”

“Are you in some kind of trouble hun?” She asked softly.

“Not anymore. Now, did you want a natural colour or a nice deep red to match that gorgeous hair of yours?”

Patti pursed her lips and paused. “Make it a nice pearly colour.”

“Done.” Devon reached into the row of polishes lined up against the wall and selected mother of pearl.

“You can always talk to me Devon, I want you to know that. I know what it’s like to feel like you have no one to tell your deep dark secrets. I’ve been there before, and I don’t mean now just whenever you need to, you know where we are. Anytime.”

Devon squeezed her hand gently and forced the tears that threatened to come away. “Thank you.” Now wasn’t the time. She had a shop full of paps and she had to be on her game. She knew if she opened that floodgate it wouldn’t be pretty.

“So, have you ever been horse riding?”

“What? Uh, yeah back home I used to but not for years.” She laughed. “Why?”

“Well we own a horse farm in Colt’s neck so I think one day you and Jon should come down and we’ll go for a trek.”

Devon snorted. “Jon rides horses?” She couldn’t imagine it.

“Sure he does, he probably hasn’t for a while but you never forget once you’re back up there. Right?” What was also ironic is she was as attracted to the likes of Bruce and Patti as they had such free spirits. She not only admired it, she craved it.

“That sounds lovely.”

“Knock knock,” Jonathan poked his head around the corner. “There is a gentleman to see you in your office.”

“What-Oh.” Jon.

“Go right ahead. I can wait honey. I’m sure he’s just checking up on you.”

Devon swung out the chair and stood up. “No kidding. The cavalry is here indeed.” She snorted. She excused herself and opened the door to her office and frowned when it was empty.

“Jonathan are you-” She jumped when a bunch of daisies appeared in front of her from behind and the scent of ocean spray mingled with them.

“Holy Christ!”

He stepped in front of her, a baseball cap slung over his head and sunglasses concealed him. “How are you coping?

She took the flowers and smelled them. “These are gorgeous Jon and I’m fine. Patti came in so I’m doing her nails in the safety of one of the consult rooms.”

“She did huh?”

“Yup, and we’re going horse-riding with them one day.”

“You on a horse?” He snickered.

She jabbed him. “Well that’s what I said about you pretty boy, actually.”

“Hey, I’m an expert horseman. I did horse work when we did Young Guns.”

“That was years ago. You’re a bit daintier now.”

“I’m not liking this sharp lip of your Missy. We’re going to have to do something about that.” He hovered closer and his lips teased hers and his fingertips traced around the shell of her ear.

“Oh yea?” Her pulse quickened just like it always did when his mouth was always near hers.

“Yea. But seriously I just wanted to make sure you were OK, not that I don’t think you couldn’t handle this but it is because of me that you’re handling it.” He linked his arms around her waist and dragged her in close so their noses bumped.

She relaxed in his arms. “We’re doing fine. Jonathan is clearing out some of the riff-raff while I’m going to do a few appointments.”

“Good.” The kiss was gentle and slow and she sighed as he sifted his fingers through her hair and the tiny pulses of electricity spread to her toes.

“Can you stay in here all day? I’ll just come in for one of these every five minutes. I’ll keep you fed and watered.” She asked softly against him.

He chuckled and pressed his lips against her forehead. “As much as I’d love to. I’ve been avoiding some things with the band that I need to sort out today.”

“Oh? Some hard conversations?”

“Yeah, I’m probably going to have to be an asshole.”

She ran her thumb along his bottom lip. “As long as I get the non-asshole Jon tonight.”

His face relaxed and his eyes fell on hers. “Oh you will. Don’t you worry. Try and have a good day with the madness out there. Ring me if you need me, I mean it.”

“I will. How did you get in without being noticed? I mean sure the cap and glasses only work to an extent and I would have thought that would look even more obvious in here.”

He slid his glasses down and winked. “Stealth baby, stealth. You forget I’ve done this for a long time. I pick my moments.”

“So I see.” She patted his ass. “Well stealth your way out of here, I have a full day ahead. Thank you for the flowers though.”

“Anytime, see you tonight.” He kissed her again and then slipped out of the room.

Devon looked down at the bunch spring daisies and smiled. Maybe things would be OK, she just had to figure out a way to make it work.

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Chapter Thirty Nine: Short-Changed

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Devon stood facing the wall of windows in Jon’s room that looked out into the city. The view as always, nothing short of breath-taking and a little like the way Jon made her feel inside. So much vast opportunity and height stretched out for miles in front of her. Like the song went from this vantage point, it really was the land of hope and dreams and she was on the verge of living it all with Jon.

She was lighter but not completely free but she felt better coming clean with Jon about her family in the very least. He held family values so high and she was sure he'd never understand why she could have just walked out on them like she did and let them assume the worst. But it was because she had done the worst.

“You know, I was thinking...” Jon interrupted her thoughts and stepped into the room with a towel slung low around his waist. And one ruffled on his head. Her gaze dropped down over the taunt muscles that bled into the defined v below his hips.

“This sounds dangerous.” She commented as her gaze moved back up to his. He dried his hair roughly and something fluttered inside her belly as she took in his lean body.

“Well, I didn’t get to have my wicked way with you in that dress. How about I take you out tonight, somewhere low key?”

She pursed her lips and nodded. “You don’t have to do that but sure.” The romance had all happened so quickly and on one hand she wanted a night or two away from him to gather her thoughts but on the other she didn’t want to get off this merry-go-round of passion and fun.

“I know just the place.”

“Oh? Spill.”

He grinned and tossed the towel he’d used on his hair aside. “Nope. Now, where was I?” He stepped towards her and she took one step back into the corner of the room. The scent of ocean and soap hovered over her as he lifted his arms above her and propped himself up against the wall. His eyes were on hers as he inched forward and his lips barely moments from hers.

Her heart crashed and her eyelashes fluttered as he leaned in and his lips brushed across hers with no more than a graze. He curled a strand of her hair loosely around his finger as their lips touched. The kiss was slow and lingered like a lazy hot summer’s night. His thumb tilted her chin up and the kiss went deep and the heat spread to the tips of her toes.

Devon was a woman of routine and control and the fact that she was here at six in the morning instead of being at her job meant the tides were changing. She wanted to be here, she wanted a tumble in the sheets before running off to her day job.

God, she was a hussy.

“What are you grinning at?” His breath was hot against her cheek as his lips found the sweet spot just below her ear.

“I was just-god...thinking.” Her cheeks flushed. Thinking was anything but impossible when this man’s mouth was concerned.

His mouth dipped down to her clavicle. “Don’t think. It’s over-rated.” His breath was hot and short. His hand dropped from above her and his knuckles danced down her neck and over her shoulder. “You’re wearing too many clothes for a start. That’s the only thing you should be thinking about.”

She giggled as he walked her back into the bed and tumbled her down onto it. He crawled up over her and his hands dragged up cotton. She shuddered as the tips of his fingers traced over her navel and up over her ribs. The pad of his thumb ran across the scalloped edge of her bra sending little currents of electricity over her skin.

“You know...” He stopped and propped himself up above her and his eyebrow arched. The corners of his mouth twitched. She knew that look, it was the look that meant she was dancing with the devil tonight.

“What? What did I do now?” She asked innocently.

“I seem to recall a wrist-tying incident.” His eyes honed in on hers. “Yes?”

“I’m not sure what you speak of.” She bit her lip and put on her best puppy dog eyes.

“Oh please. I have a teenaged daughter. That doesn’t work for me.”

“Well, what of this alleged-wrist tying incident then?” She figured it would come back and bite her since he ended up with battle scars. She should have known better since she did his skin consult in the first place and that he had very sensitive skin. Dammit.

“I think we need to even the score.”

“Oh no you don’t. I haven’t got all morning to play games mister. I have a business to run.” She wagged her finger at him and pressed it on the tip of his nose.

She yelped as he snatched her hand and cupped her wrist. “I’d like to see you stop me.”

She wriggled but he pinned himself on top of her, his strength outweighing hers easily. Damn freaking fit-freak that he was.

“Jon, I’m serious.” But she failed to keep the corners of her mouth curling as they play wrestled and he overpowered her easily.

They dissolved in giggles until his hand slid down over her belly, into her jeans and his fingers slid inside her panties.

“Oh god.” She groaned as she tipped her head back and his mouth found the base of her neck.

“How many times have I told you, you can’t win baby.” The pad of his thumb circled her clit sending fireworks sparking through her veins.

She saw her chance as he shifted his weight so she rolled him flat onto his back. “Ha!” She grinned victoriously as she straddled him quickly and locked her knees on his hips.

His eyes widened and then he laughed. “Oh, you’re forgetting one thing Devon.” His finger curled inside her and she groaned.

“I’m still inside you.” The smooth whisper of his voice burned through her like a decadent liqueur.

“God.” She bucked her hips against the friction of his hand craving more of the delicious feeling that was spreading inside her. She peeled off her top and bra and smoothed her hands up over his chest, her thumbs rolling over his nipples.

He grabbed for her wrist but she swatted his hand away and held her hands up. “Uh uh.”

Jon growled and his finger flexed inside her and she wavered for a moment as the pleasure rolled through her. The tell-tale bump of his cock pressed against her jeans as she rocked against his hand. He still was inside her but she had the control of how much she moved.

His head sank back into the pillow and his gaze roamed up her body as she bit down on her lip and tipped her head back. He loved to watch and she knew it. It would be killing him just as much to see her getting off on top of him as it would be if his cock was inside her. She cupped her breast and her hair swung forward as the she stoked the orgasm inside of her.

His finger dug into her hip and she whimpered as it punched through her. “God, yes!” Sweat trickled down her cheek and her breath was shallow. Her skin buzzed and his hand flooded with her juices as she rode through it with liberation.

She milked each drop of pleasure before she leaned down and pressed her body against his. Her tongue traced the bottom of his lip as she wiggled her ass against his cock.

He gripped her ass and squeezed it. “Keep doing that and I’ll cum right here.”

“That would be a waste now, wouldn’t it?” Her tongue ran across the bottom of his teeth and she grinned wickedly.

“You’re killing me woman.”

The dulcet tone of Chris Daughtry blared out from her phone that was tucked in the back pocket of her jeans. She went to reach for it but his hand covered hers over the ass-pocket.

“Daughtry, really?” He teased.

“Jealous are we?” The ringtone stopped but she wondered who the hell was calling her so early? It had to be work but it had gone.

“I might be. I know what would make me feel better though.” His voice was a low purr and his eyebrows wiggled. “You need to get out of those jeans for it though.”

“Do I just?” Her finger tips slid through the downy hair on his chest and she wriggled forward. Playing the seductive vixon with him was always fun.

The phone rang again and this time she leaned back and slid it out of her pocket before he could stop her. It was Jonathan.

“No, ignore it.” He growled.

“It’s Jonathan. He wouldn’t call me unless it was important he knew I was coming to see you.”

“Put it away, you know you want to.” His hand cupped her breast and his thumb teased the tip of her nipple. “Do it.” He commanded.

“I can’t.” She giggled and hit answer.

“Dammit.” He muttered below her.


“Devon, gawd, hi. Sorry to call you but you need to come down here and quick.”

She sat up straighter after she heard the panic in his voice. “What? Why? What’s happened?”

“We’re flat busy baby! There are mobs of people in here.”

“What? Why- Oh.” The press. Dammit, she should have thought about that. She may have gone out for an innocent dinner with Jon but she may have well have put a full page advert in the New York Times for her clinic. “Shit.” She stepped off the bed snatching her bra and top off the floor. “I’ll be there shortly.”

“What’s wrong?” Jon asked propping his hands behind his head.

“My salon is mobbed. Seems they figured out from the press pictures last night who I was.”

“Aw crap. Sorry babes. I didn’t think it would be that quick.”

She hooked her bra and twisted it around before pulling on her top. “It’s ok; least I’m going to be busy right?” She laughed nervously. That would be the truth but she suspected people would be there just to find out exactly what the deal was with her and Mr Bongiovi. And although she’d accepted that was eventually going to happen it was more unwanted attention.

“Just be careful. You’ll get paps in there.”

She shrugged into her cardigan. “Not if I have anything to do with it. Anyone is welcome but if they disturb the peace and serenity I have created for that place they’ll be in trouble.”

“God, I love when you get all stroppy.”

“I mean it. I have a business to run and I don’t care if I’m dating Bono. They need to back off.”

Jon frowned. “Bono? C’mon I’m better than Bono.”

She folded her arms and grinned. “He has cooler glasses than you.”

“If you want I can introduce you, let you two be alone. Or even Chris Daughtry.” Jon scoffed.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.” She sighed as she watched him lying in his towel on the bed all crumpled and delicious.

“Sorry we couldn’t-you know finish this.”

He smirked. “Well I’m loaded you could just rub-” His face fell flat when she picked up her purse. “Fine. Don’t care about my orgasm, just go.” He folded his arms and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t leave him to deal with this. Especially since I created it. You know that. I’ll make it up to you.”

He sighed exasperated. “Damn right you will. Ring me if you need me.” He mumbled.

She leaned over and kissed him quickly. “Hey, least it’ll be a quick shower then won’t it?” She grinned and then left him but not before a pillow flew past her on the way out the door.

It was time to go and do damage control.

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