Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chapter Eighty: Redemption

Jon snorted as Devon applied her lip gloss for the third time after the quick shower they’d both had. “Applying more gloss isn’t going to make Bruce and Patti go away. You have to face them again you know.” He tugged down a sweater and folded his arms.

She popped her lips and his cock jumped.

“I’m not! It’s necessary.” She defended leaning back towards the mirror.

He groaned. “Let’s not do that again, k?”

“What have sex on the river bank? Or this?” She popped her lips again.

“I hate you.”

She giggled and snapped the lid back on. “For this or not knowing where we’re going?”

“Both. You’re evil and I don’t like it.”

She picked up her purse and slid into her shoes. He grinned. “Did you notice the shoes I picked out?”

“Yeah. Red stilettos aren’t exactly day wear Jon but they’ll do.”

He admired her sleek legs. “Look fine to me!” His fingers dusted down her back and down to the tight curve of her ass in black pants.

“I’m still so embarrassed.” She groaned. “Do I have to go down there?”

He beamed. “I know and I love it. And hell, it’s just Patti and Bruce.”

“You’re only saying that because it’s not Richie and David. They’d give you heaps for it.”

“Give me heaps of what?”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s Kiwi, heaps of teasing in other words.”

“Oh right! Fuck yes. They’re not finding this out.” His life wouldn’t be worth living once Richie got hold of that kind of information.

“Normally I’d blackmail you but I’m going with that’s the best result for this particular issue.”

Jon snorted. “I thought you might say that. You know Richie and David would give you “heaps” too right?” He imitated her and ducked out of her reach when she went to hit him. She stopped and looked around his master suite and he frowned.

“Everything alright?”

She smiled. “Everything is absolutely perfect.”

“Ok, you’re being weird. I want to know what’s going on.”

She shrugged. “I think like we discussed it might be time to move into the house soon.”

“Oh? Well if you want know I love this place.”

She winked. “Come on then. You’re going to have to hold my hand down there. I can tell they’re going to be ruthless.”

He took her hand and she led the way, he glanced over at the room as they left and grinned as he knew his own grand plan was sliding into place, perfectly.

“Here they are!” Bruce said proudly sitting at the table drinking a mug of coffee. “Good shower?”

Jon chuckled as Devon blushed as she accepted a mug of coffee from Patti.

Bruce shook his head. “We would have never done anything like that in my day.”

“Oh please.” Patti rolled her eyes. “Pay no attention to him.”

Jon slid onto a chair at the table and poured himself a coffee from the pot. “So, does someone want to tell me what’s happening this morning?”

Devon checked her watch. “Actually we are going to have to hustle as we’re meeting someone there.”

Jon frowned and rubbed his chin. “Meeting who?” Press? She’d know better not to blind side him like that though. What the hell was she up to?

“Relax, they won’t bite.” She grinned wiggling her eyebrows.

He popped his knuckles but she rubbed his arm. “Relax you’ll like it. Now who’s out of their comfort zone?”

“I don’t like surprises unless they’re red and lacy and I can rip them open with my teeth.” He whispered as kissed the side of her head and breathed in her spicy candy scent.

She giggled. “Well that could be arranged, later.”
Yup. She was evil.
“Come on then kids, let’s head into town.” Bruce said sliding out from his chair.

Jon drove Devon in the car into Redbank and Bruce and Patti followed. “So where am I parking?”

“Somewhere on Monmouth will be fine.”

He snorted. “Look at your Mrs Redbank all of a sudden.”

“It’s a cute town.”

“I think so. I know it’s not New York but I like that I’ve had the choice. I’ve missed it out here.”

“I’m glad you said that.” Devon said as the pulled into a car park. He backed in carefully and cranked the handbrake on.

“Well you better show me the big surprise then. God knows what I’m about to get myself into.”

Jon locked the car and wrapped his coat around him as they strolled down past the quaint shop windows. “Do we need Bruce and Patti?” He asked looking over his shoulder as they fell behind.

“They’ll catch up.” She said linking her arm in through his.

They rounded into Monmouth and she stopped in front of a large double lot building where a woman in a neatly clipped suit was standing with a bunch of keys and a clipboard.

“Devon, hi - so good to see you again.”

“Hi Lauren, this is my partner Jon who I was telling you about. We’re ready to go in and see.”

Jon shook her hand as she held it out. “Jon, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Can I just say that this is all very exciting for Devon.”

“Sure, pleased to meet you.” Like he had a clue what she was on about.

Devon took his hand and squeezed in as they walked into the dusty floor and through skeletons of walls that spread off in different directions. “Hell, I can’t even remember what was here before.” Jon commented scratching his head.

“A law firm and a bakery next door.” Lauren offered.

“Of course. So …” He stopped as Devon stood in the middle of the room and held his hand in between hers as Lauren ducked into the next room.

“Jon.” She said seriously and confidently as she rubbed the top of his knuckles.

“Yes, Devon?” He asked amused as he let her lead even though he had a handful of questions he wanted answered immediately.

“I haven’t been the same since I met you.”

He relaxed into a smile. “Oh?”

“And I haven’t been the same since what happened with Jared and I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. I have you, I have an amazing business and this incredible life opening up I know that we can have.”

“And we will have-” He interjected.

“Shh. I know we will. But I’ve been feeling guilty and lucky all at the same time I have had this great support network in you and then my father. I have money sitting in a draw in my salon doing nothing and that’s not right. Not when I took it in the first place.”

He nodded, he understood what was happening. She’d come to her own conclusions about it all. Finally.

“Instead of donating it to charity, as that was my first option. I decided I needed to do something with it. The New York salon is successful and can run itself these days so I thought why not put the money into a new business, right here.”

A smile played on his lips. “A new salon?”

“A salon and school. I want to teach and donate my time to teaching young girls and guys everything I know so they can succeed in my industry.”

He stepped back and blinked. “Wow, I mean-that’s a fantastic idea.”

“You think? I want to give back. So I thought I’d set up a salon here and a school in the bakery premises with adjoining doors which I’d build in. The students can practise in the salon once they’re trained to get work experience before I throw them out into the big bad world. We’ll make the fees really reasonable... none of these thousands of dollars of tuition. Just enough to cover the overheads.”

He was blown away. It was absolutely perfect for her. She’d be an incredible teacher with her lovely nature and the passion oozed out of her as she pointed out different areas within the space she’d already thought about.

He took her hands. “You are amazing. I had no idea this was what you even were thinking but it’s perfect. I want to help.”

“I’m glad you said that as I have money but not that much for this kind of project. I was thinking sponsors-”

“Absolutely. Count me in. This is your project though. I can help draw people into it but you dictate it all. Money-to get you off the ground? Don’t even worry about that. I’ll earmark you a million to do it.”

“What? God, Jon that’s not what I’m asking you for.”

“No but it’s what I’m giving you. I am so proud of you Devon.” He squeezed her hands tight. “And this is why I never gave up on you. I know you, I know you have a heart of gold and want to see greatness in this world. You have no idea how awesome this place will be for Redbank. It’ll draw more life down here and more opportunities. I think it’s absolutely incredible.”

She smiled through the tear that trickled down her cheek. “Thank you. I wanted to make you proud I really did as I know how much you love me. But above all I wanted this to all mean something. I guess you could say I wanted redemption.”

He beamed. “I understand and baby, you’ve got more than that right here. God. This will be incredible.” He dragged her in and kissed her squarely on the lips. His hand slid up the back of her neck and her hair fanned around his fingers. He pressed his forehead against hers so his lips hovered over hers.

“I fucking love you. You have no idea how much.”

It was all falling into place. She had no idea but he had his own plans that he’d put on hold for a kitchen down here that would help the community but he’d shelved it for a while since he’d been busy writing an album and planning a tour. But now he had no excuse but to pursue the dream.

“I love you too and I wouldn't have done this without you in my life.”

He kissed her again and released her. “This is a great space. So, Jonathan’s going to manage New York?”

“Yeah - I need to talk to him but he will, he can do it. He’s the best. I’ll work up there a couple of days a month to keep up appearances and I figure we’ll garner attention for the place down here.”

“You have some wealthy clients so yes, leverage that.”

“And we’ll move to Redbank.” She said cocking her eyebrow.

He nodded. “Yes, we will. I’ll keep the penthouse for now. It’s not hurting me. I can always sell in a few years but it’ll be handy when we’re doing business in the city. You sure you can give up the city?” He asked her seriously.

“I can. I’m ready to do this and it’s lovely out by the house. Reminds me a lot of home.”

“I like the idea of you near Bruce and Patti for when I’m touring as well.”

She laughed. “Yeah, I do too. Man that’s going to suck.”

“You forget I have money, I can fly you to wherever I want whenever I want. We’ll make it.”

“Oh can you just?”

“I just have one request.” Jon said seriously.

“What’s that?”

“Can I please whisk you away to a remote island before we get started on all this?”


Lauren came back in and smiled. “So what do you think? Pretty fabulous space.”

Jon wrapped his arm around Devon’s shoulder. “It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.”

Devon beamed. “So I’ll take it. I’ll sign whenever you need me to.”

“Great. I’ll get the papers sent to you so you can see the lease agreements and go over it with your lawyer and then we can get things moving.”


“Well well...” Bruce said as they entered the building.

“So, did he like it?” Patti asked with a grin.

“He loves it.” Jon replied. “I think she’s amazing.”

“Well I wouldn’t be amazing without y’all.” Devon winked as she walked off talking with Lauren and Patti.

Bruce stood beside him with his hand in his jeans. “She’s something huh? Patti told me. It’s a brilliant idea.”

Jon crossed his arms and swung back on his heels. “It’s - I had no idea she was even thinking it but it’s perfect for her. And us.”

“She’s a keeper Jonny B.”

“Don’t I know it?” Jon grinned. “Speaking of which, I’ve got a favour to ask you.”

“I’m all ears boy.”


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