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Chapter Sixty-Seven: Two Men and a Little Lady

Josh escorted them into the restaurant that night, it felt a little ridiculous but Devon understood it was necessary. Jon was used to having people around him but she would take a little time to get used to being accompanied places. She clutched Jon’s hand as they entered the restaurant and were shown to the table where her father was waiting.

He smiled and the soft lines of his face deepened as they sat down. It would also take some time for her to get used to seeing her father again. She couldn't have been more pleased to have him back in her life and hoped somehow she could make all this up to him.

“It’s good to see you both again.” Richard shifted in his seat as Jon signalled the waiter to bring in some wine.

She cocked her eyebrow as Jon winced and rubbed his back.

“You right there son?”

Jon shot Devon a look and then nodded. “Yeah I’m fine. I pulled my back running this afternoon I think. I’ll have to get my guy to look at it.”

Devon snorted as she took a sip of water and was swiftly kicked under the table. “So, Dad I need to show you this.” She dug into her bag and tugged out the phone and showed him the message.

Richard stared at it and stroked his chin. “Mmm yes. Just as I suspected. What I have found out is Jared has left the country. He hasn’t tracked any activity in New Zealand for a few months so I guess this cements he’s here.”

“I’ve got a security guy following us around and I’ve moved Devon into my place until further notice.” Jon explained.

“That’s very wise Jon, thank you.”

“So, what do we do Dad? Do we wait for him to contact us, ask us for a boat load of money and then what?”

Richard closed his menu. “In my experience, people like Jared don’t just want the money. He wants revenge.”

Devon swallowed, it wasn’t news. And in a way she couldn’t blame Jared for wanting that as their lives turned out very different. “What will that mean?”

“Well quite honestly Devon, even though what he did was wrong he’ll see it as he got something taken away from him and you didn’t.”

She looked at Jon. “He would have seen Jon and me together and I am sure that’s why he approached Jon and not me. He wants Jon. Doesn't he?” She swallowed that hard reality as her father nodded.

“Well it's likely he wants to destroy what you have with him so it really just depends on how he thinks he’s going to do it.”

Jon laid down the menu and crossed his arms. “So what do we do? We can’t exactly go after him can we?”

“No, I wouldn’t advise that either. He’s breaking the law by being here though and under a false name. But the risk we take in turning him into immigration. He could do the same with you Devon.

“He could?” She wondered why he hadn’t before as that would have been an easy way out for him. But knowing Jared he wanted to settle things personally and make sure she paid. “I could get deported?”

Jon shook his head. “I’d marry you before that happened. Don’t worry about that. You’re not leaving the country. Not over my dead body.” His hand shifted to her knee and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Jared wanted the money she took from him and he’d want the freedom she also took from him. Millions of dollars guaranteed freedom. Her belly squirmed with uncertainty and Jon took her hand.

“It’ll be ok baby. What can we do?”

“One thing came to mind, but I don’t think it will solve anything and I definitely don’t think it will deter Jared.” Richard explained.

“And that is?” Jon prompted as he looked at her. She sat still and silent as this sank in.

“You could break up for a period of time. If he thinks you are not together it would take the heat off you and anyone in your family Jon. I just don’t-”

“No, that’s not an option. We’re not trying to solve this apart. It would drive me crazy not knowing what was happening to her.” Jon reaffirmed. “We’re not doing that.”

“Well you’d still be able to contact each other you’d just have to be careful about it.”
“No, it’s not an option. Right?” Jon asked her. She felt like she was standing still in the middle of the room that was spinning. They were trying to help her but she felt helpless as they argued over the solution. It was all her fault and she wanted to fight, she needed to fight for this but the reality was becoming too much for her.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She pushed her chair back and slid her hand out from Jon’s. “I’ll be right back.” She heard Jon call after her but she just needed a minute to pull herself together.

She washed up and steadied her hand as she reapplied her lip gloss. She took a deep breath and glided it on. She could do this, she had to do this. She owed it to the faith Jon had installed in her and the sacrifice that her father had made for her. She had let people down in the past and she wasn’t going to back out of this now. She wasn’t that person anymore. She had two good people in that restaurant willing to protect and help her. So, why did she still feel so afraid she was about to lose it all?


Jon sat back down as Devon excused herself and rested the napkin back on his lap. “This is all way over my head, I’m trying to do what's best. Am I doing ok?” Fucked if he knew if he was or not but he thought it was no harm to ask her father what he really thought while Devon was away from the table. He needed a reality check here. Devon was overwhelmed by it all and he couldn't blame her.

“Jon you’re doing fine. I’m really impressed how committed you are to Devon even after you know what she’s been through.”

Jon relaxed a little. “Our pasts are what make us. Devon did something stupid but she’s not that woman anymore. I can assure you if you knew her the way I’ve gotten to know her in the last couple of months...” He paused and grinned as he remembered when he chased her in her salon. How innocent everything had been in that honeymoon period of their relationship. He would make damn sure they’d get that back.

“I can see she’s changed. In a roundabout way I understand why she ran. It doesn't make any of it right but I understand.” His New Zealand accent was thicker than Devon’s and his words drawled more than hers did. British mashed with Australian.

“She had to start over and she couldn’t see the way out.” Jon noted as he kept flicking his gaze to the direction Devon had gone in.

The waiter came and poured them some wine. “If she had been caught I would have made sure she got off lightly. I wouldn’t have been able to help myself. Jared was poison. He pretended to love her and she fell for it. I often wonder if she fell under his spell because we were always too busy for her. And here he was giving her attention.”

He thought about his own daughter and how busy both him and Dorothea were and could make some sense from what Richard was saying. “I don’t think Devon would ever think that. She knows what she did and she’s made sure she’s never been that girl again. I couldn’t even imagine her like that - she’s a wonderful woman.”

Richard drank from his wine and raised a brow. “You sound like a man that cares.”

Jon chuckled but then winced as his back nerve pinched. Only Devon would make him pull out his back during sex. She did slam him into the ground of course. “I’ve made my intentions clear. I intend to stick around.”

“Well from what I have seen in this short space of time. I wouldn’t object to that. You’re good for her.”

“She’s good for me Richard. In ways I didn’t think I needed.”

He grinned and nodded. “Well then we’re just going to have to think of a way to make sure that happens and you both can stay safe.” The dark look in his eyes suggested something Jon was afraid of seeing.

“You don’t mean-”

Richard leaned forward and clasped his hands together on the table. “There are only two ways out of this. One is that we can have him arrested and he’ll be deported and once the New Zealand law learns of this he’ll be more than likely on a flight risk list and less likely to ever get back over here after her. “

“And the other one?” Jon asked swallowing hard. He knew what that answer was and god if he hoped to hell that wasn’t their way out of this one.

“Jared dies.”

“You’re not suggesting that we get a hit man on him or something are you?”

Richard’s eyes hardened. “No. That’s dangerous territory. And you don’t seem like the kind of person that plays in that world. Please tell me you’re not.”

Jon blew out his breath. “No, of course I’m not. I’m relieved you weren’t headed there. I know the guy is a badass but I don’t want to kill anyone.”

Richard patted Jon’s shoulder. “Relax. That’s not what I want to do. I was thinking more of a trap. But I need to think about this a bit more and then discuss it with you and Devon. I have to be careful but I can try and tip off that Jared is in the US and involved in something sinister like money-laundering. The yanks hate that.”

“You really think that would work?” Jon asked. He was impressed. He’d thought this through and he had a plan. Just that notion put Jon slightly at ease.

“I think so. Jared is after money as well as revenge so we just have to think of a way that he thinks he’s going to get both and have him caught in the act. I will talk to someone I know for some advice.”

“And none of us hurt. Especially Devon or my family.” Jon confirmed.

Richard frowned. “Of course not. I didn’t mean we throw her out as bait but we will have to use her to get the set-up sorted since he contacted her.”

“So blindside him somehow?”


Jon blew out his breath and raked his hand through his hair. “You really thought this through?”

“Jon, you’re a good guy. I know you didn't expect to be wound up in all of this but you’re going to have to trust me on this. I’ve been around people like Jared most of my career. You just have to trust me.”

Trust. It was a hard thing for Jon when he’d known the guy five minutes but he was his girlfriend’s father and had already proved he had Devon’s best interests still at heart. Still, it was no easy thing.

“Ok. I do. Man, you’re one hell of a father.”

Richard shook his head. “I should have done more for her. I knew that man was trouble but I only drove her away instead of accepted it and I could have prevented the whole thing.”

Jon shook his head. “Devon doesn’t see it that way and neither should you. She knows she screwed up and she learnt a hard life lesson by it. I believe that. Hell, we’ve all done stupid things. I could count you on my hand how many times I did stupid things on tour.”

Richard leaned back. “Oh? Indulge in the rock star lifestyle a bit too much son?”

Jon chuckled. “It was pretty tame but I did things a married man shouldn’t do--in my younger years.” He quickly corrected. “But I knew I wasn’t happy overall. I’m in a different place now and I am happy with your daughter. And she is in a different place from when you knew her.”

“I’m beginning to see that. She’s certainly become the daughter I had hoped she’d be.”

“And more.” Jon added. “She has this ridiculously addictive smile and laugh. She makes you feel at ease and she is a good person. I have trust issues and I felt like I could trust Devon with my life... which is a little ironic given her secret but I know now that Devon is not who I fell in love with.”

Richard beamed. “Thank you. I needed to hear that. I think I knew it but hearing that makes me proud. I’m proud of her that she came to you and told you about all this. It tells me she wanted to make things right. The way that they were meant to be in the first place.”

“I love her Richard.” Jon wriggled in his chair and placed his hands on the table. “And if it’s ok by you once this is all over. I would very much like to ask your daughter to marry me. So, I’m asking you for your permission.” It felt good. To actually ask Richard and Jon was pretty sure Richard appreciated the gesture as much as he did.

“Thank you for asking Jon. Will you take good care of her?”

Jon looked up and half-smiled when Richard was smiling back at him. “Of course.”

“Then yes, yes you can ask her.”

“Thank you. Speaking of which, here she comes.” His eyes trailed up her long legs and he grinned as he was mesmerized by the sway of her hips. The simplicity of the black dress cinched with a thin white belt took nothing away from how lovely she was. Her hair was all loose and fell just around her shoulders. When her gaze met his she smiled warmly and he felt safe. He forgot about the situation they were in and remembered only that he loved her. That had to be enough. It was enough.

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Chapter Sixty-Six: Colour Me

“Is that the last of it?” Jon asked her as Josh bought in another bag and carried it up the stairs.

“Yea, I only bought three bags in the end. That should be enough for now.” She smiled and sat down on the edge of the couch. He slipped Josh a note as he left and he nodded.

“Thanks boss, see you at eight.”

Jon had re-employed Josh who was a bodyguard from touring with the band to stand in as security part-time while they worked out what was happening with Jared. He had accompanied Devon to her apartment and collected some of her things so she could stay in the shorter term but in all honesty Jon didn’t care if it was permanent. He would prefer it actually.

“I should unpack.”

“Come on up to the bedroom I’ll show you where you can hang your clothes.” Jon waited for her to stand up and took her hand.

“My casa is your casa now.” He pressed his lips to hers as they went up to the bedroom. He pushed open the door to the walk in closet. “Anywhere in here is fine.”

“It’s a little insane. This is probably the size of my bedroom.” She quipped as she took a stroll through the wardrobe which was equipped with dressing room mirrors and lights. Dorothea had always wanted them but with the amount of public appearances he did it was handy for him.

“And you know the bathroom is just through there so feel free to spread out.” He scratched his neck as she hung some of her dresses. He was still in two minds about telling her father about Jared’s text message to Devon. He saw her point about keeping it under wraps until they knew what he wanted but then they weren’t qualified to play these games. They weren’t cops and they certainly weren’t equipped to do this. What if he came after them? Wanted her? He didn’t have a gun and he wasn't about to get one. Or should he? He wanted to be able to protect them if it came to that but hell...he wasn’t ready for this.

Jon picked up one of her bags and unzipped it. He grinned as he pulled out a bright blue lacy bra. “Well, I picked the right bag.”

Devon rolled her eyes and tugged a drawer open. “They can go in there since you’re so keen to look at them.” He glanced as she bent over and her curvy ass poked out.

“Look at them, rip them off with my teeth. Same difference I guess.” He joked as he laid them into the drawer. The satin and lace was smooth under his fingertips. “So, what colour are you wearing now?”

She cocked a brow as she hung her last dress up, slid the slider shut and tied back her hair. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“I would actually.” He came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her and smoothed them over her flat stomach as they faced the full length mirror. His cock rubbed against her perky ass and he murmured against the side of head.


She bit on her lip as his hand slid down over the short black skirt she had on. “Nope.” She had amazing legs and again was wearing cute blue heels that matched her top.

His finger traced up her inner thigh and she trembled in his grasp. “Blue?”

“Wrong again.”

He closed his eyes and breathed in her sweet scent as he nosed into her hair and his fingers slid up under the skirt. “Do I get a hint?”

“Oh god.” His other hand slid up over the water soft curve of her breast. The nipple puckered instantly against his hand and her head fell back against his shoulder. Silk brushed against his fingertips under her skirt and she groaned.

“Pink? Like those pretty pink lips of yours that I love around my cock.” He accentuated into her ear and grinned as her body vibrated against his. The glint of her ring caught in the light as she lifted her arm up and draped it up behind his neck.

“Not pink.” She breathed as his fingers moved into the soft folds of her sweet spot. She was warm and inviting and his fingers coated in her sex. He hardened instantly.

“Hmmmm.” His teeth scraped along her neck. “Can’t be virginal white. We know that’s not you at all. Is it?”

“Nope, I’m a bad girl.”

He chuckled at how fast it escaped her lips. “Yes you are my love. Yes you are. Open your eyes. I want to see you in the mirror.”

She opened her eyes and their gaze met as he tweaked her nipple. Her lips parted as his finger sank deeper inside her.

“Purple? Like the sex goddess you are?”

His blood pumped hard into his cock. His fingers wound into his hair and as she shuddered.

“No, I’m close.”

He tugged her skirt up and the flash of black silk and lace unravelled him, right in the gut.

“Black huh? I should have known. But the question is...” His hand slid up her top, revealing her perfect skin as hit the perfect round curves of her bra. He smirked. “Matching.” He lifted the top up over her head and rested his eyes back at her breasts, snug and full in her silky bra. Sliding down further he took her skirt down leaving the just lace and skin staring back at him.

He groaned dipped down and kissed the dip where her neck met her shoulder. “You're beautiful.”

Her eyes met his again in the mirror and burned with the same desire that coursed through his veins. “Hands out against the mirror.” He instructed.
She leaned forward so her ass dug into his crotch and steadied herself against the mirror. He had a full view of her body and her breasts. He undid his jeans and pushed down her panties for access from behind. He watched her mouth open and heard the soft gasp leave it as he pushed his cock into her.

He gripped her hips as he drove into her and her breasts bounced in her reflection. It was the hottest thing he’d seen and the angle in the mirror showed it all. He watched as her fingers curled tighter around the edge of the mirror as he slid in and out of her. His cock was slick with her juice and he slapped against her each time he thrusted.

“Oh yes, Oh god!” Her shouts echoed in the tiny space of the closet as he only drove harder inside her.

She bowed and shook as she screamed through an orgasm, her knuckles white from gripping the mirror. He grunted as he was close and as their gazes locked she caught her breath. He was tight and he was ready to explode inside her but came to a screaming halt as she spoke.

“Come on me.”

“Wh-What?” He asked. She stood up and his cock slid out from her as she kneeled in front of him and let her bra straps fall down her arms.

“Come on me. “

Fuck me.

His chest screamed and his cock pulsed as she took in in her hands and pumped him. “You know you want to.”

He hadn’t come all over a girl since he was young. And fuck if it wasn’t the hottest thing for a guy to do. She was giving him unlimited rights.

“Bra off.” He demanded as he grabbed his cock and pumped it and the light blinded him. He spilled all over her breasts as she tipped her head back and let him release. His throat was hoarse from shouting as every last drop poured out.

“Oh shit.” He panted as she dragged him down to the floor. She slammed him flat on his back and he groaned in pain but not for long as she slid back onto his cock. She leaned over him, slick with his cum and kissed him on the lips.

“Need you again.” She breathed into his mouth as she rocked above him. His cock swelled inside her as his fingers dug into her hips as she rode him.

He peaked early, unable to even think as the next orgasm rolled through them both. “Devon, oh shit Devon.” He panted as he exploded inside her, skin slapped against skin, sweat mashed against sweat as she came on top of him, arched back and called his name.

They lay stunned, her against his chest as he struggled to breathe. His head screamed and his throat could kill for a bottle of water.

He rolled her onto her side and brushed back her hair. “I’ve either broken my back or cock.” He whispered.

“Hottest thing...ever.” She whispered as they lay like wounded soldiers on the floor.

His fingers ran softly along her lips before he kissed them. “Remind me to help you unpack more.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he rolled them, this time she was flat on her back and he was on top of her, kissing her. Her soft mouth, down the majestic curve of her neck and down salty skin to the centre of her breast bone. He was spent, his back was going to be fucked but he didn’t care. Right at this moment he didn’t care because he had her and he was willing to do almost anything to make sure that stayed exactly the same. Deranged ex-boyfriend or not. He had to keep her, she knew things about him and his desires no one else did.

“You’re amazing.” He said between kisses. “I can’t lose you Devon.” His lips edged over her forehead and along her hairline as she sighed. She cupped his face and kissed him back, barely a space between them as their bodies were moulded into each other’s. Her eyelashes fluttered and her lips curved.

“You won’t lose me. We’ll do this. I promise.”

“Do you think I should hire a hitman?” He asked seriously. It wasn’t something he’d ever considered but it could make the problem go away.”

Devon pushed her hands up against his chest. “God, no! No way. We can’t-how can you even-”

He rubbed his hands over her shoulders as they sat up. “Ok shhh. I just don’t know what to do. You realize even if he asks us for money it’s going to be as much as he can get - or it’s never going to stop.”

“We’ll tell Dad.” She said quietly. “We’ll tell him. I don’t want to fix this the same way I got into this Jon. I know that seems stupid but-”

He took her hands and kissed them. “No, it’s not stupid I understand. I just hate feeling out of control in a situation I haven’t had to ever be in. Sorry.”

She smiled and rubbed her thumb along his cheek. “You’ve been pretty good so far, considering the circumstances so don’t beat yourself up.”

He nodded. “Telling your father is the right thing to do.”

She shrugged. “Or we could just stay in this closest forever. I like that idea.”

His eyes narrowed and he pulled her in. “I wish. I need a shower though.”

She giggled. “Oh, you need a shower? You don’t have a money shot all over your breasts.”

“I’ll be more than happy to rinse it off.” He wiggled his eyebrows as she stood up and pulled him up with her.

“Come on then trouble.” As she tugged him into the bathroom he smiled. God love her. And God help Jared if he ever even tried to touch her.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter Sixty-Five: No More Lies

Devon’s hands brushed down the curved edge of polished wood in her salon and breathed a sigh of relief as Jonathan locked the doors. It had been a hectic day which thankfully had taken her mind off her father's impending dinner that night. She was happy to see her father, there was no doubt in that but she was nervous about what information he’d bring with him to dinner. If he’d found Jared or any information that would indicate if he was around. It was surreal to see him and everything was happening so fast that sometimes it was hard to breathe.

“And the day is done. I don’t know about you but I need a coffee before I hit the subway.” Jonathan said as he rounded the counter and flicked on the coffee grinder.

“That would be lovely.” She said as she gnawed on her lip and clasped her hands on the counter top.

“That sounded convincing Dev.” He joked as he lined up two coffee mugs. “You ok?”

“I’m just nervous. I should feel on top of the world knowing my father saved my ass.” She would be forever grateful but how would she ever pay that back to him? She was a good person and right now she had everything she’d always wanted. A successful business, a loving man and it looked like she would be free from her misdemeanours. She should have been over the moon but she wasn’t.

“But...” Jonathan prompted raising his eyebrow.

She sighed. “Do I deserve to get off like this? When Jared had to pay for what we did.” If he was in the states, boy he was going to be pissed if he ever found her. He’d want his money back with interest and there was no telling what he would do to her.

“Devon, Listen to me. No it wasn’t fair what happened but you got out and you changed your life.” He covered her hands with his.

“You are a good person and you’ve done wonderful things here. You deserve a second chance. You didn’t kill or hurt anybody. So this can be undone.”

She half-smiled. “Thanks. I’m not convinced but thanks.”

“And if I have to even remind you of the Jersey hottie you are dating...he’s a good person and he is still here. Still standing by you.”

“He is a good person, an amazing man.” She agreed with him.

“So what is the problem? If you are throwing a pity party, I’m not buying it.”

She chuckled. “No, it’s not that, it’s more I need to do something to make this right in my own way.”

“Like?” Jonathan asked.

“Redemption I guess. For myself, for no one else. I need to find a way that some good comes out of this and not just for me.”

Jonathan grinned and went back to pouring them coffee. “So give back some way. Like your boyfriend does.”

“I’ll have to think about that but it’s on the right track.” She needed to think about this, when this was all over and done with she needed to celebrate it but in the right way.

Jonathan slid the coffee over to her and then put his hand up. “Be right back I just need to check that I haven't left the straightening irons on.”

She needed to get the hell over herself. She had Jon and her father in her corner and she needed to be strong for the amount of support they’d installed in her. She had so much, her salon and Jon she felt like her life was just starting over again and maybe it was that that was scaring her.

Her phone beeped and she stood up with her coffee in one hand and her phone as she opened the text message. The cup smashed to the floor, her heart lodged in her throat and jack hammered as she stared at her phone. The scream wouldn’t come it was strangled within her gut.

Staring back at her was a picture of Jon and Jared, Jon was smiling clearly oblivious who he was standing next to and the text message blared.

If you want to see your boyfriend's smile again, shut your trap and wait for my next move. I’m not joking. Love Jared.

The Love Jared dripped in sarcasm and she knew that’s what he intended. Oh god. He was here. He was here.

“You ok?” Jonathan asked as he rushed for her armed with a broom and a cloth.

She shoved her phone back in her pocket. “It slipped. I’m so sorry I guess-” she stammered and caught her composure. “I guess I just haven’t had my mind on the ball.”

“Well I don’t blame you darlin’.” Jonathan bent down and dabbed the floor before sweeping up the cup. “I’ll clean this up and close the door behind as I leave. Why don’t you go and find that fabulous boyfriend of yours.”

“Thanks, I will.” That’s exactly what she needed to do. Call Jon and see where he was and make sure he was safe. She hurdled the stairs to her loft, her heart pounding hard against her chest and adrenaline coursed through her like lightning. She slammed the door behind and dialled Jon’s number. It rang and rang again as she paced down her living room.

“Dammit.” She cursed as it clicked to voicemail. She kicked off her heels and rummaged for her boots. At least there were perks living down the same street as your boyfriend. She grabbed her coat and wrapped it around her and disappeared into the street.

The click of her boots against the cobblestones and the chilly late afternoon wind gusts followed her to Jon’s penthouse. She waved to the doorman as she carried on to the elevator and up to the penthouse floor.

Please be there, please be there.

She knocked and nobody answered so she banged her fists on the door. “Jon?” She called as she called him again and cursed as it clicked to voicemail. Why didn’t she have Richie’s number? Least she could have checked in with him in case they were off doing some business around writing.

“Dammit.” She left the penthouse and walked out onto Mercer Street. What if Jared wanted to play some twisted game? Could she really keep this to herself? But if she told them would their lives become in danger? Even more than they already were.

“Devon?” A voice called behind her and she froze. She turned to see Jon stepping out of a town car outside his building and her stomach fluttered with relief.

“Thank god.” She breathed as she took one step and then ran towards him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her up and hugged her tight. “Hey you...are you ok?”

Tears shone in her eyes as she smiled at him. His smile was warm and his blue eyes sparkled against the dark charcoal coat he had on. “I’m fine.”

He kissed her squarely on the lips and set her down. “I’ve just been across town. Come on up.”

“You look shaken. Are you sure you are ok?”

She tugged her scarf free from around her neck as he took her hand and led her inside the building. “So much is happening, I just wanted to see you.” She tugged at the lapels of his coat before the elevator doors slid open. It clawed at her gut lying to him again - after everything. Did she tell him it was Jared who stopped him on the street? Or did she wait to see if she could deal with Jared and make him go away.

Because of course that had worked so well in the past Devon.

He tugged in close in the elevator, the scent of spicy cologne rushed over her as his stubble scraped over her cheek. “Can’t keep away from me huh?” His hands slid into her coat and along her body. “Why is it I can never keep my hands off you?” He whispered as the ding came and the doors opened.

“Jon-I...” She melted into his kiss as he stepped her back against the door to the penthouse. Her head tipped back and his teeth scraped down the centre of her throat. “Oh god.”

He pressed himself against her, her curves moulding with his. “I have something for you.”

Her eyes opened as his honed in on her. “Oh?” She asked now completely distracted.

“I bought you a little something.” He reached inside his coat and produced a box.

“What-you didn’t have to do that Jon.”

She took the box and opened it. The silver band twisted around at the front to a solid heart. It was like nothing she’d ever seen, it was chunky but elegant. “Why?”

He chuckled as he slid it onto her right ring finger. “Why not?”

“It’s gorgeous.” The metal was rich and bold. “It’s not silver.” She whispered.

He chuckled again. “No it’s not.”

She smiled and shook her head. It was a gorgeous gift and undoubtedly an expensive gift.

“I could tell you something cheesy like you’re wearing my heart on your finger...”

She laughed as he wiggled his eyebrows.

“But I just want it to show you that I am in this for the long haul. Heart and Soul.”

He was a lovely lovely man. Thank god he was in her life. Albeit ten years late but she doubted ten years ago they would have clicked like they did now. “I can’t do this. I can’t lie to you.” She shook her head as she pulled out the phone and handed it to him.

He frowned as he opened the message and his eyes popped. “Oh fuck. That was him?” He stepped away and unlocked the door and paced inside leaving her in his wake. “I knew there was something off about this guy. He told me his name was Judas and when I repeated it he just corrected me.”

“Judas?” She asked. “Like the biblical traitor?” Oh god. Jared thought she was a traitor. She clutched her gut and watched as Jon paced up and down and raked a hand through his hair.

She was right to tell him but he was angry and if she knew him well, angry that he didn’t even think about that it was Jared.

“Idiot. I signed something for him - would he use my signature for anything?” He asked as he stood facing her. “Did he know how to forge signatures, can you?”

She stood stunned as he was ranting and tried not to take the snark personally. “No, I don’t and I don’t think he does - I don’t know what he would want with your signature. Not like he can draw money out of your accounts. Your bank knows who you are, any given person would know who you are.”

He rubbed his chin. “Good point. I’m going to ring them just in case, just to be on the lookout for anyone impersonating me and we need to tell your father about this.”

She stepped back. “But we can’t what if he does something stupid? I was warned not to even tell you but of course I had to.”

He came to her and rubbed his arms down hers. “You did the right thing, thank you for trusting me. But we can’t take on a madman like this on by ourselves. We’d be crazy too. How much money is he going to want? I assume that’s what he’ll want.”

She nodded. “My guess too but we can we just wait until he contacts me again and see what he says before telling my father. I don’t want to risk his life if Jared somehow finds out we told him and something happens to him. I could never-“ She swallowed as he nodded.

Jon paused and the concern etched on his face. His eyes locked on hers. “Ok but from now on you live in this apartment. I can’t have you there by yourself at night.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her cheek into his chest as he embraced her. “Deal.” The warmth was comforting but she couldn’t shake the cold fear that was nipping at her heels.

“We wait and then we decide how to deal with this bastard’s demands and then we decide what to do next. Together.” He squeezed her tighter. “He will not touch us Devon, I won’t allow him to. Not now, not ever.”

She closed her eyes as the comfort started to outweigh the doubt and she knew that she’d done the right thing in telling him. She only hoped they could make Jared go away without something terrible happening. Because if something did to Jon, her father, or anyone else he knew. She would never forgive herself.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chapter Sixty-Four: Platinum and Orgasms

It had been all too much. The visit from her father was wonderful but overwhelming and now as the pieces fell into place she realized that Jared may not have let her off as lightly has she’d hoped. He would be angry with her and if he turned up on her doorstep and wanted his money she’d gladly give it to him to steer him away from Jon or anyone else they both were in contact with.

But would that even be enough? As she dragged Jon into her bedroom she did what she always did and decided to lose herself in the man that loved her. His touch and his weight always took her away from reality, just for a moment.

“Are you sure you are ok?” He asked between punctuated kisses as they stumbled back into the bed. His hands smoothed up her arms as she straddled him. “Not that I’m complaining but you do use sex as a weapon to distract me.”

She grinned and pushed up his top, nosed into the soft chest hair. “You are one to talk mister. How do you think I got here in the first place?”

Jon folded his arms behind his head and cocked a brow. “Oh do tell me, since you seem to have a theory.”

She pulled off her shirt and smirked as his gaze trailed down to her breasts. “You were persistent and never took no for an answer.”

His eyes widened. “I merely came into the salon looking to improve my skin and you talked me into all these treatments just to have me there under your hot little hands. Admit it.” The lopsided grin was as cute as the innocent act he was trying on her.

She laughed. “Oh that is complete bull-” she cleared her throat. “Lies. You wouldn’t have the treatments unless I agreed to a date.” She smoothed her hands down his chest, over tight skin around his abdomen and down to his jeans buckle.
“Oh you wanted me.” He teased. “You know it.” He groaned and nodded towards her. “You are going to take that lacy thing off?”

She let the crimson bra strap slide down her shoulder exposing her breast a little more. “You mean this old thing?”

“Yes, see. Manipulating me just like you did when we met.”

She snorted and leant down making sure the dip between her breasts was in full view to him. Her lips hovered over his. “You are such a liar.” Her tongue grazed his upper lip before she sat up again and shifted her weight onto the hardness in his jeans.
“I have self-control.” He announced. “So I didn’t do anything.”

Her eyes narrowed and a wicked smile spread on her lips. “Self-control huh?” She slid off her bra and flung it across the room. She leaned forward the tip of her breast dangling within his mouths reach. He licked his lips and his eyes flicked back to hers.

“You forget who you are dealing with here baby. I have self-control like a steel wall.”

Her fingers drifted down over his nipples and she playfully rubbed one as she trailed across his belly. “We’ll see just how steely you are Superman.” She cupped her breast and her thumb caught her nipple as she let out a breathy sigh.

“Oh that feels so good.” She breathed as she shifted against his cock.

“You play a dangerous game little girl.” He warned her through slitted eyes.

She fisted a hand into her hair and pleasured her breast with her fingers. “I bet I’m so wet.”

His body tensed under her and bit her lip. It would be a matter of time but being the determined man he was she knew he’d give it a good shot. He shifted his head and the back of his hands dug into the pillow.

Her eyes fluttered as she slid her hand down to the band of lace around the crimson lace over her hips. “Shall we see if I am?”

He groaned but it was more like a growl as his gaze cemented on her hand at her panties. She slid a finger inside and her fingertips tickled over her sweet spot. She lifted her finger to her lips and licked it as he cursed. "Oh, I am."

She wanted nothing more than him to be pleasuring her but she had to admit this was hot, watching him suffer while she pleased herself on top of him. And he was rock hard under her.

“I’m not moving. You can come on your own.” He said stubbornly but his voice broke. “And it would be a waste.” But he wasn’t convincing so she slid her hand back down her panties.

She gyrated against his cock and he moaned. “I can make you come without being inside of me.” She issued the challenge. He’d done it to her. “And hands free.” She winked. His chest shuddered as he fought her challenge. She dry humped him as she slipped a finger inside herself.

“Oh god. Yes.” She whispered as she fell over him. Her lips clumsily on his cheek and her moan vibrated against his skin.

His neck was clenched, he was fighting but she was winning. “You gonna come for me?” She asked him in between pants of her own doing.

“No.” He bit back fighting the control he was losing. “Shit.” He stammered as she thrusted hard against him.

She closed her eyes as she built her orgasm. “Sometimes late at night...” She panted against his ear. “When you’re not here…I touch myself like this.”

“Fuck.” He swore as he became restless underneath her.

“I imagine your mouth all over me and your cock inside me.” She groaned. “Oh god. Ripping me apart.”

“Devon.” The words were forced and his jaw clenched.

“The way you fill me…” Her thumb brushed along her clit and her senses were alive. “The way you stretch me…” Sweat trickled down her temples and splashed onto his face. His hands hadn’t moved from behind his head but the veins in his biceps were bursting. He was losing control and she was winning.

She shuddered as the orgasm rattled, ready to burst. Her teeth teased his earlobe. “Come with me.” The white light exploded and she jolted as it pulsed through her. His hands cupped her hips and his shouts equalled hers as his body jerked and bowed beneath her.

A few breaths later she regained her composure and lifted herself up off him. Jon had sweat swiped across his cheeks and chest heaved under her as he caught his breath. “I win.”

“Shit.” He muttered as she victoriously grinned down at him.

“Maybe I do use sex as a weapon.”

He rolled her and pinned her into the bed with his weight. “You are deliciously evil and that is why I love you.” She closed her eyes as he swept the hair away from her face and kissed her gently.

With everything that had been happening and the rate the world was spinning around them she took the moment she so desperately needed to ground herself. “I learn from the best. I love you too. And I’m ok.” She chuckled as locked her legs around his waist. “But we so need to get these jeans off you.”

“Amen to that.”


Jon left Devon in the shower and headed back to his apartment with a broad grin on his face. Well shit. He hadn’t expected that but he loved that about them. Especially in the bedroom. He couldn’t remember a time when him and Dorothea were so playful in the bedroom, at least not in the later years. Devon kept him fresh and alive.

As he walked down the cobblestoned street back to his apartment he stopped at the jewellery store near the base of his building and stared in the window. There was a chunky silver ring with a twisted heart that caught his eye. He’d noticed Devon often wore rings in the salon and this would be perfect, a token of his commitment to her as they worked through this next phase of her life. He took a step back and checked his watch. He needed to get back and run a few errands before his dinner with Devon and her father but he had a few minutes.

He walked down into the shop, he hadn’t been there in a few months and but had always loved their jewellery. He even had a few skull pieces from there.

“Jon! Long time no see.” Mario the owner came out from behind the counter to greet him.

“Hey Mario. Good to see you. I’m interested in that ring in the window with the twisted heart.”

“Sure, that’s a new platinum piece we’ve just had brought in. Very nice.” Mario went up to collect it from the display case in the window while Jon hovered around the counter. Mario’s jewellery was always unique and had a rock and roll flare to it with skulls, hearts and barbed inspired crosses. He also did traditional cut stone jewellery with a flare different than anyone in town.

Jon held it up and slid it onto his pinkie. It was perfect. It looked heavy but the lightweight of the platinum made it comfortable. “I’ll take it.”

Mario’s eyebrow lifted. “Just like that? You were always a man who knew what he wanted.”

Jon snickered in light of the conversation with Devon a couple of hours ago. “I guess I am. It’s for someone very special and she will love it.”

Mario boxed it up and Jon handed over his Platinum Amex card. “How much?”

“Ninety five-hundred.”

Jon nodded and signed the slip. “Perfectly Perfect.” He smiled again. She may have come with some flaws but who didn’t. He wasn’t perfect and he didn’t proclaim to be but the one thing that was perfectly perfect was how much he loved her.

“In a couple of weeks I might come back and talk to you about designing a ring.”
“Sure, for a special occasion?”

Jon tucked his wallet into his back pocket. “You could say that.”

“Well we’d love to help you Jon, do you have any specific yet?”

“No, not yet but something with a pink diamond is all I know. I’ll come in for a chat maybe late next week?”

“You got it.”

Jon tucked the parcel into his inner coat pocket and headed back out into the street to his apartment. He was two feet away when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“Jon, sorry to bother you but I’m just wondering if you could sign this for my wife. She’d kill me if she knew I saw you and didn’t ask for it.”

Jon looked up at the man in front of him bundled up in a puffer jacket and scarf. “Ah, sure man. What is her name?” He couldn’t pick what type of American accent he had but it was a little off.


Jon raised his brow. “Sorry, Judas is her name?”

“No, Jude.”

“Oh sorry.” Jon scrawled the name and signed his name quickly. “There you go.”

The man patted Jon’s arm. “Thanks man. You’re the best. She’ll love this. I better get a quick picture as well.”

“Sure.” Jon winced and forced a smile as the guy pointed the camera at them both and then tucked it away.

“Thanks Jon. Have a good one!”

And then he was gone. It wasn’t that unusual getting stopped in New York but Jon frowned. He was sure he said Judas. How odd. He shook it off and walked into his apartment building dialling Richie’s number. They needed to press on with getting more writing down and then he had dinner with his possible new father-in-law. Hopefully he would have some more information on Jared and his whereabouts and if they needed to beef up their security.

He made a quick note in his phone to call Matt later and talk to him since he had all the contacts from the tour. He might know a good reliable source if they needed some personal security. It was no where near his preference in this whole situation but he wasn't willing to risk anyone's safety until they knew Jared was ten thousand miles away from them.

Will you share her secret?